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islamists tal abyad forcing syrians fight kurds


Jihadists in Tal Abyad threaten Syrians and Kurds.

The Islamic state of the Levant and Iraq is forcing each family to sacrifice a son for Jihad against the Kurdish People Protection Units, opposition activists confirmed.

Locals reported that the Islamic state of the Levant and Iraq have forced them to give at least one son to fight Kurds or pay 500,000 Syrian pounds, in accordance with Prophet’s Mohammad (saw) saying “Providing the needs of a Jihadist is Jihad.”

Ibrahim AlMuslem a member of Tal AlByad town council mentioned that fighters of the Islamic state of the Levant and Iraq are calling on the minarets in the eastern southern part of the town for Jihad against Kurds.

The terrorists are describing the Kurds as infidels. He confirmed that these calls have escalated after most of FSA groups have distanced themselves from the group (the Islamic state of Levant and Iraq) and refused to promise obedience to their Emir.

Ibrahim pointed out that the Islamist fighters don’t want any reconciliation between Arabs and Kurds, which explains the escalation of their calls for Jihad when FSA and Kurdish fighters are negotiating a truce. The Syrian National Coalition had promised earlier to stop forcing civilians out of their areas, and to start exposing the terrorists who would, and they promised to stop all the opposition groups (FSA) from forcing a political agenda that would change the identity and borders of the country.

People of Tal Abyad are disgruntled and angry in regards of the new unjust laws. There was a meeting in one of the group’s (The Islamic state of the Levant and Iraq) supporters where they discussed how to fight Kurds to protect the Arabic & Islamic identity of the town.

The group is asking the rich of the town to give them huge amounts of money, or else they’ll be forced out of their homes. They asked one of the residents to pay three millions Syrian pounds or else he’ll be forced to join Jihad at their side.

The Islamic State of the Levant and Iraq controls eight Kurdish towns in Tal Abyad (Yabseh, Talfandar, Sussek, Yarko, Madkletteh, Tanbozzeh & Kahersat) – and all have been totally destroyed by the group’s fighters, who have taken the main police station as their base, plus another base in Shableh village.

Tal Abyad  is a town in Raqqa that originally consists of Arabs, Kurds, Armenians, and Turks; the residents are over 200,000, %30 of them are Kurds. Recently, after the Islamic state controlled the area many of the Arab residents have fled to Turkey, most of the Armenians left the town too.

Source: Asharq Alawsat

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  1. Arklight

    This makes me wanna puke. There are populations old enough and fit enough to fight, but will they from a local defense force to keep the rats out? No. The people are afraid to fight a know enemy who is very easily capable of killing them just for fun; no, these people huddle up somewhere and wait for SAA to come and save them but, suddenly, they manage to find enough guts to fight their neighbors and former friends? If I knew that I had one of those weasels living next door, I’d shoot the b*stard myself. I can hear the sales pitch. ‘Well, it’s not like you’re fighting humans – – after all, you’re Arabs and they’re Kurds.’ The same old song and dance for how many centuries? ‘You’re one of us, they are a subspecies and do not deserve to live.’ The real monstrosity of an idea, though, is that nobody but the Kurds have engaged the rats in battle. Syrian Arabs or Syrian Kurds, the operative descriptive adjective is ‘SYRIAN’ Personally, I despise weasels as much as I do rats.

  2. dennis


    You are totally right!!!

    Why should the us fight than in syria and for what?

    These people are like the neocons in the us. They also never fight and send always us soldiers to fight their dirty wars.


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