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First Civilian Airplane Arrives at Aleppo Int’l Airport in 4 Years

image-Aleppo International Airport

Aleppo– For the first time in 4 years a commercial airplane landed in Aleppo International Airport coming from Damascus on Saturday 07 January 2017, it was carrying media and journalists. The trip was experimental.

The airport is now ready to handle airplanes movements after it was rehabilitated in a record time by the Syrian authorities and after liberating the eastern part of the city of Aleppo from the terrorists and securing a wide perimeter around the region.

However, Aleppo International Airport is due to resume work for the public early next month February pending the final security assessment in the whole province. The Syrian authorities want to make sure that the anti-aircraft portable missiles delivered to the terrorists in the region would not reach the paths or the airport itself.

A large delegation from the Syrian government headed by the prime minister Mr. Imad Khamis visited Aleppo and its airport last week to evaluate the repairs and maintenance under way already to rebuild the city.

In its meeting on Saturday, the Syrian cabinet approved the executive workshop program to restore municipal, industrial, production and security services to the war-torn city of Aleppo and its province. The cabinet confirmed it is already working on the plan to supply electricity, water, and fuel to the city and to evaluate and reconstruct the roads in the province to allow the residents to restart their normal lives activities.

Ruins of a Syrian School
Terrorists used schools as prisons, detention and torture facilities and for mass graves for their victims.

50 schools will be repaired and maintained within the coming 6 months in the Eastern part of the city alone, 100 in total are in the government’s plan to be ready by beginning of next school year. The Syrian government is planning to repair 5 medical centers and 2 hospitals as well and fix 18 kilometers of railways.

The last western-sponsored anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadist al-Qaeda terrorist left the eastern part of Aleppo City last month after 4 years of taking the whole city hostage, shelling indiscriminately all residential neighborhoods with all types of missiles and mortar projectiles committing massacres and dumping their victims in mass graves in their stronghold, while starving the residents while storing huge caches of weapons and food supplies for their own use.

The will of living.

UPDATE: Terrorists (aka Moderate Rebels) retaliate against the restoration of the airport by launching a barrage of Grad missiles at the airport’s perimeter and some of the residential neighborhoods from their positions near Erdoganstan (formerly Turkey) in northwest and western Aleppo countryside near Khan Touman. The attack called for an immediate response by the Syrian Arab Army to the terrorists posts.

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