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Abdul Samad Issa is standing on the right with his gun, and he fires the first headshot.

Washington considers training of more terrorists for fights in Syria.

According to new statements by US officials, the US administration of President Obama in Washington is yet again interested to train the terrorists and religious fanatics for their battles against the secular Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

However, there is also information available that says that personnel of the US military and intelligence services (e.g. CIA) are already “coaching” terrorists and jihadists for their battles against the secular government and President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

While the New York Times has published a horrible photo on its front page that shows how the US-backed terrorists execute Syrian soldiers with headshots, there are still several US senators and ministers, including the President Obama, who still do support these kind of gruesome human resources and al-Qaeda-linked jihadists in their battles against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the secular government in Damascus.

However, the rejection of the war on Syria is increasing among the American people and this is, at least, a good sign.

But as new reports say, several US officials have stated that they intend to establish training camps, military boot camps, for the terrorists and Islamists in order to train them for their battles against the Syrian Army units.

Further, it is possible that these terrorists also receive training in how to carry out terrorist acts, car bomb attacks … – and how to use weapons that are filled with chemical substances in their attacks on Syrian Army units and civilians?

Amid the increasing lobbying effort and rhetoric of war for a US-led military strike on Syria by several US senators and President Barack Obama (he is also a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, for whatever reason…), the US administration in Washington is even considering a plan to establish so-called terrorist camps near the borders to Syria in order to train the fighters and jihadists for the battles on Syrian soil.

Is this really the administration that conducts the so-called “war on terror” as the main power behind the anti-terror campaigns and “actions” on this world? Then there is no surprise that there is still terrorism in many regions of the world.

Not to mention that it seems that, while US soldiers get killed and massacred by Al-Qaeda-linked forces in some countries, the Obama administration seems to want them to fight alongside Al-Qaeda in Syria against the secular government of Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Army.

Further, the Gulf regimes Saudi Arabia and Qatar, both totalitarian dictatorships are also the financial supporters of several terrorist organizations since years, will pay for the US-led invasion of Syria and the removal / downfall (better killing) of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. This would mean that the US troops will then be the paid mercenaries alongside the al-Qaeda fanatics and both shall remove the (sole) secular government in the Middle East.

WTF? Also this sounds far-fetched and very schizophrenic in terms of the decisions and intentions by US President Obama and his administration in Washington, under the usual pressure by the Israel Lobby and the regime in Tel Aviv, this is sadly the situation and also more and more US soldiers and army personnel in the United States seem to think this, too. Sure not without a good reason.

However, according to the new reports of the questionable intentions by the Obama administration in Washington, US military trainers are set to train the terrorists and religious fanatics (Al-Qaeda-affiliated human resources) in Jordan in order to support the armed terrorist groups and the Syrian Al-Qaeda offshoots in their battles against the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). This is in principle what US officials said under the terms of anonymity to the mainly biased Associated Press on Thursday.

Abdul Samad Issa is standing on the right with his gun, and he fires the first headshot.

However, the alleged US officials have not explained further details on the US training plan for terrorists and Islamists. It is only known that this is intended to happen in Jordan, which comes as no surprise. Jordan is a proxy state of the United States and the Jordanian king is a lackey of America and not only of them.

In addition, it is already known, as mentioned, that personnel of the US military and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have been training the terrorists and human resources from jailhouses out of several Arab states since months. However, the new plan for further terrorist training camps and a broader and more intense training for these kind of fanatic people sound much larger and comprehensive.

It seems that several members of the US administration believe that a better and more intense training of the terrorist capabilities of such religious fanatics and thugs will decrease the number of US soldiers that could be needed in a possible US-led invasion of Syria. What then also means that the American soldiers would indeed fight shoulder to shoulder with jihadists, thugs, and yes, also with Al-Qaeda-linked fighters and terrorists.

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