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FSA Instructions: Grow Lice & Hashish


FSA is an imaginary name for an umbrella that provides a cover to different death squads brought into Syria and home-grown ones to ‘promote democracy’ and ‘freedom’ by the US regime and stooges. The members of these groups follow an anti-Islamic doctrine known as Wahhabism which was invented by the Brits to distort the image of Islam from within and further their political goals using their victims to do so just like how they created Zionism to distort the image of Judaism from within and further their political goals using their victims to do so.

The following is not fiction and is not a fairy tale, many lost their lives for lesser reasons in Syria and Iraq and everywhere US planted their death squads under the different anti-Islamic Islamist radical groups, from Afghanistan to Mali and even within western countries like the case of Woolwich beheading for instance. A child was shot dead in Aleppo in front of his family for refusing to sell ‘Mujaheddin’ on the book! 3 other children killed a few days ago for not memorizing how many Rukaa (kneeling) are there in the Fajr (Dawn) prayers. A child had his tongue cut for not fasting during Ramadan. All documented crimes the UNHRW and other ‘humanitarian’ agencies decide not to investigate or condemn.

Last week a new fatwa, or religious advisory opinion, appeared in Aleppo prohibiting shaving lice infested beards or attempting to kill the ‘believer lice growing in blessed beards’ under a medieval sort of punishment. The following is the closest to literal translation to our best, and we do welcome better suggestions for the translation.

Aleppo Sharia Court - Lice Protecting
Aleppo Sharia Court – Lice Protecting


Sharia Authority in Aleppo

By the name of God most merciful most gracious

Circulation number (12)

Thanks to God and prayers and greetings to our master Muhammad and his family and companions, then..

The Sharia Authority in Aleppo has prohibited the killing of lice that appears in the Muslim beard, as some of the Muslim brothers who have released [grown] their beards in accordance with prophet Muhammad PBuH Sunnah [prophet’s doctrine], blessed lice has appeared in their beards, and that’s because of their lack of bathing due to the water non-availability all the time on the Jihad [holy war] fronts, and they have limited to ablution before their prayers (may God accept it), thus their beards became moist and thick, which made of it (in God’s will) a natural place for lice to live in.

The Sharia Authority in Aleppo recommends the Mujahideen [holy fighters] brothers to dye their beards with Henna, like our prophet Muhammad PBuH, the thing that would reduce the itching caused by the lice, and to maintain this lice that would have not appeared in those blessed beards, if it was not from God’s Muslim believing creatures.

Who disobeys this Sharia fatwa [advisory opinion] which has been confirmed right by a number of the senior scholars in Aleppo, will be punished with 50 lashes by Sharia, and other measures will be taken against him in the Shaira Court in Aleppo.

And God was behind our intent.

9 Shawwal 1434 Hijri
16 August 2013 Christian

Sharia Authority Presidency
Sheikh Abu Muhammad

End of Translation.

These are definitely not Islamic teachings as the core teaching of Islam is based on hygiene calling for Muslims to wash 5 times a day before prayers and wash before reading Quran, ablution. Ask a real scholar.

In another fatwa by the so called ‘Islamist State in Iraq & Cham [Levant], Aleppo Province’, the ‘authorities’ orders to force the farmers to plant hashish in their fields to raise funds to finance their holy jihad, sounds familiar? Hint: CIA in Afghanistan?

FSA Hashish
FSA Orders Farmers to Grow Hashish in Aleppo


22 Ramadan 1434 Hijri
31 July 2013 Gregorian

[Header Logo] No God but Allah, Muhammad is his messenger

Aleppo Province

Islamist State in Iraq & Cham [Levant]

By the Name of God Most Merciful Most Gracious

Thanks to God the creator of both worlds [humans and jinn] and prayers and peace on the messenger of God and his family and companions and who followed him, then

p style=”text-align: justify;”>God Says (Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory.) [Quoting holy Quran 22:39 to fool the simple ones of the masses]
A declaration/ to our family of the Sunnah and Jammaa [a code name for Wahhabis]

Our honorable family we came out [for jihad] to support you and protect you from plotters and to preserve your honors and money and your blood, even if it would cost us our souls and our money and our honor, we will not hand you over to an enemy with no trust and due to the circumstances and suffering from the merchants and businessmen and Arabic and foreign countries control of delivering what is needed of money to support the Mujaheddin [holy fighters] with weapon and munition, and to procure medicine and tools and what’s needed to treat the wounded, and to send essentials to secure the continuation of the liberated areas [the areas under their control] we desired, in God’s will, to get rid of their unjust upon us and to do without their grants which doesn’t qualify to your right and the right of our mujaheddin through establishing the financial liberation through repeating the blessed experiment of our brothers in Islamic countries, as in Afghanistan and others, and to liberate our mujaheddin from restrictions imposed on them and to cover the expenses enough for their continuation we call on you the absolute obedience to the guardians heads of the battalions and brigades and groups in your areas who are commissioned by Sharia to execute the following:

  • Force all farmers and workers in farming to start planting the (hashish) plant in the lands under the control of the mujaheddin.
  • Encourage farmers through financial and gift grants to prepare their lands and convince them with the high financial return comparing with the crops they used to plant before.
  • Handover the seeds to the farmers and deliver it to the lands where it will be planted for free and prevent them from self-control of their seasons [seasonal planting] and facilitate the collection of their crops and pay for it cash by the committees commissioned to invest in and develop the planting of (hashish).
  • Confiscate the lands which owners reject to plant the (hashish) seeds and assign it to who can carry out that.

And we swear to God that we didn’t go out [for jihad] except to support this religion [Wahhabism], and we promise you an opening [of lands] from God and a near victory
so do not forget us from your good and best prayers

Islamist State in Iraq & Cham [Levant]
Aleppo Province

End of Translation.

Real Leaders of Wahhabism
Real Leaders of Wahhabism

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