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Do the Sublime Words of a Diplomat Resonate Among “Creative Chaos” Fascist-Hypocrites?

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Do the Sublime Words of a Diplomat Resonate Among “Creative Chaos” Fascist-Hypocrites, or Are They the Proverbial “Pearls Before Swine”?

by Miri Wood, R.N.c.

Diplomacy:  the work of maintaining good relations between the governments of different countries; skill in dealing with others without causing bad feelings. [Merriam Webster]

On 22 May, the United Nations continued to demonstrate that it is run by a gang of mafiosi squadristi, whose power causes most member states to toe the line in order not to be put on their “kill list.” [1]

After months of innuendo that the Security Council would call for the Syrian Arab Republic to be brought before the International Criminal Court, for war crimes (months which coincided with attacks against the SAR’s decision to hold presidential elections), France’s U.N. Ambassador Gerard Araud was given the ‘green light’ by U.S. President Barack Obama — once assured that Israel would not be forced to endure such an indignity — to submit its impostrous draft resolution. [2]

 It should be noted that both the U.S. and Israel unsigned the Rome Statute. [3]

The Security Council has five permanent seats, of the countries who are considered the original founders of the U.N.:  France, Britain, United States, Russian Federation, and China.  Only one veto is necessary to kill such resolutions.  China and Russia vetoed.

The mafiosi, though not surprised by the veto, strenuously condemned it.  Samantha Power, the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. had the temerity to state “Our grandchildren will ask us years from now how we could have failed to bring justice to people living in hell on earth,” appearing to have dementedly forgotten that, since 1989, her country has invaded Panama, balkanized Yugoslavia, destroyed Iraq, turned Libya into a land mass, and has spent more than one billion dollars to overthrow the Syrian government.“ [4]  It should also be noted that the mobsters running the U.N. did not permit Syrians living in their countries, to vote in the Syrian presidential elections.   The Human Rites [sic] Watch humanitarian bastards also bleated its derivative outrage. [5]

Dr. Bashar Jaafari, Syria’s permanent representative at the United Nations

Syria’s Permanent Ambassador to the U.N., Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari —  put on a very short leash by the U.S. State Department, around the same time this bastion of freedom closed down the Syrian Embassy in Washington, D.C. — gave an eloquent lesson in diplomacy and history, to the French Ambassador.

His Eminence prefaced his response with genuine words of sympathy and empathy for the people of Nigeria, whose raped and kidnapped daughters were being used as repulsively amoral “photo ops” by virtually every war criminal politician in the U.S.:

“Permit me at the outset to extend in the name of the government of the Syrian Arab Republic our condolences to the government and people of Nigeria given the terrorist acts that battered Kano and Jos cities and took the toll of hundreds of innocent civilians.  We sympathize with the relatives of the victims; would like to start any statement with this condolence because all of us around this round table feel the enormity of terrorism…”.

Dr. Ja’afari likened the U.N. hoodlum to the character of “Scottish writer” Robert Louis Stevenson best known novel:  While mimicking the farce of being “Dr. Jekyll,” he was actually “Mr. Hyde,” and that the hands of Hyde are stained with Syrian blood (a bit prescient, as Araud subsequently complained to the [Vichy] media of the “barbarians and their supporters.” [6]).  Dr. Ja’afari relentlessly continued to slap down the French “ambassador,” and his slime-mold cohorts who wish to partition Syria, overturning Araud’s self-imposed memory deficits with lessons of French war crimes against Syria.

On 24 May 1945, a Syrian delegation was at the San Francisco Conference for drafting the U.N. charter.  Its Article 78, guaranteeing that Syria would not become French Mandate territory, was readied.  Five days later, France bombed the Syrian Parliament, and killed its garrison.

War crimes are not subject to a Statute of Limitations:  “We call upon the French government to apologize and pay compensation to our people.  Syrians will not forget Sykes-Picot, nor carving Iskandaron region from Syria and giving it to Turkey.”

