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Mass Grave Discovered in Baba Amro, Homs

photo os the group[

Syrian Army units upon cleansing Baba Amro were led by local residents to a site where a dozen of civilians were executed by the FSA terrorists and buried during the recent clashes between the terrorists and the Syrian Arab Army.

Among the bodies found were female members of the ‘Syria is Our Home’ campaign.
Photo of the group in Baba Amr holding banners that said “We Syrians right here from Baba Amro ask you to stop your terrorism and blind murder.” And “We the people of Homs are all grieving. We tell the opposition that terrorist attacks are killing all of us Syrians. Come to the Dialogue, enough… Enough… Enough… Those who are supporting you from outside are selling each Syrian.” the photo was taken late last month.
Baba Amnr

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