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Washington Trying to Reverse Aleppo Victory – 120 of its Agents Killed

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While Syrians and humanity loving people worldwide were celebrating the victory of cleaning Aleppo from terror and the government restoring the city after the last terrorist was vacated, many in the opposing camp weren’t happy and tried to spoil the joy and celebrations.

ISIS, the agents of the West and its regional stooges (this is not satire, you can check it up) tried with large numbers to a number of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) military posts in Aleppo’s eastern countryside.

The result was surprising to the terrorists sponsors as more than 120 ISIS terrorists were sent to the life hereafter by the SAA in the vicinity of the Air Force Academy from the side of Der Hafer.

The victory in Aleppo must be secured and preserved and no trust should be given to the Turks or others from their camp as they live by betrayal.

Victory in Aleppo came after long months of daily fighting where Turks and their ‘democracy lovers’ (this is satire) sent tens of thousands of suicide anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists brought from all sides of the world especially where Turkey has influence or Saudi has ‘Madrassas’ teaching the Wahhabi religion under the name of Islam. Hezbulla leader Hassan Nasr Allah stated few minutes ago that the forces the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies have faced these huge numbers of terrorists with daily 20 at least of these terrorists driving booby trapped armored vehicles loaded with several tons of highly explosives into SAA posts in the city and around.

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