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There’s No Political Solution to the Syrian Crisis

The world in Syria

Geneva 2 is just a compensation for the west and their stooges to gain what they couldn’t through killing Syrians in a political process agreed by the Syrian government under extreme pressure from its allies.

Looking at the parties that will sit at the table in the presumed ‘international peace conference for Syria’ will give us an idea what the whole game is, and it’s definitely not the Syrian people aspiration nor the aspiration of any independent people.

The USA: A terror sponsor regime, a record breaker of International Law and United Nations violations, never hesitated to invade any sovereign country and never stopped from meddling in the internal affairs of any other sovereign country. Wasn’t Alqaeda created by the USA? How many other groups have the US created worldwide? A country built on the skulls of millions of people starting of its own original people. A country that openly sponsors the only official apartheid regime in the world, Israel, which in turn is the world’s record breaker of UNSC resolutions’ violator. The US regime never had the interests of other people, not even their own people, in their concern. The elite gets it all.

Muslim Brotherhood
When Obama Raised the Muslim Brotherhood

The UK: A former imperial power with a bloody history of colonizing, enslaving and destabilizing other countries. The one country that committed the 20th century and maybe the world’s biggest crime by offering a land they don’t own to who doesn’t deserve on the account of its own people, leading to the mass suffering and killing of the Palestinian people and the ongoing Middle East crisis since more than a 100 years. Its domination of the financial market through its monetary system and its control of the US Feds, the owners of the US dollar.

France: Not better than the UK but not worse. Has a horrible history of colonization and the has occupied Syria for about 25 years before the Syrians managed to kick them out. Its occupation to Algeria cost that peaceful country over 1 million of its own people.

Turkey: Former Turkish leader Ataturk managed to preserve what’s left of the Ottoman empire, although holding on parts of other countries under Turkish rule, but at least didn’t go as mad as hoping to revive the Ottoman Empire, a goal sought hard after by the current anti-Islamic pro NATO Islamist AKP junta ruling NATO’s member state Turkey. Turkey, the world’s biggest prison for political journalists, the oppressor of entire ethnic and religious groups, the Kurds and Alawites, whom both form more than half of the population. Needless to remind the stance the Islamist junta ruling Turkey has in rejecting to recognize the Armenian massacres, not to mention the Ottoman massacres against the Syrians, Lebanese, Greek, Caucasians, Europeans and everywhere they reached. The junta which turned their country to a main base for anti-Islamic radical Jihadists imported from all sides of the world to kill the Syrian people and destroy their country.

'Erdoğan thinks he's a Muslim Caliph' President Assad
Erdoğan thinks he’s a Muslim Caliph
President Assad

Saudi Arabia: Trying hard to topple the Syrian government, the Iranian government, the Lebanese resistance and oppressing any movement that ever fought or thinking of fighting the Zionist state of Israel. Using the anti-Islamic Wahhabi religion to distort Islam and use the brainwashed followers of that British introduced religion, one more crime to be added to the British record. ‘The country with the world’s most retard political system’ as the Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad put it. The country with vast wealth where a prince dies leaving $272 billion to his heirs at the same time having more than 3 million Saudi families, more than one third of the population do not own their own houses.

Terrorists Sent to Liberate Syria from its People
Terrorists Sent to Liberate Syria from its People

Qatar: For no reason this tiny gas station wants a seat at the Geneva 2 table, but nevertheless its protector, the US regime, wants it to be present.

Jordan: A US protectorate that turned into another base for Jihadists and its king of British mother who barely speaks Arabic and who turned his army to a mercenary forces for hire. The country that used to live and still on the Syrian people account receiving fresh water, food, most of its consumable products and electrical power from Syria before the Syrian crisis started, yet one of the leading countries in abusing the Syrian refugees suffering living in camps its erected for them in the middle of the desert. If there’s any main reason the Jordanians want a role in the Geneva 2 conference is to get further money from promised aid meant to be for the Syrian refugees and from any amount that might be collected to rebuild Syria.

