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MSM on Syria & Israel: When Terrorism Is, and Is Not


Sunday’s news was dominated by reports of four Israeli soldiers killed, 14 others wounded, by a man who ploughed a large truck into them, as they were about to board a tour bus:  The driver was neutralized in a barrage of bullets (14 holes were visible in the windshield).  “Police have arrested 9 other suspects, including 5…family members,” all of whom are being held in administrative detention, in which the military will hold them, indefinitely, on secret information and without charging them or letting them stand trial. Based on Israel’s history of collective punishment, the family home – and perhaps several neighbors’ homes — will probably be demolished early this week (prohibited by Geneva 1949).

Though a police spokesman said there are “no potential active ISIS cells here in Israel,” Netanyahu challenged him by claiming the perpetrator is tied to ‘recent attacks in France [sic] and Berlin,’ and that he “may have been an ISIS sympathizer.”  By ignoring the statement of the police chief, and going on record with his remark, Netanyahu paves the wave for cover story of another round of war criminal bombings of the SAR.  When 30 vacationing Brits were slaughtered on a Tunisian beach, Cameron bombed Syria, instead of bombing Tunisia — imposed birthplace of the western created Arab Spring.  Though the reputed mastermind of the Paris attacks was a French national, Hollande bombed Syria, instead of France, and when this French national magically survived a 3 hour shootout, magically fleeing to Brussels (and magically shedding counterfeit Syrian passports made in Erdoganstan, formerly Turkey), Hollande bombed Syria, not Belgium.

Times of Israel interviewed the tour guide bus driver, a civilian who said he was the first to open fire on the truck driver.  He claimed that the cadets/youth/soldiers (he called them all three) en route to a cultural/educational tour*, hesitated because the Israeli soldier caught on video executing wounded and unconscious Palestinian Abdel Fattah al Sharif, had been found guilty of manslaughter. Hundreds of Israelis subsequently protested outside IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv, calling the cold-blooded murderer a ‘’hero,’’ and chanting death threats against the military court: “…be careful Rabin is looking for a friend.”

NATO msm was aghast over the killings, and CNN – terrorists most trusted name in news – immediately reported that Hamas posted a tweet in praise of the truck driver.

No mention, though, of the very odd fact that Hamas and Israel have been aligned regarding the attempted final solution against Syria.  By early 2014, Hamas had sent 5,000 terrorists into the SAR, to slaughter its people; Hamas leader Khaled Mashal has called for Syria’s destruction from Doha (Qatar, “pronounced ‘gutter,’’’ the Gulfie toilet absolute monarchy that bragged about spending $3B USD in 2013, to destroy the SAR), and from Ankara, Erdoganstan (formerly Turkey).

Israel, though not an overt member of the war criminal coalition of 66[6] countries led by the US, has bombed Syria more than 20 times since the beginning of the crisis. On at least one occasion, it coordinated a bombing of Damascus countryside in 2013 with al Qaeda FSA terrorists, so they could video the Kodak moment.

Israel media admits war criminal bombings of Syria

On 18 February 2014, Netanyahu visited his wounded terrorist troops receiving free medical care in IDF field hospitals on the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, and Israeli media (all under military censorship) was not shy about sharing the photo op. IDF media has subsequently reported on terrorists being treated both on the occupied Syrian Golan, and in Israeli hospitals, such as Rambam, in Haifa.

Terrorist gets free medical care on the Syrian Golan, occupied by Israel, and a handshake from war criminal Netanyahu

While our cities, schools, and roads are falling apart, most of our taxes go to domestic “security” and foreign wars that we don’t even call ‘wars.’  We pay for bombing terrorists that we arm, and also given $3 billion a year to Israel which gives free healthcare to the terrorists we have armed and are also trying to kill.  Amazing things, our tax dollars.  — US American citizen

IDF media consistently refuses to use the word terrorists,  even when discussing al Qaeda, as in the Jerusalem Post’s 13 March 2015 headline, Report:  Israel Treating al Qaeda fighters and Ynet 12 May 2015 providing a video of emergency belly surgery being performed on a terrorist – after checking him for explosives – and captioning it humanitarian aid.

