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Damascus Water Crisis Ended – One Horrible War Crime is Over

image-Fijah Water Spring Repairs Under Way after Cleaning the Area from Moderate Terrorists

I lost count how many times we literally said the ‘Syrian Opposition’ with their ‘Moderate Rebels’ have reached a new low in their crimes, they never fail to surprise us with new extremes, they’ve committed what no human being can think of, from where they get their inspiration? Anyways, this one chapter of their book of crimes is done now and repairs under way.

The western sponsored terrorists with the help of their hypocrite criers in international organizations just prolonged the previous deal, killed the main negotiator and led to more suffering. We outlined the previous deal and it was followed as it was supposed to be: 1,200 local terrorists to lay down their weapons and convert back to humans, and hardliners to be taken to Idlib in buses with their families where they can join one of the branches of the FSA involved in the infighting there.

Check what does the constitution of each country that supports these ‘Moderate Rebels’ say about depriving a detained terrorist from drinking water, it must be very inhumane, criminal, outlawed and you name it. Now imagine if this was about a detained convicted terrorist who has killed probably many human beings. Then imagine depriving someone innocent from drinking water, how much of a crime that would be? And now think that this is not a crime against 1 ONE SINGLE Individual, it’s against over 5.5 million human beings living in the oldest civilized city in the whole world. Does that have any effect on your feelings?

Where were the ‘Humanitarian Bastards’ outrage against this crime against humanity their ‘Moderate Terrorists’ committed? I’ll tell you where it was, it was against the Syrian government when the Syrian Arab Army and allies were battling these ‘Moderate Terrorists’ to force them out of the source of the main water supply for the millions of people. In the words of president Assad: ‘Western officials complained to their Russian counterparts the Syrians have gone too far in defeating terrorists’..!

Our ancestors taught us, so did our scriptures in all 3 divinely religious, that messengers do not get harmed, they are to be protected, their dignity preserved and even hosted with generosity. To prove these terrorists do not belong to our land, or to any of the 3 divinely religions: They killed unarmed top negotiator the retired General Ahmad Ghadban, who happened to be from the same Wadi Barada region, and who was a war hero, by an assassin who shot him at his back after finishing one round of negotiations to save the same terrorists from being annihilated by the SAA.

Our ancestors also taught us not to kill an enemy if he can be captured, and again to preserve the enemy’s dignity; those western-sponsored ‘Moderate Terrorists’ kidnap, torture, behead or invent new ways of slow killing their victims, all branches of the western created and nourished FSA did the same: Al-Qaeda (Nusra – Fatah al Cham..), ISIS, Farouq Battalion, in case you’ve forgotten was one of the biggest of the FSA branches and its commander carved out the heart of a dead Syrian soldier and ate it before cameras..

Drinking water will be back running through the pipes and reaching the thirsty 5.5 million persons thanks to the sacrificing of the Syrian people, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies and no thanks to the Western blood thirsty sadistic hypocrites and their regional stooges.

image-Statue of Sultan Saladin Ayoubi next to the main entrance of Damascus Citadel next to his resting place.
Statue of Sultan Saladin Ayoubi next to the main entrance of Damascus Citadel next to his resting place.

Saladin is buried in Damascus near the entrance of Omayyad Mosque and laid to rest next to him is Islam’s top ‘SUNNI’ scholar Martyr Bouti, he was also a KURD like Saladin, killed at the age of 84 by an anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihad ‘Moderate Terrorist’ along with his 52 students inside the Iman (Faith) Mosque in the heart of Damascus City.

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