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Oldest Jewish Synagogue in the World Looted by FSA

Synagogue Damascus

As usual, NATO’s Al-Qaeda FSA Wahhabi Sex Jihadists desecrates a worshiping place and accuse the Syrian Army and security forces of that, from mosques of both Sunni and Shiites including the oldest and finest Grand Omayyad Mosque in Aleppo to churches including one of the oldest churches Umm Zinnar in Homs, and now the Jewish Synagogue in Jobar, near Damascus.

For the past 24 months, each time NATO sponsored Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists commit a crime, any crime, its propagandists are ready to blame the Syrian state troops for it, even though the state troops are from the same country, & the ‘freedom fighters’ are brought in from all sides of Earth, even though the state troops have preserved the country, its people and its heritage since independence from Ottomans then French occupations while these fanatic cavemen financed & supported by NATO’s member states & stooges namely: UK, France (old colonizers), USA (democracy spreading state – Afghanistan style), then regionally Turkish Muslim Brotherhood Caliph wannabe Erdogan government & beacons of freedom, liberties & democracy in the world: Saudi Arabic & Qatar, spread havoc wherever they infest.

Video also available on BitChute: ( ) and Dtube: (!/v/arabisouri/hoas54pq) since YouTube deleted our channel without any proper justification.

Their media is always there immediately after any crime, always the same narrative: the regime committed it; always the same request: foreign intervention to end this!

It’s up to you to believe NATO’s, NATO Stooges’ narratives through mainstream media or at least question it for once, it’s becoming too stupid to remain following blindly.


Don’t worry, you’re not a Sheeple unless you believe that CIA sponsors and support charity organizations, NATO seeks to spread democracy and freedom worldwide, Saudi Arabia and its mini Saudi the Sheikhdom of Qatar are the beacons of democracy and freedom of speech in the world, so their ‘Wahhabi Sex Jihadists’ are attacking Syrian cities to ‘liberate’ it and ‘protect’ it from the Syrian people and their Syrian Army.

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