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Turkish Sponsored Terrorists Breach their Master’s Truce

image-Turkish Sponsored Terrorists Breach the Truce Guaranteed by Turkey

Terrorist groups backed by the Turkish regime of Erdogan in western Aleppo breach the truce sponsored by their masters in Ankara and guaranteed by the unreliable Muslim Brotherhood junta in Erdoganstan (formerly Turkey).

2 young men killed and 8 others wounded when terrorists shelled the besieged towns of Fouah and Kafaraya from their positions in nearby Binnish town in Idlib countryside.

The terrorist groups also went rabid shelling the Aleppo International Civilian Airport with Grad multi-launcher missiles and Katyushas as if they have all the hatred of the world combined to destroy Syria and kill its people.

The problem with the latest cessation of hostilities agreement is it’s brokered and guaranteed by both Turkey and Russia, the latter is supposed to be Syria’s main ally and is causing more anxiety in Syria rather than giving the sense of security and safety as an international super power wannabe and a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

Syrian and Iranian officials confused with the Russian hastily and unjustified approach towards an ever lying, ever cheating and ever back-stabber NATO member state Turkey, which ruling regime targets own army generals and own journalists and kill own people en masses, the officials from Syria and Iran are intensifying their meetings before the Astana talks and to prepare a stronger stance together to avoid any further Russian sellout.

Syrians alone, on the other hand, have also to be wary of the Iranians themselves as Iran is chasing Russia in rapprochement with the Turkish junta leaving the only and main ally under the worst attack against a civilization throughout history conducted by over 80 countries against a single establishing member state of the United Nation, a sovereign state and a true ally which never betrayed its allies for some uncalculated shortsighted gains from proven hypocrites and arch-enemies.

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