Lebanon: The country that has everything except a normal political system, which is split into two halves, one pro US and pro Saudi Arabia and consequently pro Israel by default, the other half is against the first half. Both Lebanese halves interfered in the Syrian affair and want some guarantees the Syrians don’t make them pay for their interference. The pro US and its stooges half operate only as hired agents and have no real goals except some commissions they earn, while the other half, the anti-first half, shows a staunch support to the Syrian state but does nothing really to stop the first half. The best they did was inviting their other half to fight their battles in the Syrian territories and not in Lebanon. Of course we cannot ignore Hizbullah’s assistance militarily to the Syrian Arab Army in a couple of places like in Qussayr and near Sayyedeh Zainab shrine in Damascus countryside, but had they stopped their other half inside Lebanon from meddling in the Syrian affairs for 2 years while Hizbullah had a control over the Lebanese government, their military help would not have been needed at all, thousands of Syrians would have not been killed as terrorists were hosted in Lebanon under the nose of Hizbullah and then smuggled with shipments of weapons into Syria.

Iraq: A sectarian based government ruling two thirds of the country and the one third left is ruled by an ethnic group, what a wonderful example to lead for a Syrian future?! The Iraqi government who came on US & UK tanks lecture the Syrians about patriotism and democracy. Still accuse the Syrian government of assisting Al Qaeda fighters during the 8 years US occupation, while the Syrian state only sponsored the Iraqi resistance to that occupation, and the US, UK, Saudi Arabia and Israel were the ones sponsoring Alqaeda in Iraq..!

Iran: A very weird political system that doesn’t accept any former Western sponsored political opposition against its own government but presses hard to have one in Syria..! The democracy ruled by one person. A Beardocracy that sees in any bearded man a promise of an Islamic awakening, even if that man is from the anti-Islamic Wahhabi religion like the Saudis or from the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, or like the ones appointed by the US to rule occupied Libya, or like the Iraqi government also which came on US tanks. We all remember how the Iranian mullahs handled their version of the Arab Spring in the year 2009, yet they keep on pressing the Syrian government to accept a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Russia: The same Putin who introduced a law recently labeling any political entity receiving foreign aid as traitors and agents of enemies, this same Putin wants the Syrians to accept the western created and backed opposition in a power sharing deal. The same Putin who handles very hard the Chechen Islamists but accept their role in Syria. Russia Putin with vast and growing investments in each foe country to Syria like Israel and Turkey, seeking better investments in others as well. Putin who never misses a chance when asked about Syria to criticize the Syrian president and the Syrian state for doing exactly what he did against the Chechen fighters and facing the terror operations like in the case of the Beslan school massacre, while the Syrian government is obviously fighting foreign, not internal terror groups, unlike the case of Russia. The Russian Putin who refused to deliver air defense missile system to Syria due to pressure from his allies in Israel leaving the Syrian space vulnerable to the Israeli aggression, time after another, the same air-defense system the Syrian state bought one year before the crisis started in Syria.

The Syrian Opposition Abroad: In any other country such an opposition would be arrested, lined up against a wall and fired at by a firing squad, other members of it would be tried and hanged in public, except in the Syrian case of course, where the Syrian government has to negotiate a power sharing deal with agents of foreign powers who do not hide, rather they brag about their relations with enemies of the Syrian state, the Syrian people, the Syrian heritage, culture, infrastructure, and enemies of humanity like the case of the Saudi ‘progressive regime against freedoms’. The opposition that uses terror attacks against the Syrian people to bargain with the Syrian government the need to hand them the power in Syria. The opposition that stays at 5 stars hotels worldwide while the Syrian people they cry about are staying in tents in the deserts and in remote areas under severe circumstances and being exploited, again, by the Wahhabi Saudis and Qataris. The opposition that sees its country’s army as ‘occupiers’ and sees in Nusra Front, the terrorist organization that carries out suicide bombings in churches, mosques, schools, residential blocks, as their best fighters against their own army. The opposition that base their entire existence on lies, propaganda, fabrications and western mainstream media polishing. The opposition that criticizes the Syrian state for not starting a war with Israel directly in the Golan Heights but met with Israeli officials, and promised to end the enmity between Syria and the Zionist state. This opportunist group of a couple of hundreds of never heard of before oppositionists want to lead Syria or have a say in leading Syria, just like their Iraqi counterparts did.

