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Yazidi White-Slave Woman Meets Her ISIS Rapist in Germany

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An Iraqi Yazidi woman escapes ISIS in Iraq to meet her kidnapper and rapist for over 4 months in Germany who is now a ‘refugee’.

The 30 years old woman, and mother, documented the presence of her kidnapper and rapist in a market in Baden-Württemberg state southwest of Germany. Her ISIS rapist was with his wife.

Running away from the ISIS infested Sinjar province in Iraq, where her people were exterminated by the Western sponsored terrorist group, under a special humanitarian program with her children, came across the member of ISIS who kept her imprisoned and sexually enslaved for him for over 4 months.

Mr. Abu Shuja Dnayie, one of the main negotiators accredited for the release of a number of Yazidi men and women from ISIS, confirmed to Sputnik News the escaped Yazidi woman did see the member of ISIS with his wife recently in Baden-Württemberg.

The Yazidi woman filed a complaint with the German Police against the ISIS terrorist, believed to be a Syrian who enslaved her for more than 4 months in ISIS controlled area between Iraq and Syria before her release.

Seems the ISIS member also is in Germany under a similar ‘humanitarian’ program caring for refugees. Angela Merkel’s regime was pushing hard for Open Borders policy to welcome as much as possible refugees from Syria ignoring essential security checks and ignoring warnings from the Syrian authorities about terrorists disguising as refugees. Mrs. Merkel might be rewarding the terrorist groups that inflicted horror against Syrians and Iraqis as barely 20% of the refugees arriving in Europe under her ‘Open Borders’ policy are from Syria, the others you can ask her regime about.

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How many terrorist attacks will Europe witness committed by the same terror EU officials created, beefed up and used against Syria and Iraq before the people in Europe wake up to the crimes committed against them by their own ‘democratically elected’ ‘Humanitarian Bastards’? God only knows.

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