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Syria: Assad in Homs for Eid Prayers

image-Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad Performs Eid al-Fitr Prayers in al-Safa Mosque, Homs

Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad performed Eid Prayers at al-Safa Mosque in the north of Akrama neighborhood, Homs City.

Homs, once a stronghold of Western created and sponsored anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists used to go by the name of ‘Free Syria Army’ was restored by the Syrian Arab Army in 2012 after fierce clashes starting Baba Amro. The city in the center of Syria was the best example of interfaith Syria with high tolerance before the fake ‘Arab Spring’ which turned out to be a chapter of the ‘New Middle East’ or ‘100 Sunni Shiite war’ preached by owners of the West, the Zionist Movement.

An act of defiance and confidence, and an act of sovereignty and determination to restore and clean the whole country from Western sponsored terror‘, a Syrian activist commented on today’s prayers at the Homs mosque by the Syrian president.

Note the same district is a main target for suicide bombers and indiscriminate shelling by Western sponsored terrorist groups acting in the region as ‘Freedom Fighters’.

image-Al-Safa Mosque in Akrama Neighborhood, Homs, Central Syria
Al-Safa Mosque in Akrama Neighborhood, Homs, Central Syria

Restoring Homs linking the capital Damascus with the Coast and to the north to Aleppo was a historic achievement by the SAA which delivered the first blow to the US and stooges plots against the secular country. Visiting Homs by the Syrian president in 2012 and now praying there is another historic moment and a prove of confidence in the people and the Syrian Armed Forces by the Syrian president. We all remember ‘His days are numbered’ parroted by Western and their regional stooges politicians, whom ironically not much of them are left to weigh in their opinion today.

On the day of exposing the lies of one of the most horrific crimes in this century, the invasion of Iraq, Syrians are correcting history all over their country. The history written by the invaders based on fake evidence introduced by their intelligence agencies to their public and the world, are now exposed after the destruction and devastation of Iraq, and the introduction of Terror groups in the region the whole people of the Middle East are paying the price for until today, and terror moved to reach its enablers’ land back in Europe. Syrians refused to have their history written by the invaders and now reversing the lies with facts.

The world should thank Syria and the Syrians for exposing the criminals and refusing to surrender their country to terror groups that would create the worm hole for the whole world. Now it’s high time for Europe to confess to its role in creating and sponsoring terror in our region and to start raising funds to compensate Iraqis, Syrians as a start for the destruction they caused, and to help fight terror under the Syrian leadership and the Syrian Armed Forces, the only leadership and the only armed forces effectively and continuously fighting terror since 2003.

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