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FSA Fires a Rocket on Qassaa Neighborhood

Syria: Qassaa Terrorist Explosion

Indiscriminate killing of Syrian civilians is a trade mark of the death squads found, sponsored and have their crimes covered by the US, namely those ‘diplomats’ who served in Iraq during the first years of the unlawful US & UK invasion.

The same death squads that carry out suicide bombing, IED detonating and mortar shelling against mosques, churches, markets and just any moving object are thriving in the region in the name of Islam by anti-Islamic Wahhabi groups with the approval of western citizens sponsoring ‘freedom fighters’ of all brands.

This evening is no difference in their series of crimes, death squads operating in Syria under the FSA umbrella and using different names like Nusra Front for instance, targeted Burj Al Rous, in Qassaa area, a mostly Christian dominated neighborhood in eastern Damascus killing 5 people and injuring 25 others.

Qassaa Terrorist Explosion
Qassaa Terrorist Explosion – Eastern Damascus, Syria

Damascus police sources stated the attack was carried out using a locally made rocket carrying highly explosive charge which fell on a car parking near the branch of Syria & Overseas Bank.

Qassaa Terrorist Explosion
More from Qassaa Terrorist Explosion – Eastern Damascus, Syria

Question to western citizens having this carnage done in their names, with their monies, creating enemies for them and their children: What if there’s a group of ‘activists’ in your country who disagree with your sitting government and decides to shower your cities with such rockets indiscriminately in the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’?

What would you call them there? Keep in mind there’s not a single NATO member state leader that didn’t kill own people by sending their finest sons overseas to kill and get killed in unlawful wars, and caused the economies to collapse back home due to spending on military, in other words:

killing own people.

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