Israel treating Nusra Front and alQaeda ”fighters.” Both gangs are on the US terror list, yet there is no suspension of funds to Israel for this breach.
Free treatment to injured terrorists that Israel calls “rebels”

The ‘rare footage’ contains a post-operative interview with the IDF surgeon, who was literally crying tears of joy, over making peace with terrorist.

12 May 2015, “Humanitarian aid on the border” should read “US taxes pay for terrorist’s surgery on Syria’s Golan, under illegal occupation of Israel.”

When are terrorists not terrorists?  When they slaughter Syrians.

NATO media of the US and EU have also consistently propagandized on behalf of terrorism against Syria, since the beginning of the crisis.  Ignoring the fact that Syrian military is of mandatory conscription – meaning that every Syrian family has at least one relative in the army – the Syrian Arab Army gets diminished as Assad’s forces.  MSM has normalized this Newspeak, though no sane journalist would consider calling a member of the US military an Obama loyalist.

Syrian Arab Army First Lt. Imam Yousef was martyred in a Homs car bombing, February 2016. Western media did not mention her

Unfake msm has demonstrated their integrity by consistently calling terrorists “rebels,” no matter what the circumstance, unless ISIS is needed to run cover for the many war criminal bombings of Syria by the coalition of genocidal states who have funded and armed the savages.

NATO msm has demonized Syria’s President Bashar al Assad while legitimizing the most heinous international conspiracy against one country, in the history of humanity.

When FSA demon Khalid al Hamad had himself videoed carving up the body of a murdered Syrian soldier, ripping out his lung, heart, and liver, and eating them, western media wooed him for interviews, lauded him as some poetic allegory of war, practically wrote odes to him.

FSA savage commander who murdered Syrian soldier and ate his body parts was wooed by NATO media

The al Qaeda FSA terrorist who decapitated a Syrian soldier, and grilled his head, was ignored.

This atrocity of a moderate terrorist also was ignored by unfake msm

American mercenary/terrorist Eric Harroun was romanticized, while no unfake journalist bothered to wonder how a disabled US veteran could find his way to Syria on a limited income, helping to shoot down Syrian helicopters and threatening the life of Syria’s president.

American terrorist Harroun, killer of Syrian soldiers defending their country, was given legitimacy by US msm

No impartial msm published the story of Nidal Jannoud, Syrian farmer who was among the first to enjoy the delights of the Arab Spring come to his country.

image-Nidal-Jannoud Blurred
Nidal Jannoud 21 April 2011 (Original:

European MSM has run countless slice of life stories about EU nationals returning home after “fighting” in the SAR (“Belgian Michel,” Paris Match tells us, works in a bakery in Anvers).

image-decapitated body of slain Syrian soldier Blurred
Decapitated body of slain Syrian soldier, ignored by NATO msm (Original:

In 2013, The Geryon‘s Rana Kabbani tweeted her hope for President al-Assad to be kidnapped and tortured and forced to watch his starved wife and his children be raped, every day.

She was not fired.

In 2013, the BBC ran a banner story on Newsnight‘s interview of the brother of the British terrorist who illegally entered Syria and self-detonated in a truck at the gates of Aleppo prison:  The brother of a British man who blew himself up in Syria has told Newsnight he should be regarded as a hero who combated the regime, not a terrorist, and that this dead terrorist was deserving of the posthumous Victoria Cross.

BBC headline torques reality, transforms UK terrorist into Syria, and calls him ‘hero.’

On 5 September 2013, the NYT (“all the lies that fit in print”) ran a headline of concern:  Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West.  It contained a video of terrorists executing kidnapped soldiers in Idlib, in 2012, soldiers who showed signs of being brutalized.  NYT would not call the terrorists by any name but rebels.

