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Aleppo FREE

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Aleppo, one of the most ancient civilized cities in the world have finally been declared free from terrorist groups by a Syrian Armed Forces Statement aired at exactly 8:30 pm Damascus local time.

‘Thanks to blood of our martyrs and the sacrifices of our heroic armed forces and the allied forces, and thanks to the steadfastness of our our people, the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces declares the restoration of safety and security to the city of Aleppo after liberating it from terror and terrorists and the eviction of the leaving of the rest of them from the city’; the Syrian Army statement.

image-Emblem of the Syrian Armed Forces
Emblem of the Syrian Armed Forces

It took more than 4 years to get this honorable and noble task to be completed, the tens of thousands of the world’s filthiest anti-Islamic anti-Human Wahhabi Sex Jihadist terrorists imported from all sides of the world by an ‘international community’ web of evildoers seeking a ‘regime change’ in Syria, into the country by all surrounding borders, with the help of and the subduing of all the governments of the countries bordering Syria, mostly the Muslim Brotherhood junta in Turkey.

Billions of dollars have been spent to import and empower these terrorists, international and regional organizations have been used as platforms to launch attacks on a sovereign nation instead of to withhold peace and security in the world. The coalition of terror godfathers have not spared the United Nations and all of its bodies including the United Nation Security Council itself, the UNESCO, the OCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) just look at their names and the contradiction in the tasks they’re supposed to carry out and the roles they did actually carry out in destabilizing the world peace, the Arab League, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and many others. UN Human Rights Council was chaired by Saudi Arabia, the world’s most primitive political regime, just to justify the war of terror against Syria..

These international bodies entrusted to preserve peace and security have been turned into tools of international destruction against targeted countries. A group of over 80 countries combined efforts to destroy Syria over the past almost 6 years, yet the Syrian people had their final words, before in Qussayr then in Homs and now in Aleppo, and soon in the rest of the country.

Countries like the USA, UK, France and their followers, used all what is left with them to carry on a systematic destruction of the world’s most oldest continuous civilizations to the extent the United States Air Forces acted as the ISIS Air Forces in no shame to attack a Syrian Army position near Der Ezzor in September this year and kill over 82 Syrian Army soldiers just to allow the terror group to briefly take over that post.

The victory of the Syrian people had to be ruined by all means that the western and regional ‘intelligence’ agencies had to gather what’s left of ISIS terrorists and bring thousands of them fully equipped with the latest vehicles, arms, communication devices and above all intelligence information and bring them all they way through hundreds of miles of desert and under the wings of the night to re-invade the ancient city of Tadmor (Palmyra), just to distract the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies attention from completing the victory in Aleppo.

We have continuously warned in media, at international forums, in each diplomatic and even in each personal channel available not to sponsor terror as once the terrorists feel defeated or in the worse case scenario if they even win, God forbid, they will come back home, to the countries that created them and guess what will happen then?

The people of Aleppo have endured what no other human being can endure throughout these hard years. They were overwhelmed by 48 different terror groups, as one source counted, each follows instructions from its patrons either in the USA, UK, France, Turkey, Saudis, Qataris.. you name it, even Japan had its stake in the war against Syria actively participating in financing different terror groups under the guise of ‘humanitarian aid’.

Aleppo did not split the world, it just defaced the realities of all countries on this planet. The people of the countries that helped terrorists claiming their aim was only humanitarian bear the biggest responsibility in this suffering of the Syrian people. No one can claim after so long a war of attrition, with so much information flooding the net with different stories from all sides, no one can claim they couldn’t distinguish between different sides in Syria, no one can claim they couldn’t establish whether to support a sovereign state and its armed forces or to support terror groups mostly foreigners in that sovereign nation. Each citizen in each of the countries that ever helped the terrorists bears Syrian blood on their hands and this blood of the Syrian children, women, elderly and even Syrian men will curse them the rest of their lives and in the life hereafter.

The liberation of Aleppo is completed with a small pocket left in control of the YPD, a Kurdish militia in the Sheikh Maqsoud district in the city. As we predicted, in a reply tweet on Twitter, this enclave will soon be over, a source have revealed ‘Kurdish forces will have to hand over control of their enclave of Sheikh Maqsoud in Aleppo to Damascus by the end of the year’.

image-Kurds YPG Enclave in Aleppo Sheikh Maqsoud
Kurds YPG Enclave in Aleppo Sheikh Maqsoud – YPG asked to evict by SAA before end of this year 2016

Kurdish militia group have to cooperate with the Syrian government in Aleppo and in each part of Syria, a dream of carving out their independent state from within the country would never be fulfilled, at least not in our lifetime or the lifetime of few generations to come. Syria is emerging back more stronger and better for them to be part of the strength instead of being used by the West as a cannon fodder as they’ve always been.

All the events that occurred in Syria proves just one fact: Traitors can never win a war, they might win few battles but they will never win a war. Now the West and their regional stooges, especially the Turks who saw it coming before their allies, are barking for political solution in Syria, something the Syrian government kept calling for since day 1 to deaf ears. The call for a political solution is to get whatever they can get in the negotiations taking advantage of the current situation where some areas in Syria are still under terrorists control. Our response to them as we stated in this 3 years old post: There’s No Political Solution to the Syrian Crisis, only a victory against terror then Syrians themselves will decide for themselves without any foreign intervention or influence what is best for them.

Congratulations for each Syrian, for each human being who still humanity in their soul, to each child, each woman, each father, each mother and each person who stood up for Syrians against the Western evil powers and their regional stooges. Congratulations for the restoring of Syria’s second and largest city and soon we will congratulate each others for the cleaning of all of Syria from the world’s dirt.

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