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Motorola Droid 5: Image of a Verizon slider-phone

Motorola Droid 5?

Motorola Droid 5: Android smartphone with slide-out keyboard?

After the recent presentation and launch of the new LG slider phone, the LG Enact, it seems that the guys at Verizon (U.S. provider) are confinved that there is a chance for a huge comeback for smartphones with slide-out keyboards and indeed, after the e.g. HTC Desire Z, it has been very quiet in terms of smartphones with slide-out keyboards, although many users like these kind of slider phones.

The new leaked images allegedly show the upcoming Motorola Droid 5, which seems to be an exclusive Verizon model. The leaked images of the slider phone, Droid 5 by Motorola, show the typical branding of Verizon as well as the Motorola tag.

The leaked images of the alleged Motorola Droid 5 appeared initially on the Chinese social network provider Weibo and there are certainly no doubts that the users in the United States could have soon the chance to decide (if they are interested in a slider phone with Android), whether they buy a Droid 5 by Motorola or an Enact from LG.

The alleged Droid 5 by Motorola purportedly features a dust, water and shock resistant design as well as it has support for NFC. The display of this Droid 5 with its slide-out keyboard is said to be 4.3 to 4.5-inch. A further image of the partially disassembled back panel of the alleged Motorola Droid 5 smartphone seem to confirm a wireless charging hardware, which could be certainly true.

However, a screenshot of the installed camera app on the alleged Droid 5 shows the old design of the camera layout by Motorola and this implies that the device is more a prototype with an older Motorola user interface.

Motorola Droid 5?

At least, it seems that one can expect some slider phones with the mobile operating system Android (Google) again – after… some years. It was about time – that is certainly what some people might think about the recent unveiling of the LG Enact and this alleged Motorola Droid 5 with its slide-out keyboard.

In case these leaked images are to believe, the Motorola Droid 5 could be released after some 18 months after the launch of the Droid 4 (February 2012). However, there is the mentioned possibility that the leaked images show a prototype that will never land on any market – neither in the United States, nor in China. Time will tell.

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