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A Russian Tupolev Tu-154 Carrying 92 Passengers Disappear from Radar

image-Russian Tupolev Tu-154

The Russian Emergencies Ministry has declared a Tu-154 airliner carrying 91 people on board have disappeared from radar shortly after take off from Sochi heading to Syria.

Some reports stated there were 83 military servicemen on board the plane in addition to its 8 crew members. It departed at 5:20 am local time and failed to report to the tower at 5:40 while still in Russian airspace over the Black Sea.

Fears for the worst but still with hope, this would be another major disaster for Russian planes in the past couple of years and it does follow the threats of Obama officials that ‘terrorists would attack Russian interests’, however, we are still not sure about the fate of the plane, we will keep updating this post.

This tragedy comes just after days of the Turkish policeman treachery killing of the Russian ambassador to Ankara Andrey Karlov shooting him from the back.

Update: Reports confirm the plane has crashed.

Update: Tass – The wreckage of the crashed plane found 1.5 kilometers (0.93 miles) from Sochi shores.

Update: RT- A criminal investigation has been launched to investigate the cause, the derbies are said to be 50 to 70 meters depth in the Black Sea waters 1.5 kilometers off the Sochi and 92 were the total numbers of passengers.

Update: RT- 9 journalists were on board the doomed plane, and some musicians from the army choir (Alexander) Alexandrov Ensemble whom were intended to entertain Russian troops on new year celebrations in Hmeimim Air Base in Syria.

image-Alexandre Alexandrov Ensemble Russian Red Army Choir
Alexandre Alexandrov Ensemble Russian Red Army Choir

Update: RT- Personal belongings of passengers found around 3 miles off the shores of Sochi in the Black Sea.

Update: The journalists on board the crashed TU-154 Russian airplane were from Channel One Russia, NTV, and Zvezda – each with three members.

Update: 64 of the Red Russian Choir were on board the crashed plane.

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