On 14 March 2016, the NYT enjoyed the sadistic opportunity to re-run both the video and the horrible photograph, when Sweden announced it had arrested one of the savage executioners, who had applied for asylum, the previous year. No one questioned why Italian national, Haisam Saqar did not return to Italy – where he had been spokesman darling of the “opposition,” on national news – as there was no arrest warrant for him there, as no Italian law prohibits its citizens from joining foreign militias.

14 March 2016. NYT still refuses to call terrorists “terrorists.”

Again, the NYT refused to use the word “terrorist,” continuing to call Saqar and barbarian cohorts “rebels.”  NYT also used the opportunity to report that it had been given the horrific video by “a former rebel, who was repulsed by the atrocities” (perhaps the Times might nominate him for a Nobel?).

There have been no further reports from Sweden on what has happened since Saqar’s arrest.

Though not a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, “Japan is the longest-standing of NATO’s ‘partners across the globe.”’  This explains why Japan’s Abe government funded terror in Syria to the amount of $2 billion, and why Japan sent two mercenaries into Syria, allowing them to be sacrificed as orangettes, cover for US-led war criminal bombings of the Syrian Arab Republic, why Abe thanked rabid Erdogan profusely for not being able to ‘rescue’ the mercs, and why NATO msm ran emoticon obituaries on the Japanese murderers of Syrians.

Illegal alien, Japanese mercenary/voce bianca cum orangette, Haruna Yukama, in Aleppo

He was bullied as a child  His business went bankrupt.  He slept on a park bench for a month.  His wife died of cancer, but managed to leave her death bed to rush him to the hospital, once, to save his life after a ritualistic castration attempt.  He was reported to have decided to ‘live his life as a woman,’ had he been successful in his desired castration, but a failure in the suicide.  Medley of western obits on Japanese terrorist cum orangette Yukama

CNN has also been in the forefront of war pimping against Syria, initially via the many interviews by Anderson Cooper, of “Syrian activist Danny,” the product of a drunk who traded his alcoholism for Wahhabism, and who married his bartender, also a convert to Wahhabi terrorism (mommy Helen wrote a racist attack on the Alawite minority, “Why Homs?” that sounded as though it could have been written by the Ku Klux Klan, against “Negroes,” in the 1960s).  Cooper – by the way – has never apologized to Syria’s Ambassador Bashar al Ja’afari, for having called him a liar, in August 2011, when the diplomat said that foreign terrorists had invaded his country and were slaughtering his people.

As Cooper’s crush on much younger Danny came to an end, Clarissa Ward of Death – who had illegally entered Syria on at least one dozen occasions, embedded herself with the foreign terrorists that Cooper claimed did not exist, and winning awards for interviewing them – picked up the mantle of demonizing Syria, and supporting monsters.  In August, Ward led the campaign to cleanse al Qaeda of its blood, in a report that Jabhat al Nursa had an amicable divorce from al Qaeda, and interviewing an Aussie terrorist who had been in Syria for several years — one of then 10s of thousands of foreign terrorists that Cooper said did not exist, and who was on the US Specially Designated Persons terror list, Mostafa Mahamed.

CNN’s Clarissa Ward, of Death

Shortly after, Ward was given an audience in the UN, by war whore Ambassador Samantha Power — along with other terrorist supporters – to speak on behalf of her foreign terrorist friend occupiers in Syria.  It is thought that the invitation was the beginning of a grooming process that would lubricate the path for Ward to become a member of a Hillary Clinton cabinet.  Power’s own career began as an embedded reporter in Yugoslavia, who demanded that colonialist countries have the right to protect, that is, to create regime changes wherever they dictated, annihilating populations, balkanizing nations at whim.

Ward of Death soon after was blowing kisses to American mercenary, native New Yorker, Bilal Abdul Kareem, terrorist and illegal squatter in Syria, via her tweets on his brave reporting from Aleppo, which included interviews with the FSA-al Zinki monsters who cut off the head of 12 year old Syrian-Palestinian Abdullah Issa, with a kitchen knife, after kidnapping him from a hospital.

