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Turkish government smuggle Al Qaeda terrorists into Syria to promote democracy

Turkey & al-Qaeda

Ankara supports terrorists in their fights against Kurds in northern Syria.

This comes as no surprise and the opinion of the retired Lebanese army general, Hisham Jaber, that Ankara supports the terrorist groups against the Kurdish fighters is understandable and comprehensible – we have mentioned this situation already in earlier articles on SyriaNews in terms of the battles between the armed jihadist forces (e.g. al-Nusra Front / Jabhat al-Nusra) and the Syria Kurds in northern Syria, near the Syrian border to Turkey.

However, the support by the government of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan for the armed jihadist forces in northern Syria and near the Syrian border on Turkish soil is very questionable and could represent a violation of international law. Further, it is a willfully decrease of the level of security for the Turks who are living in these areas and nearby villages. Not to mention that the support of armed Islamist forces implements a not to underestimate security issue.

But to be honest, that the Turkish government party under led of Prime Minister Erdogan rather supports al-Qaeda-linked forces in their fights against Syrian Kurds and Kurdish civilians is, without doubt, neither far-fetched nor a huge surprise.

However, this could also underline the links between the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), whose agents and spies are active in southern Turkey (beside Jordan, Lebanon), and the terrorist organisation al-Qaeda because the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan would not almost openly support al-Qaeda-linked jihadist groups if Washington and Israel would be against this support. In addition, that the regime in Saudi Arabia has no problems with the support of such radica Islamist forces is also no surprise.

In a new interview, the retired Lebanese army general, Hisham Jaber, is exactly speaking about the support of the Turkish government party and Prime Minister Erdogan for the al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in their battles against the Syrian Kurds in northern Syria, near the Syrian border to Turkey. And he hits the nail right on the head with his statements.

The retired Lebanese army general, Mr Hisham Jaber, said in this interview about the conflict between the Syria Kurds and the al-Qaeda-linked terror groups in northern Syria that Turkey is supporting these terrorist groups against the Kurds in northern Syria because the Turkish government as well as Prime Minister Erdogan are fearful of their union and connection with the Kurdish state in Iraq.

Hisham Jaber said that there is no doubt that the Turkish government and Prime Minister Erdogan support the al-Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra) and the Islamist forces of al-Qaeda as well as all other Jihadist groups in their fights against the Kurds in northern Syria.

The retired Lebanese army general mentioned as reason for this support by Ankara for the al-Qaeda terrorist groups in the region with the statement that the Turkish administration has fears that this region of the Kurds in northern Syria will later become a “mini-state” with connections to the Kurdish state in Iraq.

And this will, according to the former Lebanese army general, present a real threat to the unity of Turkey. However, the support of armed Jihadist forces as well as the support of the known terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda already presents a major threat for Turkey and especially for secular Turks and increases the possibility of terrorist attacks on Turkish soil.

Turkey & al-Qaeda
Turkish government smuggle Al Qaeda terrorists into Syria to promote democracy

The retired Lebanese army general, Hisham Jaber, added in his interview with Press TV that the Kurds are currently united and would seek the situation to establish a self-governance in their region and to push out all the extremist Jihadist forces of this area. He further said that the fight of the Kurdish forces against the Turkey-backed al-Nusra Front (Jabhat al-Nusra) in northern Syria does not target the Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad in the capital, Damascus.

Hisham Jaber is also convinced that the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv will not military interfere in Syria – besides some airstrikes on specific targets in the Arab nation. The former army general of the Lebanese army said that the regime in Tel Aviv may interfere militarily and physically in Syria later but that the Israeli regime will not invade Syria “in any circumstances” because such a real military intervention by Israel in Syria would “be catastrophic for them.”

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  1. Arklight

    The Turkish government is no smarter than most other governments. Very few look past the instant gratification of whatever it is they are doing, want to do, or think they want to do. I’m sure that it’s already too late, but if the Turks were less stupid they would just leave the Kurds alone. Blithering idiots.



    • Arklight

      C’mon, Nassir. Troops go where they’re told to go, then fight whom and when they are told. Some of us didn’t figure out until 30 years later on that the whole thing was about somebody else’s money – – we sure didn’t see any of it – – politicians (governments) are in it for the money, too, but the politicians who sell out usually get at least a sliver of the pie; as for those American dollars, well, they’re taxpayer dollars. Every time I look at my paycheck and see that big hole where my money used to be I get a little hot, myself. I don’t personally know ANY Americans who are cheering for the terrorists. Well, maybe I do, but if so, they keep their mouths shut around me. Please be considerate of folks who don’t cherish profanity; some of them, I’m sure, have their kids read these posts for a look at current events from the other point of view. I recommend it to my grandkids, but may have to back off of that.


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