Ja’afari continued that the calls to bring his country before the ICC  that “absolutely defy reason,” were based on “mendacious allegations and fabricated lies,” and represented “a ceaseless attempt by some states to abrogate to themselves the right to be custodians of the Syrian people and its national choices.” Justice needs to be “inclusive and transparent,” and “the mother of all crimes,” aggression, needed to be a component of the ICC (it is not. [7]).

The Levant will never turn a blind eye to France introducing Israeli nuclear terrorism to the region.

Ambassador Ja’afari succinctly explained the Fundamental Pillars for Justice and Accountability:

— Holding accountable the governments of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, Israel and other states which have engaged in open incitement against the Syrian Arab Republic, via arming, training, recruiting, funding, and facilitating mercenaries to attack Syria.

— Terrorism is a crime. Boko Haron is unanimously condemned, and equal condemnation should extend to Syria. Yet, no complaints were offered by the SC when the terrorists cut off the water supply to Aleppo.

— Accountability for Israel’s war crimes, crimes which are committed with full OK of the Permanent Members of the Council.

— “Immunity” should not be permitted for certain war criminals (those with “impunity”?).

— “Colonial agendas”/ “schemes of domination” must be eradicated:  Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, bombing of Libya, secret prisons, drones, Blackwater — there is no accountability for these crimes, yet sanctions are permitted against Syria’s Ministry of Electricity. It is permitted to blockade, invade, and bombard by armed forces of another state, the SAR.

— Ridding the U.N. of the “hegemony of double standards,” which target specific regions.  The vetoed Draft Resolution was “political discriminatory interventionist par excellence,” aiming to disturb the presidential elections.

In this speech of 22 May, Ambassador Ja’afari again mentions “Mrs. Amos,” always demonstrating the art of diplomacy by never calling her the liar that she is, the liar who consistently lies about the atrocities perpetrated against Syria.

A bit of biographical background on the pathology of “Mrs. Amos” is required: Amos is the U.N. Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian [sic] Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator.

She should know better.

But, she was born on the plantation of British Guiana, under the shoe of Elizabeth II, where she spent her early childhood. After the age of 9, she grew up under the shoe of Elizabeth II, in Britain (from which she may have been afforded the opportunity to clean manure, after a lovely fox hunt).  In adulthood, she became a cohort of war criminal Tony Blair, and was a faithful supporter of the destruction of Iraq.

In 1997, Amos’ good behavior got her a life peer thing, which means she is not permitted to pass this “royalty” to her heirs.

Yes, the kafkaesque attempt to bring Syria before the ICC,  does “absolutely defy reason.”  The onslaught against Syria, now in its fourth year has been demonstrated over and over to be a foreign invasion.

The madness — in the sense of pure, rabid insanity, not mere anger — of the neo-colonialists continues to increase, exponentially, making this horrific timeline almost appear anemic, by comparison. These pillars of ”freedom” and “justice” have forbidden qualified Syrians living in their countries from voting in the presidential election.  The U.S. closed the Syrian Embassy in March.  Britain closed its embassy in Damascus, telling its people to contact another EU Embassy if it got stuck. [8]  The Syrian Embassy in Belgium is still open, but “We have the deep regret to inform you that the Belgian authorities decided to forbid the organization of Syrian presidential elections.” France, of course, said “no way, Jose,” but Spain said Syrians in France could vote in Madrid. The Syrian Embassy in Rome is “temporarily closed.” [9] Lebanon allowed the Syrian vote, but tens of thousands turned out, ergo now the Lebanese government is threatening to eject all Syrian refugees who voted. The fiefdom of Jordan did a big photo op on allowing the vote, but almost immediately threw the Syrian Ambassador to Jordan, out of the country. [10]   Jordan, it should be noted, is ‘double-dipping’ with ‘its’ refugees: Jordan gets to pocket ‘humanitarian aid’ while keeping Syrians in tents, with no electricity, little food, not enough water, and rakes in the big bucks via child sex tourism.