Aussie terrorist Mahamed, interviewed by Ward of Death, cheers alliance with child beheaders.


US terrorist/CNN hero Kareem cheers alliance with child beheaders

That independent investigative journalists brought this to the attention of the world, it made no matter to CNN, who interviewed the terrorist as the last western journalist of Aleppo, during excessive mourning over the liberation of Syria’s second capital.

No question, of course, was asked how Kareem always had great internet access.  No concern that Bilalqaeda is aligned with these killers.

After US terrorist cheered alliance with child beheaders he was interviewed by CNN

After the American friend of child beheaders spoke to CNN, he interviewed a potential suicide bomber.

CNN’s adored Bilalqaeda groping an explosives belt of a suicide bomber

Kareem first came to this writer’s attention when he called upon the Erdoganstan (“formerly Turkey”) navy to rescue 500 Rohingya boat people, and bring them into Syria, to massacre indigenous Syrians, and colonize their homes, and whatever might be left of their businesses.  Erdoganstan complied, and the plight of the Rohingya was abruptly replaced with the Qatari aj+ strategic depopulation intended myth of the Syrian refugee.

The 2004 documentary Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land shocked this writer out of unrecognized, subtle brainwashing by noting that when an Israeli soldiers are killed, western media brings us to the funeral, gives us names and faces, shares personal stories to evoke empathy within us – while keeping Palestinian victims completely anonymous, and framing their death stories around rifles fired at funerals, and unrelated attacks against Israel.

The same smarmy tactics have been used against Syria.

The NYT  9 January report on the funerals of Sunday’s dead was phenomenally artistic in this regard, telling us who loved horses and who was the oldest and who had to ‘fight’ to be conscripted, despite health problems – before focusing the article on the tour guide claim.

In lieu of a similar report on the funerals of the 83 Syrian soldiers massacred in US-led coalition bombings, 17 September, at their military base on al Tharda Mountain, the unfake NYT ran articles from that date, through November, white-washing the slaughter as ‘human mistake,’ while neglecting to mention that the carnage would not have been possible, that these patriotic Syrian soldiers would be alive, if not for the war criminal attacks on Syria.

NYT propaganda pieces whitewash the war criminal massacre of 83 Syrian soldiers

Syrian First Lady Asmaa Bashar al Assad held a reception on the occasion of Mother’s Day, 21st March 2013, to show the gratitude of all Syrians to over 5,000 Syrian mothers whom each of them sent all her sons to defend the country in the face of an unprecedented NATO and stooges alliance with all evil forces on the planet including al Qaeda terrorists to destroy Syria, the mother of all mothers.


In the early hours of 9 November, President-Elect Donald J. Trump gave an unprecedented acceptance speech, in which he offered entente to the world:

I want to tell the world community that while we will always put America’s interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone, with everyone; all people and all other nations.  We will seek common ground, not hostility; partnership, not conflict…In the field of world policy I would dedicate this Nation to the policy of the good neighbor — the neighbor who resolutely respects himself and, because he does so, respects the rights of others — the neighbor who respects his obligations and respects the sanctity of his agreements in and with a world of neighbors.

SyriaNews respectfully calls upon President-Elect Donald J. Trump to keep his promise to be a fair and good neighbor:  Please announce the re-opening of Syria’s Embassy in D.C., and the release of H.E. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, from the wretched mobility restrictions undiplomatically placed upon him almost 4 years ago.  Announce a planned meeting with him.  The ambassador will tell you how “ISIS” can be defeated…in three days.

*Most likely a very painful walk through the Yad Vashem, for the Israeli version of Orwells’ 10-minute hate, mandatory for new soldiers, as was previously the oath-taking ceremony on Masada — a hideous irony, as mass murder took place there.

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