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Most Important Points Dr. Assad Cleared in Latest NBC Interview

image- Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad

Dr. Bashar al-Assad is no stranger to Western mainstream media ploys, he can easily counter their tactics by proving their bias reporting and brainwashing of their followers. In his latest interview with US channel NBC, the Syrian president delivered what if the audience of this channel ever have a brain they’ll go rioting against their corrupt regimes for dragging their countries in the killing of Syrians and destroying Syria.

We have selected a few highlights of the interview from the official account of the Syrian Presidency Twitter account to save you time and trouble.

Journalist Marie Colvin death in Homs:

‘Journalist Marie Colvin entered Syria illegally and worked with the terrorists and we knew nothing about her.’

More on her case in this clip from the interview:

note: How can anyone blame the Syrian government for her death?!

Relations with the US: 

‘If we defeat ISIS, we would be helping the whole world, including the United States.’

‘Warning the U.S. about possible ISIS attacks requires security cooperation based on political cooperation.’

‘We are fighting the terrorists that could be fighting in Europe, in the United States, anywhere else in the world.’

‘We always hope that the next American president would be wiser and less pyromaniac than the previous one.’

‘We don’t count on any incoming or outgoing president of the United States, what they say in their campaigns is different to what they do after elected’

‘The U.S. wants to manage terrorist groups in order to topple the government in Syria.’

‘Obama, (George W.) Bush & before Clinton none had experience in politics, this is the problem of the United States of America.’

‘One US administration sends their troops, another uses mercenaries, and another uses agents, the principal (of illegal intervention in other countries) is the same.’

‘United States administrations since World War II contributed in flaming conflicts all over the world.’

On the US State Department statement: ‘Restoring each inch of Syria is an illusion’, Dr. Assad: ‘Doesn’t reflect any respect to International Law & United Nations Charter.’

‘US State Department statement does not respect the sovereignty of a country that has the full right to control all its land.’

‘US officials don’t have good intentions towards Syria, they might tactically maneuver but won’t change their (evil) intentions.’

US Hypocrisy in targeting the terrorist groups operating in Syria vs. Russian intervention:

‘During the illegal U.S. intervention, ISIS expanded and terrorism expanded.’

A fact: ‘The intervention of the U.S. and all its allies in Syria is illegal.’

Another fact: ‘Russia’s intervention in Syria is legal because it was officially invited by the Syrian government.’

‘Since the beginning of Russian intervention, terrorism has been regressing.’

‘Russian support of the Syrian Army has tipped the scales against the terrorists.’

‘The role of Russia and the U.S. is to offer the international atmosphere, to protect the Syrians from any intervention.’

‘Russian interests are common with ours, they are fighting the same terrorists they’d fight in Russia.’

‘Russia intervention in Syria defaced real US intentions regarding ISIS & other terrorist groups.’

‘US policies are based on cutting deals while ignoring principles, unlike the Russians, that’s why we don’t see achievements between them (Russians and Americans).’

On the war on terror:

‘If Turkey, Qatar, Saudi & some Western countries like USA cease to support terrorists, the war won’t last more than a few months.’

‘We achieve victory in Syria when we get rid of the terrorists.’

‘We are sincere in not only fighting ISIS but also in fighting Nusra & other al-Qaeda linked terror groups.’

On the Syrian presidency:

‘As long as I have the support of the Syrian people, I don’t care about what anybody else says, including the U.S. president.’

‘I don’t pay attention to what other presidents want, but what the Syrian people want.’

‘Only the Syrian people decide who becomes president, when he becomes president and when he leaves.’

‘The war in Syria not for my post (presidency), rather to restore Syria; I don’t fight my own war, my war is to protect Syria.’

The full transcript of the interview can be found here, unless your ‘free speech’ promoting country banned this official news agency’s website:

You can also enjoy watching the full interview here:

Now you can go and slap your politicians with these facts in their ugly faces and hold them accountable to the crimes they committed against you first, your family and against the Syrians, or at least demand some answers.

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable. ~Arabi Souri

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