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Jordanian Soldier Shoots Syrian Officer in Back, at Border

A  Jordanian soldier kills a Syrian officer, while the latter was scanning the berms on  the Syrian border  with Jordan.

by Afraa Dagher

Two days ago (11 July 2016), Syrian officer Mohammad Ali Deeb, was on duty scanning berms inside the Syrian territory along the borders with Jordan south of Syria. The First Lieutenant waved to Jordanian border keepers,  as a greeting of peace.

Walking back to his station, First Lieutenant Mohammad Ali Deeb, was fatally shot by a Jordanian. The brave Syrian officer got the honor of martyrdom, but the killer was a Jordanian!

Brave Syrian soldiers accompanying First Lieutenant now martyr responded by killing the killer at once.

That was on the border with Jordan, which has been used as a supply route for terrorists, with sniper and machine guns. and military vehicles. Jordanian and Israeli soldiers share what are called Moka rooms to supply terrorists in the southern front of Syria. Jordan and Israel had planned Operation Southern Storma plan to support the movement of terrorists into Sweida, a province in the south of Syria, in order to surround Damascus. The Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah ground troops thwarted Southern Storm, some months ago.

Such evil planning, backed by the US, Israel, and Saudi, does not make the betrayal of the Jordanian soldier against the brave Syrian officer surprising.

Jordan, which has been a good environment for takfiri terrorists, terrorists with suicidal ideology was recently exposed to a car bomb at the same border.

Moreover, we should not be surprised by such acts from those soldiers, who behave as if they are serving  Israel by killing brave Syrian soldiers — at the time the Egyptian Foreign Minister was meeting the Israeli Prime Minister, the prime minister of the enemy.

Editor’s note:  SyriaNews has massively documented the war crimes of Jordan and Israel, against the Syrian Arab Republic, all of which can be found using the search engine.  

Of particular note is this headline from Israeli medium, Ha’aretz, highlighting the speech of Abdullah, at the February Munich Security Conference, in which he complained that Israel and Jordan had “cause for concern” that the Syrian Arab Army is succeeding in eradicating the terrorists from within Syria’s borders.

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