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Aleppo’s Saif ul-Dawleh Neighborhood Shelled by Obama Thugs Killing 3 Civilians

image-Saif ul-Dawleh Nieghborhood Aleppo Shelled by Obama Thugs

The residential neighborhood of Saif ul-Dawleh in the northern city of Aleppo received a barrage of indiscriminate shelling on the 2nd day of Eid al-Fitr causing the death of 3 civilians.

image-Aleppo-Saif ul-Dawleh Neighborhood
Aleppo-Saif ul-Dawleh Neighborhood

While the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) announced and committed to a 72 hours truce declared by the official spokesperson of the army observing Eid al-Fitr that marks the end of the holiest fasting month of Ramadan in Islam, and due to the pressure of the Russian Putin to give the chance number *** (we stopped counting a long time ago) to the regime of Barack Hussein Obama to identify his ‘Moderate Cannibal Terrorists’ from his ‘non-Moderate Cannibal Terrorists’, it’s obvious this is no different than previous truces.

ISIS, Nusra Front, Jaysh al-Fath, Ahrar al-Sham, FSA, al-Qaeda Levant.. all different names to groups created, trained, funded, armed and sponsored by the West especially those who illegally invaded and destroyed Iraq where these Takfiri groups flourished under the direct supervision of the Emir of Jihad, the former US ambassador to Syria and Deputy US ambassador to Iraq Robert S. Ford, during the US – UK (Bush-Blair evil alliance) occupation of Iraq.

Let’s pray this time the Western sponsored terrorists don’t get a chance, they usually get, to regroup and resupply their ranks via their caliph wannabe Erdogan and his Muslim Brotherhood regime in Turkey, and killing cease in Syria.

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