Turkey, a NATO member, trainer of terrorists, facilitator of terrorist border crossing, has closed off the Euphrates River, to Syria:

Nizar Abboud is the journalist asking questions to the State Department — I mean U.N. — spokesperson, who unemotionally states that this crime does not effect the Smirking Chimp Ban’s outlook on Syria.

Israeli media alleges that “the Assad regime” has destroyed the world’s oldest synagogue.  U.S. media does not run with this story, possibly because the Israeli media was immediately hit with this article from a year ago, lamenting the looting of this synagogue.

Geopolitical seeming peculiarities are popping out all over the place, as President Obama calls on Congress for a $5 billion ‘counter-terrorism’ slush fund.

The NYT ran a tweet, the other day, “alQaeda has been supplanted by a range of extremist groups across the Middle East and Africa,” followed by an article [11] white-washing this terrorist group we created to fight the Soviets, in Afghanistan [12] suggesting that we will be re-aligning with these demons, to wipe out our perpetual enemies, especially in the raw materials rich African countries. In the same time frame, we report on the “first” American suicide bomber against Syria, though the sudden death, about a month ago, of the US never-deployed-veteran-on-disability who magically arrived in Syria, driving jeeps, shooting rockets, and planning to ‘get’ Assad, was not national newsworthy [14].

Simultaneously, we are suddenly told that the U.S. and the Taliban have been working on some type of entente, and, as a “broader reconciliation framework, we exchanged some POWs (of sorts).

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, reportedly held captive by the Taliban, in Afghanistan, since 2009, was exchanged for five Gitmo prisoners:  Mohammad Fazl, Mullah Norullah Nori, Mohamed Naqbi, Khairbullah Khaurrhiwa, and Abdul Haq Wasiq.

These five were sent to Qatar (“pronounced ‘gutter'”), “whose government has promised to restrict their movements for one year.” Considering that Gutter has spent over three billion dollars to assist in the destruction of Syria [16], most likely their “restrictions” will be in Syria.

The panache on the cake of this ‘reconciliation exchange,’ is that a group of veterans is claiming that Bergdahl was not a POW, but a deserter whose desertion caused several U.S. veteran deaths and injuries, and has a Facebook page that literally has gone viral. [17].

His detractors are not unlike the Veterans Against McCain. [18]

There is also the sudden interest in femicide, but only under certain conditions, or involving certain countries: The State Department vociferously denounced “honor killings,” to bolster Islamophobia in the U.S. Media is devouring the horror stories of the gang-rapes and lynchings in India (“Brics,” anyone?), and have given much attention to the atrocity of the 16 year old gang raped and also lynched, in China (one of the two veto countries).

Yet, there is mutism in the U.S., on our own femicide, where three women are murdered daily, by their husbands/boyfriends (old Department of Justice stats).  Ten Brazilian women are murdered daily, by their husbands/boyfriends, and one Italian woman is murdered every three days by her husband/boyfriend.

Unrelated anomalies?  Or, laying the groundwork for even more perpetual war, and a new “kill list”?

Today [yesterday, June 3rd] is election day in Syria.  The neo-colonialists said, over a year ago, they wanted Assad out, because they knew he would win the election, and they do not want him to continue to lead his country.

The takfiri terrorists have threatened to bomb polling places, today.

Yesterday, these sociopaths detonated cars filled with explosives, and launched several bombs, killing more than 50 people in Aleppo and Homs.

The Syrian government has still not spoken of the soldiers murdered in Dara’a, using a genetically altered Clostridium tetani.

More than ever, today, I fear for the valiant people of Syria.

And I need a ba’ath.

[1] Note that the little former French colony, CAR — recently ‘visited’ by the U.S. State Department, and the Muslim Brotherhood, and immediately thereafter visited by an ICC team to investigate war crimes, there, is among the co-sponsors.

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