The future they want for Syria: Islamist Syriastan
The future they want for Syria: Islamist Syriastan

The Syrian Opposition Inside Syria: A group of opportunists who kept opposing their government while their country is under invasion by herds of tens of thousands of radical fanatic Wahhabi suicide bombers and under the constant threat of an ‘invasion for peace’ by the US and its stooges. A group of figures, they don’t have a real base to depend on that’s why they keep boycotting any political process called for by the Syrian state during the past 32 months, including a call for parliament elections, local municipal elections, country-wide open political dialogue, committees formed to rewrite the constitution, the media law, the political parties law and other laws introduced since the beginning of the crisis by the Syrian government. The group of individuals that kept accusing the Syrian state and the Syrian security and armed forces for each terror attack carried out by Al Qaeda and affiliates in Syria until recently when they started accusing the Syrian state for allowing Al Qaeda to justify their coming to Syria to carry out such attacks.

The ‘rebels’: This is interesting, as these are the only party on the ground that all of the above are depending on in order to get some gains in shaping Syria’s future each by their own method. Thousands of terrorist cells formed basically from outlaws and augmented by imported Jihadists operating against the Syrian people and against their state, with the blessing, financing, supervising and support from the foes of Syria. Tens of thousands of mostly foreign terrorists whom some of which wants to establish a NATO-backed Islamist caliphate/s, others want to rule portions and enclaves of Syria tribal style with each terrorist group commander called an Emir with absolute power.

But what could be the solution to the Syrian crisis if a political solution would be a suicide for the Syrian state in the light of the above factors? Well, definitely not a political solution to share power with the current so called opposition in both its internal and external branches and especially in its external branch. The only solution would be simply applying international and national laws.

The international law would be used against the states sponsoring terror in Syria, and mainly the neighboring countries like Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, then the terrorists finances the Saudis and Qataris and of course stopping the US regime from further shutting-down their government to come up with more funds of the terrorists in Syria, their contribution of US taxpayers money already exceeded $1 billion early September 2013.

The national law will be used against the terrorists and their local sponsors, and the penal code already established in Syria since 1949 and which is very similar to the penal code in any other country, this penal code is more than enough to fight the outlaws within. The SAA, the Syrian Arab Army and other Syrian Armed Forces can then take care of the fighting groups while the Syrian security agencies can take care of the terror cells inside the country.

Does applying law sound as a bad idea? Maybe, when the west is involved. Meanwhile, everybody else is fine while the Syrian crisis is confined within Syrian borders.


  1. Testdrive

    That user connect2raza is getting an annoyance. Maybe block him? Thanks in advance. I don’t want to have that folk living around my corner. Although i give you credits for not blocking him out. But he is becoming very annoying.

  2. Ivan88

    Glad to see Arabi Souri saying things that have not been said or said enough.
    Thankful that the God of mother nature is Guiding, Blessing and Protecting him and the rest of God’s servants around the world.
    All or most the problems in Syria that Syria haters use to justify the war against Syria, apply to the countries sponsoring the war against Syria.
    To get the whole picture on Syria. we should also examine events that occurred before the Talmu-“Islamic” HATO invasion of Syria.
    For example:
    1. The pressure to get Syria to make a defense pact with Iran was created by and is used by the US, Israelis and Saudis as an excuse for the current war on Syria. The defense pact was a trap for Syria.

    2. The US threat to bomb Syria if they didn’t leave Lebanon, which is really part of Syria, was an attempt to justify a US HATO war on Syria directly. When Syria wisely withdrew in 24 hours, the way was opened for the Israelis to bomb Lebanon. Shows how stupid the Lebanese are. Once Lebanon was in chaos, the war crazies in the axis of hypocrisy began building tunnels into Syria, and making other preparations for the current war on Syria.

    3. The death of an important Russian general while visiting Syrian security in 2010 . Shows that mischief was going on in Syria.

    4. The US/HATO/German/Israeli drone attack on Hariri was another scheme to justify an attack on Syria as the US was intending to blame it all on Syria. (see STL – Protecting Rafik Hariri’s killers Posted on December 1, 2010by rehmat2 )

    5. And in any consideration of Iran’s foreign policy, we should remember that the CIA got rid of one Iranian leader, imposed the Shah, took the Shah out and put in Khomeni. At least that’s the way it looks.

    HATO = NATO using Russian letter for N.


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