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Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Destroy More Worshiping Places in Syria

Al Qaeda FSA Wahhabi terrorists blow up historical shrine north of Syria

After receiving their payment from John Kerry’s $60 million, a group of anti-Muslims Wahhabi Al-Qaeda FSA Sex Jihadist terrorists blow up a historical shrine in a Syrian town & brag about it:

US taxpayers must be very proud now seeing where their money is going.

Worth noting that prophet Muhammad and his companions ordered Muslims in any battle to avoid desecrating or destroying any worshiping place for the people, which explains the existence of hundreds of shrines, churches and even synagogues under Islamic ruling and so many are in Syria.

Franj Synagogue in Damascus, credit Syrian History
Franj Synagogue in Damascus, credit Syrian History

More worshiping places destroyed include Grand Omayyad Mosque in Aleppo, oldest church in the world the Church of Umm Zinnar in Homs, Arab Evangelical Church in Old Aleppo, a Shiite mosque in Idleb, their continuous targeting of Sayyeda Zainab shrine in Damascus and Sayyeda Sakina’s shrine in Darayya in Damascus countryside, among hundreds more.. 


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