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Dallas Police Shooting – Someone is ‘Arab Springing’ the US?

image-Dallas Police Shooting - Arab Spring

Dallas Police Shooting: What we know so far is there are 4 police officers killed, 7 more wounded in what appeared to be fired at by snipers, as some news media are reporting.

image-Dallas Police Shooting News Reporting
Dallas Police Shooting News Reporting

What we don’t know: Is this the well known ‘Syrian Curse’? Is someone trying to spread ‘Creative Chaos‘ in the USA? Is it part of the Obama regime staged false-flags to strip the US citizens from their right to own fire-arms to protect themselves in the preparation to the doomsday when the US declares bankruptcy and the dollar collapses? Call us ‘Conspiracy Theorists‘ as much as it suits you; that’s what you called us 6 years ago when we rightfully pointed at the involvement of foreign elements in the devastating ‘Arab Spring’ chapters especially the one in Syria, we were and still are right, you were mislead, dumb, and maybe part of the plot itself.

I don’t want to gloat at the news of the killing of US police officers, although as a Syrian I have the full right to be happy whenever any news of harm hits any of the countries that helped prop-up terrorist groups destroying my country, but again we are Syrians, civilization started from our land and will end in our land and meanwhile we spread it to the whole world, so we don’t gloat at others’ self-inflicted miseries, we pray they learn from their own mistakes.

image-Dallas Police Shooting
Dallas Police Shooting

On March 16, 2011 the second day of what is now called the Syrian Crisis, when ‘peaceful protesters’ in Daraa attacked the governor’s house and torched it to ground, torched the Justice Public House (main court complex), torched the Lands Department where all records of land ownership was kept just to create endless unrest between farmers in that tribal province south of Syria, and finally they torched the main Police Headquarters.

Seeing what unfolded in other Arab countries, the Syrian leadership wrongly that time decided to handle the situation in a more ‘civilized’ way, we are still paying the price for until this very day. Police and other security forces in Daraa and other cities like Homs were stripped off their weapons and were only given batons to control the crowds. ‘Snipers‘, yes those who appear in every unrest since the ‘French Revolution’ started shooting at ‘peaceful protesters’ and police officers at the same time. In the very first week in Homs alone the Syrian police lost 110 policemen killed by snipers. In Daraa the situation was not better.

Instantly, the entire Western funded mainstream media reported: Assad thugs ‘Shabeeha’ – referring to the Syrian police and security forces- are shooting at ‘peaceful protesters’ and in order to justify the killing of police officers at the hands of the ‘snipers’, the mainstream media came up with their stupid unproven lie: Assad security forces are shooting at police officers who refuse to shoot at the ‘peaceful protesters’.

By the way, there are until this very day who still claim the ‘Syrian protests’ were ‘peaceful’ for the first 6 months, but they cannot explain the falling of that large number of police and security officers, the moving car bombs, the attacking of the Syrian Arab Army air defense remote units, or the horrible massacre at Jisr Shoghour on June 4th 2011, just 2.5 months after the start of the unrest in Daraa that left 121 Syrian Army and Syrian security forces killed, lynched and their bodies mutilated in the border city with Turkey.

The Syrian Curse is now in the land of the ‘free’, free from any values left of course, and let us see how the Obama regime and his thugs ‘Shabeeha’ will handle the situation? Will he step down in 48 hours and leave the country paving the way for ‘Freedom Fighters’ to form a ‘democratic’ interim government? I personally pray that there are no foreign hands financing and arming the ‘snipers’ and there is no ‘shadow internet’ and communication systems the ‘freedom fighters’ are provided with by another country, hopefully ‘right-to-own Arms Fighters’ do not decapitate, grill and eat US police officers, and that no ground to air missiles are given to the ‘freedom fighters’ to impose a no-fly zone in Dallas, the US Daraa (or ‘Darras’).

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  1. miri

    Update: The police sent a robot suicide bomber to blow up the suspect.

    US is no longer making a pretense of concerning ourselves with Constitutional rights — like ‘innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, by peers.’

    • ArabiSouri

      How do we know Dallas Snipers were targeting the police since beginning not protesters then couldn’t shoot at civilians & shot police instead and police retaliated? In other words, who else beside the police themselves confirmed that the targets were the ‘white police’ not the protesters?

      Why in ALL ‘terrorist’ attacks in the US, including Dallas shooting, the ‘terrorists’ are never arrested & always killed, even when tracked down, running out of ammo, and overwhelmed by force?

      Isn’t the FBI infamous with a number of ‘terrorists’ they only created and nourished then arrested or killed? “The FBI is much better at creating terrorists than it is at catching terrorists,” said an investigative journalist that specializes in these cases:


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