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Al-Moadamyeh Receives Aid Convoy for 40,000 Persons

image-Aid Convoy for Al-Moadamyeh

Al-Moadamyeh city and its surrounding received a UN convoy carrying humanitarian and relief aid enough to support 40,000 persons on Saturday 07 January 2017.

The city formerly infested by herds of western backed ‘moderate terrorists’ still having its families come back to it after the reconciliation efforts saw the terrorists evicted to Idlib.

The aid convoy of 34 trucks with 18 trailers carried 8,000 flour bags, 8,000 food baskets, medical drugs and equipment for the town’s hospital, school books for self-learning and other materials provided by United Nations different agencies.

UNHCR, UNICEF, World Food Organization and World Health Organization sent the aid in coordination with the Syrian government facilitated by the governorate of Damascus Countryside and due to the harsh unilateral coercive measures carried out by some of the western and regional countries against the Syrian people.

Thousands of families fled Al Moadamyeh city in Damascus southeast countryside after it was infested with herds of ‘Moderate Terrorists’ and of course unlike the western mainstream media fake claims about a ‘public uprising’ and ‘grassroots rebels’.

The area including Al Moadamyeh went through the reconciliation process that includes a series of towns latest to the southwest of Al-Moadamyeh seeing more than 1,200 former terrorists convert to the SAA in a number of towns altogether near Saasaa. In Al-Moadamyeh however, the terrorists who refused to regularize their status were evicted towards Idlib end of October last year 2016. After the army cleaned the city from explosives planted hundreds of families returned to the city and municipal services are restored.

The countryside that was providing agricultural produce and other industrialized products to the country and for exports is now receiving humanitarian aid from organizations controlled mainly by the same countries that pushed for the destruction of Syria through the evil plot known as the ‘Arab Spring’ that only countries not under the control of the USA were stormed by it.!

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