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Details of Liberating Brigade 80 & Securing Aleppo International Airport SAA Operation

80 Brigade

The report aired by Syrian state TV detailing the SAA military operation to restore Brigade 80 & secure Aleppo’s International Airport, the 2nd largest airport in Syria.

EU & USA have taken the liberty to take the liberty away from freedom of speech and banned Syrian based media including all of Syrian state TV channels, the following report is one of the reasons to do so. Keep in mind the first time you were told by your mainstream media and your politicians of the existence of Al Qaeda in Syria, while in the very first week of the Syrian crisis, 15 March 2011 to 21 March 2011, 110 unarmed Syrian anti-riot policemen were sniped by highly trained mercenary snipers all over Daraa alone, that was reported on all Syrian based media, but not on any foreign media.

Aleppo International Airport Liberated by the SAA
Aleppo International Airport Liberated by the SAA

Some images might be Graphic, if you were one of the ‘humanitarian bastards’ supporting the war of terror against Syria, if you were a normal human being then you’d feel happy for seeing samples of the filth the SAA eliminated so you and your children will have a safer place.

The war of terror waged against the Syrian people and sponsored by the US, EU, Al Saud and Qatari regimes, have cost the Syrian people very dearly in lives, infrastructure, their heritage and their community crack inflicted by the huge unprecedented killing and media campaigns paid for the citizens of those states.

Syrians in spite of their losses and after 32 months, that’s more than 960 days of continuous daily terror and suffering, have taught the world the meaning of defending their country and have saved the world from the hegemony of the same evil forces that destroyed other countries and were aiming to destroy the rest for some demonic and evil goals they have.

Arab 'Spring' Found
Arab ‘Spring’ Found

The SAA, the Syrian Arab Army and other Syrian armed forces and militias formed by the locals in remote areas, deserve all thanks from each decent human being on the planet. Salute to the fallen of those Syrian men and women, salute to the injured, salute to the ones still fighting and still suffering, the victory is almost there.