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Syria: Chemical Substances in Jobar

Al-Qusayr / Photo Credits: Anhar Kotschnewa

Syria: Sludge in Jobar (Dschobar).

Russia Today (RT) reports that Syrian Army units have found a chemical weapons-warehouse of the rebels in Jobar.

According to the Russian version of the report by Russia Today (RT), some army personnel were killed by the chemical agents in this operation.

Meanwhile, Anhar Kotschnewa writes from Damascus that the bandits have now made use of the chemical weapons against the Syrian army in Jobar. But even that will not much change in the overall situation – meanwhile, nobody has doubts anymore that the Syrian rebels have chemical weapons.

There are also not so many versions, where from they could have the stuff. That it comes from the Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles is very unlikely.

The long debated Libyan track is more plausible. The cases in which the Syrian rebels have already used chemical warfare agents were in the sense of the uses of these agents not much “efficient”; this could imply a partial denaturation of these chemical warfare agents.

An argument for the Libyan version – still under Gaddafi, they started to destroy the old weapons of this type and they have not purchased new ones.

Al-Qusayr / Photo Credits: Anhar Kotschnewa
Al-Qusayr / Photo Credits: Anhar Kotschnewa

Today, in the course of this evening (hopefully), a new reportage by ANNA-News in Jobar from August 21 will be published with German subtitles; wherein it is stated that the current pretext for war, the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army, is not given.

The army has not used chemical weapons in Jobar and the team of ANNA-news, who were on location in Jobar, is able to testify this.

Source: apxwn

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  1. Arklight

    False flags are usually very obvious to anyone who has not ‘drunk the Kool-Aid’ (a reference to Jonestown mass suicide), but the Chicken Hawks keep running the same tired game in the same certainty that THIS time ‘they’ll fall for it’, or the domestic mass media will report it just as we say it happened, not as what really happened. Personally, I think that DC is packed to the rafters with sociopaths, the mass media is staffed with gutless pogues but, maybe that’s just me – –


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