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Damascus Water War: Give Us a State Under Al-Qaeda We Give You Drinking Water

NATO Terrorists contaminate Damascus Drinking Water

Terrorists cut the water off Damascus city and now they’re holding the city hostage: Accept our state within the state under the banner of Al-Qaeda or you don’t get water.

The anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists aka Nusra Front aka Al-Qaeda Levant aka FSA aka ‘Moderate Rebels‘.. whatever, released a video stating their ‘initiative to restore water to over 5.5 million people in the city of Damascus, their conditions are quite simple, tell us in the comments if you would know any country that would accept such conditions.

** The transcript:

Since yesterday’s early dawn hours and until today we have received tens of messages to our (Facebook) page inbox from leading figures in the ‘regime’ and from prominent figures in Wadi Barada, outside the Wadi, they adopted a new initiative..

-We are a media group, we are outside the Wadi, Wadi Barada Facebook page, we are outside the Wadi, We are not a page on the ground, we are not within Wadi Barada, we are outside Wadi Barada, but we are in continuous contact with the unified general command of the FSA in Wadi Barada area and with the media office in Wadi Barada area, due to the disconnection of communications, the brothers asked us to help them spread the news of the ‘Wadi.

At first we responded to the messages (from the government & elders) with No and we fully rejected any dialogue with them, but they (government & elders) sent us tens of messages and presented lots of guarantees, we spoke for long hours together, they started telling we are all the sons of Syria, and Wadi Barada is a part of Syria… etc. we responded to them you are not more caring than us to save lives in Wadi Barada region and to end of this battle.

In fact, the conversation were focused between myself and the elders and brother Tareq Abu Jaib & others we took parts in talking and negotiating with them.

We forwarded the voice recordings and copies of the messages to the brothers inside the Wadi.

The guys at the beginning categorically rejected this issue (negotiating the initiative) and they confirmed to us, like they’re always, the breach of the cessation of hostilities in
Syria, and they didn’t accept the UN Security Council Resolution for the cessation of hostilities to have an agreement on the ground.

We relayed the response to the same figures, they, in turn, swore and talked a lot and they asked us to put the initiative from our side and they are ready to accept our initiative so the ‘rebels’ in the Wadi wrote a draft of an initiative, an initial draft for ceasing fire, we didn’t start negotiations yet, they put a draft for ceasing fire, it states the following:

By the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful, we are the armed fighting units in Wadi Barada area, we have placed a number of conditions to cease fire in Wadi Barada area, and in the case of approval of the ceasing fire the door for negotiations will be open if you accept the conditions of the initiative and we will adhere by the ceasing of fire as long as the ‘regime’ and their allied militia will abide by it.

The Initiative presented by the ‘people’ and the ‘rebels’ of Wadi Barada:

First: To prove the ‘regime’s good intentions, we will agree with you on a zero hour to stop the shelling and sniping and all the military operations in all the towns and we in our turn as military militias will guarantee our commitment to cease fire.

Second: After the ceasing of shelling and the military operations for 8 hours, repair workshops will come in accompanied with international observers and from the United Nations to oversee and fix Fijah Spring Est. fast and to resume pumping water again.

Third: After a full day of ceasing fire, a delegation from the ‘regime’ will enter to one of the Wadi villages to negotiate and in our turn we will guarantee the safety and protection of the delegation in our area, meaning: as long as the delegation is in our area from Bassimeh to Hussainiyah we will guarantee their safety and protection and in case the ‘regime’ refused to enter the Wadi, the negotiations and discussions will be carried out through Skype program via the internet in a direct and public way, in a direct and public way, between the general
command of ‘groups’ in Wadi & the ‘regime’ and we, the ‘rebels’ of Wadi Barada reject categorically any negotiations outside our territories, we negotiate on our territories.

And in case the negotiations reach a dead end, the negotiations will be through media pages from our side and from the ‘regime’ side, the ‘rebels’ documents and the ‘regime’ documents will be published through the pages simultaneously until the cease-fire agreement is implemented.

