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Obama’s Death Squads Strike Syria, Again: 9 Killed, 30 Seriously Wounded in Attack on School Buses and School

Terrorists Shell School in Damascus with Mortars

Miri Wood, R.N.c.

While the Doha mobsters of the orwellianly named Syrian National Coalition (the non-elected gang of Texan businessmen, CEOs of Dutch Royal Shell, etc.), whom U.S. President Barack Obama calls “the sole legitimate representatives of the Syrian people — who have recently moved to Istanbul — threaten to boycott the Geneva talks, unless President Bashar al Assad goes traitor and flees his country, Obama’s mercenary death squads attacked two school buses and a school, with freedom-loving mortar shells, today.

At least 8 children and one bus driver were martyred, and at least 30 people were injured, many seriously, in the Damascus neighborhood of Bab Sharqi. The John of Damascus school sustained material damage, and one of the wounded appears to have suffered the enucleation of his left eye.

Video might contain Graphic images, discretion required:

At this time, the Syrian blood lusting CNN has not reported on today’s latest on the never-ended heinous atrocities being funded by the world’s most genocidal countries in modern history, plus their best friend, the fascist state of Saud occupied Arabia, which has also supplied and deployed at least 1200 of its death row inmates into Syria.

Yet, in articles from 4-5 November, CNN passionately reports on the increase of international monsters flying in to Hatay Airport, in Turkey, and being smuggled into Syria, to commit their barbarously demonic crimes that surely make Satan blush with an envious pride, and an “exclusive” report from one of CNN’s journalists has him sounding almost ecstatic that “…al Qaeda [is] blooming under the noses of Turkish border patrol,” that Qaeda is “sweeping to power in Syria’s…north,” that the Qaeda black flag over Jarablus can be seen from the NATO Turkey’s border.

How did this man get his exclusive story?

He also illegally entered Syria, and traveled with one of the many smugglers, who claimed to have driven 400 hundred foreigners from Hatay, into Syria, since late August of this year.

One must wonder how many of these barbarians may have been responsible for murdering Syrian school children.

Today’s killings bring another in a seemingly never – ending series of new grief, and new mourning, to the Syrian people.

This is freedom and democracy, Obama-style.

Shelling the Syrian capital residential neighborhoods with mortar rounds is NATO’s dispatch style to deliver the message to the Syrian people: ‘though we couldn’t enslave you, we will harm you’. Their death sqauds, Al Qaeda and its different names and affiliates operating in Syria, losing on all fronts in the country in the face of the super brave Syrian Arab Army men and women, use mortar shells ‘Obama regime’s non-lethal weapons’ to hit schools, churches, markets, and houses, wherever most harm can be inflicted on civilians.

In addition to the above, two more mortar shells targeted the Holy Cross Church in al-Qassaa’ neighborhood, one more mortar round the Kyrillos Church, causing material damage. Another mortar round hit Aleppo Street, damaging 6 cars.

When the Obama police state claimed they were chasing a ‘suspect’ ‘allegedly armed’ in the city of Boston, they locked 5 million of the city’s residents in their houses, carried out door to door inspections, without warrants, raiding into many houses, using in their manhunt all types of armored vehicles and heavy arms from all avaialble militant they could get, they were chasing one single man allegedly armed with a gun. Imagine if a few of the ‘freedom fighters’ visited a US state.

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  1. Ivan88

    USA military policy since Lincoln:
    “extermination, not of soldiers alone, that is the least of the trouble, but the people” ….
    “We are not fighting against enemy armies, but against an enemy people, both young and old, rich and poor, and they must feel the iron hand of war in the same way as organized armies.” US General Sherman.

    US General Jacob H. Smith tells the commanding officer of the Marines:
    “I want no prisoners.

    I wish you to kill and burn;

    The more you kill and burn the better it will please me.”

    The USA did the same to Syrian Germany, and in Japan and Korea and Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.


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