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usa war syria protection israel

Netanyahu draws the red line and makes himself completely ridiculous.

US aims the protection of the Israeli regime by waging war on Syria.

Another Syrian official and ambassador, besides e.g. the Syrian envoy to the United Nations (UN), Bashar al-Jaafari, has now spoken about the intentions of the Obama administration in Washington to launch a war against Syria and the reason behind this intention of the United States to start another baseless and senseless military strike on a country in the Middle East, while the evidence to justify such a horrible act were again fabricated by the Israeli intelligence, the Mossad.

This time, the new remarks come from the Syrian Ambassador to Iran, Adnan Mahmoud. The Syrian envoy to Iran has already recently spoken about the possible US-led war against Syria and says in his new interview now that the possible military action by the United States against his home country Syria is for the protection of the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv.

According to the Syrian ambassador in the Iranian capital Tehran, Adnan Mahmoud, the planned US-led war on Syria is aimed on the “support and protection” of the Israeli regime in the Middle East and therefore, it is also clear that the Obama administration in Washington is under a huge pressure by the Israel Lobby (e.g. AIPAC) but also by the regime from Tel Aviv in order to finally launch such a military strike on Syria, despite the dire consequences of such a American military action against the Arab country.

The Syrian envoy to Iran, Adnan Mahmoud, also explained in his new interview that the United States and several Western governments seek to target the axis of resistance against the Zionist regime and to support the occupation power in Tel Aviv to crush the anti-Israeli resistance front in the Middle East, including Syria, Iran and such resistance movements as Hezbollah from Lebanon.

Thus, the Syrian envoy to Iran is the next official of a Middle Eastern country who says that the intentions behind the US plans to launch a war on Syria are the protection of Israel and the implementation of the agenda about a “new Middle East.” Not to mention that finally all is about the money, as usual. Several Iranian officials have recently already mentioned the protection and expansion / extension of the Israeli regime in the Middle East as the reason for the planned war on Syria.

The Syrian envoy, Adnan Mahmoud, made his statements in a meeting with representatives of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) in the Iranian capital Tehran on Thursday. Of course, the representatives of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) probably share his opinion about the reasons behind the war plans of the Obama administration in Washington and the protection of the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv.

According to the new statements by the Syrian ambassador to Iran, the governance in Damascus and the Syrian nation will defend their country by standing up against the foreign plots and Syria will in the end “emerge victorious.”

US Soldier rejects to fight for Al-Qaeda while his brothers are killed by al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.
US Soldier rejects to fight for Al-Qaeda while his brothers are killed by al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

The Syrian envoy underlined that it is not only Syria who will respond to a possible US-led strike on Damascus, but that there are also certain other countries in the Middle East and even across the world as well as the axis of resistance and the resistance movements that will support the Syrian nation against such a war of aggression by the United States.

The Ambassador from Syria explained further that the U.S. administration in Washington “seeks to kill the Syrian people and wreak havoc on the country just as it has left behind a trail of death and destruction in Iraq and other US-occupied countries.” He further stated that the administration of the United States has breached the Charter of the United Nations and also other international regulations.

Although the protection and expansion of the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv is often one of the reasons for the partly illegal acts of the US administration, while it does not matter who is at the head of the country, and this is certainly also a reason behind the intentions for this war of aggression on Syria by Washington, there are also other reasons for the current possibility that the United States will support Al-Qaeda in Syria in order to remove (better kill) the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and to overthrow the secular government. It is all about the money, as stated.

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