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1,200 Terrorists Convert to SAA in Damascus Western Countryside

image-1200 Terrorists Convert to SAA in Damascus Western Countryside

Damascus Western Countryside- (5 January 2017): Maybe one of the largest in numbers defeat to the Zionist-Wahhabi project against Syria with 1,200 formerly terrorists drop their weapons and join the Syrian Armed Forces in combating the real foreign terrorists in their homeland after years of being seduced by Satan and his agents.

This is a major blow to the terrorists and a huge gain to Syria and the Syrian people, especially it’s not far from the capital Damascus, leaving very few pockets threatening the 5.5 million residents of the oldest inhabited city on the planet, and hopefully very soon the threat of drinking water blackmailing by Nusra will be over.

Billions of dollars from hard-earned western taxpayers and from Saudi Fiefdom (KSA) and Qatar Gas Station State were spent ‘generously’ to recruit young men in Syria against their own families and people, it partially worked, for some time, but now all those billions are wasted and the regimes of Qatar, Saudi, Turkey, Jordan, US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, al should start raising money to pay compensations to their victims in Syria and as fines imposed against them to rebuild Syria without any benefit to them.

The only thing citizens of those countries will take with them is their sins financing and arming tens of thousands of terrorists that victimized hundreds of thousands of people inside Syria and abroad.

This is very important in particular, not only to defend Damascus but also because of the proximity of these towns to the occupied Golan Heights where the al-Qaeda terrorists were sneaking back and forth into the ‘warm embracing’ of the Zionist Israel.

image-Map of Damascus Western Countryside
Map of Damascus Western Countryside

Our message to the citizens of the countries that sponsored terrorists and sent them to our country to destroy it:

The weapons you gave them and the money you spent on them will now be used against you. You managed to destroy and spread carnage, we will rebuild and send you back your filth you sent us from all sides of the planet, so you can deal with them.

You will be forever indebted to the Syrian people. We will never forget each of our slaughtered and baked alive children, our young men you used to kill and get killed, our elders you assassinated with cold blood and lots of hatred, our women you humiliated, our scientists, doctors, nurses, teachers, workers and farmers, our brothers and sisters in the armed forces, each blood drop and each sweat and each tear, our homes you destroyed and our factories you stole and our land you burned and we will make sure our coming generations never forget.

We are the Syrians, we always rise again and you will forever fall.

We didn’t go to your countries, you came to us, we never posed any threat to any other nation, we even warned you of terror attacks in your own countries, our warnings saved hundreds of your lives, yet over 80 nations assisted in killing us. This is not a warning, this will remain in the history books as a black stain on your evil faces.

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  1. michael

    As a citizen of one of these nations (germany) I want to stress that our people never supported the morally bankrupt politics of our governments. I feel strong empathy towards ykur cause and Ive been an eager supporter of SAA since 2011. Our governments may be against you and may have spent billions of dollars to create mayhem and bloodshet, but the heart of the people are and have always been with you. Please, dont put us citizens and our criminal governments into the same box. May Syria become one souvereign nation again, with safety and freedom for people of every religion. Yours, Michael

  2. Kristof

    I second that!
    We are not responsible for decisions made by our government or corrupt politicians.
    Our heartfelt sympathy to the people of Syria the SAA and their allies.
    Our thoughts have always been with you.

  3. Jose

    Yes we are RESPONSABLE for the evil decisions our elected governments and corrupt mainstream media DO !. WE LET THEM USE OUR TAXMONEY FOR CRIMINAL WARS OF INTERVENTION !. At least some few of us fisicaly went out to protest and spoke out loud to our families friends about it !.There was a time when real people when out in masses to protest against those criminal genocidal wars (Vietnam w) and even great remarkable people openly challenged the wrong doings of government (M Ali,the great athlete boxer). Let’s learn the lesson and must tell the new generation not to be deceived by propaganda of the mainstream media !!!.

  4. cybergrace

    Of course we all realize our tax dollars are being used to slaughter our Syrian sisters and brothers. We do NOT at all agree with this and everyone of us has been marching, educating, online fighting, praying (some of us!) and more. This video made me cry, it shows the incredible love and unity of the Syrian people, something Amerikkka will never have and know because it worships the dollar more than the person. We love you and hate our government. God bless you.

  5. btr2017

    Can you please explain sth to me? How can you trust these ex-terrorists? I understand the idea not to punish them to win them over, but allowing them to have weapons and fight within the army where they can steal or sabotage the army? Some fought for the terrorists for money, how far do they go for money which might be offered again? Why not letting them work to rebuild infrastructure?


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