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SAA Combating Terrorists on Multiple Fronts in Dara’a

SAA Unit

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is relentlessly and continuously in a war on tens of fronts all over the country, in Dara’a where anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadist terrorists receive direct aid via Jordan from the super rich ‘democracy exporting’ and oil exporting Gulf states and even from Israel, the battles are numerous. Jordan, despite the terror attacks it’s witnessing itself and the losses of lives among Jordanian soldiers, security officers and even tourists still continue to support the same terrorists against Syria!!

Friday 23 December 2016-

At the western side of ‘Naziheen Camp‘, the Palestinian Displaced Refugee Camp, a group of terrorists showed up on motorbikes and were dealt with by an observing SAA post resulting in a number of casualties of killed and wounded among the terrorists. The SAA unit targeted as well a ‘Hell Cannon’ battery in the northern part of the camp and destroyed it.

To the southwest of Western al-Ghariya, northeast of Dara’a City, a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) unit targeted 2 machine-guns mounted pick up trucks destroying both vehicles with their passengers. Another unit targeted command center for terrorists and destroyed it over the heads of the thugs on al-Sadd (Dam) Street southwest of the city.

image-Dara'a Western al-Ghariya
Dara’a – Western al-Ghariya

An SAA unit spotted and destroyed a locally produced missile launcher post as terrorists were preparing it to the east of Bir Shayyah south of Dara’a City, terrorists suffered casualties between dead and injured.

The battle continues until the cleaning of the last inch of Syria from the ‘last terrorist’.

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