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Syria: Chemical Weapons – Syrian Rebels Killing for Nothin

ANNA-News: Marat Musin yesterday in Jobar (Dschobar).

Provocation by Syrian Terrorists by gruesome chemical weapons-attack.

The following text about the alleged chemical weapons-attack by Syrian Army units in Syria is a translation of the article by a German blogger. The statements, facts and chain of thoughts are logical, underlined by the truth about alleged evidence, and whoever thinks the Syrian Army / government in Damascus might order such a gruesome chemical weapons-attack on the same day when the team of UN experts arrive in Syria… should apply for a next sequel of Dumb & Dumber.

However, the propaganda against the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad works and this shows the lack of caring by many people as well as the lack of a critical consumption of news. Probably, Syria is just an Arab country, far far away.

Syria: For nothing.

The recent arrival of UN inspectors in Syria was traditionally marked by a terrible provocation. You are still not really able to say what exactly happened, even not on the next day, but the rebels, and with them the “civilized world”, draw a hasty image of a mark-freezing “crime of the Syrian regime”, which bombards the civilians with something that is reminiscent of chemical weapons .

The entire body of evidence consists of YouTube videos with people who are wandering and digging in ruins, with victims, lying on the ground, who are writhing in pain and fainting – with countless corpses with no visible external injury. The whole range.

However, there is so many inconsistencies with the evidences that one has not really the desire, to work them all out – nevertheless, “the community” has already began with this work. Alone the situation that people are wandering busy around on the site of the alleged poison gas attack not only without gas masks but even without breathing protections (there are no more Palestine scarves / Keffiyeh in Syria?), speaks volumes.

As luck would have it, ANNA-News was (already) at the place from which the rebels meant that the poison gas attack has taken place there: Jobar (Dschobar) and surroundings. Three of the four, including Marat Musin, were slightly injured (shrapnel and broken glass) during the filming yesterday, but no trace of poison gas. As they accompany the responsible operating unit of the Syrian Republican Guard there, one can at least once take note of what they report from the day of yesterday:

ANNA-News: Marat Musin yesterday in Jobar (Dschobar).
ANNA-News: Marat Musin yesterday in Jobar (Dschobar).

Today, the cleaning operations began simultaneously in the areas of Jobar (Dschobar), Irbin, Zamalka, Al-Qabun and Madamija, some of these places belong to the area that knows everybody since recently from the media reports under the term of “East Ghouta”. The film crew of ANNA news, consisting of four people (Vasily Pavlov, Igor Nadyrschin, Viktor Kuznetsov and Marat Musin), drove to al-Qaboun (al-Qabun) around 5 o`clock today, from where the armoured vehicles of the tank battalions marched out to the places of action.

We have documented every step of the military operation in the hottest combat zone – in Jobar (Dschobar), which is partially under the control of well-trained, professional foreign mercenaries and Wahhabite (Wahhabi) infantry.

We were virtually able to film everything that was going on, as we simultaneously had nine new cameras in use (a part of them installed on armoured vehicles – apxwn) – from the reload of standard ammunition for the armoured vehicles to the set down of the Syrian troops in the combat zone, where they practically came into a scuffle with the foreign mercenaries in the buildings there.

We are able to certainly testify and to completely prove for the UN inspectors on the basis of what we have seen with our own eyes and recorded in the course of the struggle, that in the problem area of East Ghouta – Jobar (Dschobar) – nobody has used chemical weapons.

Meanwhile, in the noise of the media, some material is spotted every now and then that shows the now familiar, till the last pixel, dead bodies out of Cairo’s Al-Fateh Mosque (Egypt).

The British had not even managed it to translate the Arab Squiggle from the entire material, as they convened the UN Security Council (UNSC); the “world public” is shocked about the “brutality procedure of the dictator” (of course it is!), and the London Human Rights Observatory puts new details hourly on the serving dish, always with the remark that no one is able to vouch for the authenticity of the information. And all the noise in the media is exactly based on this material, for whose authenticity no one takes the responsibility.

The problem is, however, that the shown bodies are simply real. Many of them are children. The grace of God to whomever has committed this crime, one wants to almost say, and then, you notice that, as far as is humanly possible to tell, you are not able to imagine that the “grace” is also able to span on the killers of these people.

Perhaps it is interesting in the context of these events to recall the situation in northern Syria some weeks ago, as masses of Kurds – and mainly women and children – were abducted by the terrorist gangs. Who knows if the poison was therefore actually real. However, it was most likely no biological warfare agent, otherwise all those who have filmed there, would already lie alongside of the recorded victims.

At that time, about early-mid December 2012, the Syrian rebels have launched a successful attack on the chemical plant in As-Safira near Aleppo. From where the Syrian rebels have fetched several hundred cisterns with chlorine and this report is completely confirmed. This chlorine has already appeared repeatedly on the surface in Aleppo, and that is also the reason why the UN inspectors have travelled to Syria.

In terms of the children, so the Syrian rebels have long ago learned about the effect of such images with children, they work often enough targeted with pictures of children. First, this insidious kind of marketing became known worldwide in al-Hula, from what they must have concluded that such an approach works really fine.

Yesterday’s tragedy is a modified copy of what has already been running in this sense since then. Surely, some competent people and institutions must say something about it. But roughly, that will not happen.

Or if they say something, you will not hear it. Simply for the reason that human lives have already become disposable products for small and in principle pointless provocation. According to the motto: “let’s see”.

Let’s see, maybe that’s finally enough to that the world community shows empathy with the groaning Syrian people and will bombard it humanitarian, so that it gets rid of its bloody dictator. If this will again not happen, also these children have died for nothing. For nothing, just like that.

And should it be necessary, as it is sure, dear reader, children, women and old people will be killed further on. On an industrial scale. It would not be the first time.

After the already publicly known imitation of the violence at a staged demonstration by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, also analogue material on the above subject has appeared by the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

Source: apxwn

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