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Syrian Army liberates more villages in Latakia (Lattakia)

Syria, Tartus (Arabic: طرطوس)

Syrian Army has freed all villages that were recently captured by terrorists in Latakia (Lattakia).

On Monday, the Syrian army has liberated the mountain Prophet Isayah in the province of Lattakia (Latakia) from the terrorists with the help of the volunteer neighbourhood watch of the so-called National Defence Forces.

So, the Syrian forces have within two weeks, after they have already freed about ten villages, including the related mountain positions, from terrorism, regained the control over all positions in the Syrian province of Lattakia (Latakia), which were conquered by the terrorist groups of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and al-Qaeda, equipped with heavy weapons by the “Western community of values”, in their terror campaign of August 4 for the purpose to play out their hatred against Alawites.

The Syrian army is currently busy to liberate the Syrian town of Salma and its immediate environment, i.e. to eliminate the terrorists in the terrorist stronghold of the Kurdish mountains in the province of Latakia, which had been occupied by the terrorists long before their great Latakia (Lattakia) offensive 2013

It is to expect that the Syrian governance intends as a consequence of this terrorism campaign, incited by religious hatred, to completely end the presence of terrorists in the province of Latakia (Lattakia) and that the counter-offensive of the Syrian army will not likely earlier stopped until this target is reached in the province of Lattakia (Latakia).

After the Zionist-Wahhabi propaganda apparatus of the Western community of values has cheered because of the “success” of the terror campaign in order to massacre more Alawites in the province of Lattakia (Latakia), it can be expected now that the propaganda of the Western world will again concentrate on reports according to which the evil Syrian army shots on peaceful government opponents without reasons in Salma and its environment and the opponents of the Syrian government have no chance against the evil Syrian army, Shabiha, Hezbollah, Iran and the little green men from Mars / Martians, because they are hopeless poorly armed.

Syria, Tartus (Arabic: طرطوس)
Syria, Tartus (Arabic: طرطوس)

Of the estimated 150 Alawite women and children, who were taken as hostages in the offensive of the terrorist groups, which are supported by the “Western community of values”, the Zionist-Wahhabi Empire, with the aim of a prisoner’s exchange, there is unfortunately no news. The same applies for the men of the women and children, of whom it is believed that the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and Al-Qaeda terrorists have massacred them.


Now there’s a message about the missing civilians – unfortunately a bad message. A mass grave has been discovered in Hambushiyah and this mass grave contains the bodies of dozens of Syrian civilians which were massacred by the terrorists.

Source: nocheinparteibuch

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  1. Arklight

    Any terrorists who keep track of what’s going on know that the Kurds will take some of them alive. What the terrorists may not know is that human skin, properly tanned, makes a very fine leather. I wonder how long before we’ll hear rumors of Kurds sporting new wallets, hat bands – – slippers for little girls – – lady’s gloves, change purses. Lamp shades. In addition to the entertainment provided by the terrorist while being skinned alive. I’m making no claim that captured terrorists WILL be skinned alive, and I certainly don’t promote the practic you understand; but if it did happen I couldn’t really condemn the Kurds for it.


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