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SAA General Negotiating Damascus Water Assassinated

SAA Martyer General (Ret.) Ahmad al-Ghadban assassinated by terrorists during meetings to resolve terrorist water war crimes in Wadi Barada.

Retired SAA General Ahmad al Ghadban, Reconciliation Coordinator in Wadi Barada was assassinated as he left a meeting 14 January with armed gangs, in which the dire problem of the water of al Fijah spring was to have been resolved.  Though humanity’s oldest water source was polluted on 23 December, and surrounding infrastructure bombed by NATO-supplied missiles, it has been held captive by terrorists since 2013.  Yesterday’s meeting was to resolve the water crisis for 5.5 million civilians in Damascus and countryside, for reconciliation (the laying down of weapons), for those terrorist gangs opposed to reconciliation to be put on buses to Idlib, and to agree upon repair and maintenance of newly destroyed infrastructure.

General al Ghadban was a hero of the 1973 war, after which all Syrian Arab Army officers were listed as targets for assassination by Israel, carried out by the FSA/alQaeda/Nusra/ISIS gangs that receive assistance from the Zionist state — via air cover and free health care, in IDF-run mobile hospitals on the occupied Syrian Golan, and in Israeli hospitals, such as Haifa’s Rambam.  Israeli media refuses to call the terrorists they assist in Syria, by their rightful name, terrorists

Contrary to NATO-run MSM, most of Syria’s elite military forces are led by Sunni generals from Damascus countryside.  Conscription in the Syrian Arab Army is mandatory; there is no such thing as the ‘Alawite regime forces.’

Syrian generals are always on the front lines of the battles to free their country from foreign funded and armed savages.  They do not spend time in television interviews, and they do not leap from positions of First Lieutenant to Secretary of Defense — as did Leon Panetta, so beloved by his troops in Afghanistan that when he spoke to them in 2012, two hundred of them were first stripped of their weapons.

Paratrooper Brigadier Muhammed Mahmoud Ali Aba Suleiman of the Republican Guards was martyred in Damascus countryside, 21 July 2013, leading his troops on the front lines.  He was killed by a wounded moderate terrorist of the FSA.

General Hussein Ishaq, head of Air Defense in SAA joined his commanders and soldiers in the longest queue of martyrs a country has paid of its best men and women and raised to the highest levels of humanity sacrificed his soul to save Syria, was martyred on the front lines on 17 May 2014.

image-SAA Martyer General (Ret.) Ahmad al-Ghadban
SAA Martyr General (Ret.) Ahmad al-Ghadban assassinated by Nusra Front FSA alQaeda ISIS in Wadi Barada village of Ain Al-Fijah

Enemies of Syria would be delighted for such news of the killing of top Syrian Arab Army officers, that’s why they will never learn from their mistakes and they will always lose. When Syrians lose a hero tens of other heroes replace him and that what keeps Syria alive and all other empires throughout history fall.

May the memory of Ahmad al-Ghadban be for a blessing.


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