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Syria: Turkey Used for Arms Transfers to Terrorists

Turkey & al-Qaeda

Syrian Conflict: Turkey used for arms transfers into Syria.

A new report by Turkish media says that arms shipments has been transferred into the neighbouring country Syria through Turkey and this information of the report by Turkish media is, although the amount of the stated arms transfers is huge, no surprise anymore.

It is already known that the Turkish government under Prime Minister Erdogan tries everything to support the armed terrorist groups fighting in Syria against the (secular) government under President al-Assad, a former family friend of Erdogan, and that the Turkish military at the border to Syria is helping the al-Qaeda-linked groups in their battles against the Kurdish fighters. Not to mention the training camps for terrorists and Islamists on Turkish soil and the questionable machinations of such companies like Turkish Airlines.

According to a new report by Turkish media, a 400-ton shipment of weapons and ammunition and other “military aid” has been sent into Syria over Turkish soil with the agreement of the Turkish military and government. These arms shipments into Syria to the hands of the foreign-backed terrorist groups and the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoots (e.g. the Jabhat al-Nusra / al-Nusra Front) do not only simply increase the violence and bloodshed on Syrian soil, but also represent a violation of the international law.

In addition, it is questionable whether the United Nations (UN) as well as several foreign intelligence agencies (NSA, CIA, BND…) are not aware of these arms shipments into Syria to the hands of these religious fanatics, terrorists and gunmen from many jailhouses of several Arab nations in the region.

These so-called human resources, partly religious fanatics, better say Jihadists and Islamists, but also radical persons, murderers and uneducated, violent humans are carrying out the agenda of the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv and the U.S. administration in Washington in Syria and many of these armed resources even do not know it that they are just useful human resources for the violent agendas of Israel, Washington and others.

Of course, also the Turkish government under Prime Minister Erdogan and its Foreign Minister have their partly own agenda in terms of Syria. Not to mention several high-ranking persons in Lebanon and the Jordanian king. These sides either think they would carry out their own agenda or they wilfully carry out the agenda of the regime in Tel Aviv and Washington. In the end, there is no difference due to the situation that they are just getting used by foreign powers – also in case when they are convinced that they would carry out their own agendas in Syria.

The report by Turkish media states says now that a 400-ton shipment of arms and ammunition has been transferred into Syria through Turkish soil and as mentioned, this is no surprise anymore.

The report about the new arms shipment to Syria says that this shipment of weapons crossed from the Turkish border town of Hatay into the northern area of Syria on Sunday and according to locals from the Turkish border town of Hatay, the financial support for the weapons shipment came from several Persian Gulf Arab states. It is to assume that the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia has funded this new arms shipment to Syria, probably beside several other powers in the Middle East and especially of some Persian Gulf Arab states.

The Turkish residents of the border town of Hatay also said that this new shipment of weapons to Syria was one of the biggest arms shipments into the neighbouring country up to now and that the weapons were sent to Syria into the hands of the foreign-backed terrorists in order to support their fight against the (secular) Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad in the capital, Damascus. In addition, the new arms for the foreign-supported terrorists is meant to help them to gain more ground in the battles against the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) again.

The foreign-backed terrorists and several Islamist “battalions” are reportedly attempting to level the playing field as the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) are carrying on with successful operations against the terrorist groups and Takfiri fanatics, gaining ground throughout the Arab nation.

According to Hassan Bogun, a Turkish historian, it is not yet clear whether the report about the new arms shipment into Syria through Turkey is really true because this news could also be a fabrication in order to help the foreign-backed terrorists in terms of the psychological warfare and to raise their readiness to continue the fight against the Syrian Army and the government in Damascus.

Turkey & al-Qaeda
Turkish government smuggle Al Qaeda terrorists into Syria to promote democracy

The Turkish historian Hassan Bogun said in a short interview with Press TV that the report about the new arms shipment to the foreign-backed terrorists in Syria through Turkey could be a fabrication aimed at helping the terrorist groups in what he called a psychological warfare.

However, the Turkish historian Hassan Bogun also said in his short statements to Press TV that the report by the Turkish media could be true because Turkey’s ruling party of Prime Minister Erdogan has already financed and helped the religious fanatics and terrorists previously in Syria.

Hassan Bogun stated that in case if the reports about the new arms shipments to the foreign-backed terrorists is true, this would be no surprise because the “AK Party has been against the Syrian government for the past three years” and that the ruling party of Prime Minister Erdogan have given the terrorists in Syria training, arms and money beside the logistic support and other help for the terrorists fighting in Syria.

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