Fourth: After 3 days of the truce, the roads for food and medicine convoys will be open to enter Wadi Barada.

Fifth: All parties commit to the cease-fire and in case of any breach, no matter how small, the agreement will be void, and things will go back to what it was, means back to the battle.

Sixth: After resuming pumping water to Damascus, maybe after 20 or 15 days, 25 days, we will arrange a second meeting between the ‘rebels’ and the ‘regime’ delegations to discuss a long-term truce in Wadi Barada area.

Seventh: The initiative does not bear any condition for the evicting of people or armed men or any settlement like what happened in other towns and cities.

Meaning any point discussed with the ‘regime’ mentioning evicting of people, and sending them to Idlib or the evicting of armed men will make the agreement void and the agreement no agreement.

Eighth: We are ready to fully cooperate to stop the continuous bloodshed in Wadi Barada area and we add you are not more caring than us, we the people and ‘rebels’ of Wadi Barada to stop the bloodshed in our area.

Note; In the case the ‘regime’ or their allied militias obstinacy, the (battle) ground will be the judge between us and we win or die and if you want peace we are the people of peace!!

Signed by: -The unified military general command, Damascus Countryside, Wadi Barada area, -Our media page guaranteeing the agreement in Wadi Barada, -The mediators who will mediate the agreement in Wadi Barada.

We still didn’t send the initiative to the ‘regime’,
it’s less than 6 hours since (we received it) and it’s an initiative that guarantees all rights: Water for Damascus against cease-fire, the withdrawal of government troops and
opening the roads against peace and stability in Wadi Barada area.

No retreat from the right for land or the battle.

** End of ‘initiative’

The Western-sponsored ‘Moderate Rebels’ under al-Qaeda (Nusra Front) first polluted the water with diesel and then blew up the main pumping station.

They refused initially any talks with the government until the Syrian Arab Army launched a military campaign to clean the area from the Western-sponsored ‘Moderate Rebels’.

Today, the United Nations considered cutting the water off of Damascus as a War Crime. That means no Erdogan or Qatar or Saudi or Obama or whomever can host these terrorists anymore.


Source: Wadi Barada was a successful example of coexistence for a while, even though it was held by the opposition, civilians could still go back & forth. State employees who lived there, including judges, could go back and forth from their homes in Wadi Barada to government-held areas.

These were the people who mediated between the opposition and the government. Food and aid also entered Wadi Barada regularly, but the opposition in the area included Nusra, Ahrar and at one point even Isis and it held hostage the water supply for Damascus.

Water was first cut in the summer of 2012; It was also cut Nov 20-27 2014, Aug 16-19 2015, June 7, 2015, May 19, 2015, and July 7, 2015.

In general, the water supply was reduced to less hours per day, and some places only like an hour for every three days.

The main tank is in government hands in Qassioun so the government rations out water from that. Barzeh gets a couple of hours of water every 2 days.

To those uncritically repeating opposition propaganda: Hezbollah is not in charge in Wadi Barada. It’s the Republican Guards and 4th Division that is in charge.

Wadi Barada is a closed military area, they aren’t letting certain Syrian armed groups enter in order to prevent looting.

They are close to a final agreement on Wadi Barada but the villages of Basima and Husseiniya haven’t agreed, and Nusra is present. But Fijah, Deir Qanun, Awameed and other villages in the Wadi don’t have battles and have asked for a ceasefire agreement.

The Russians: They weren’t prevented from entering. They don’t go alone, they go with Syrian military liaison and they don’t make surprise visits.

Negotiations are expected to be concluded for the Wadi soon- the government doesn’t care about the valley but it wants to secure the water supply. – Homam Haidar is the head of the Baath Party & security committee for Reef Dimashq (Damascus Countryside) governorate which includes Wadi Barada. He is from Der Qanun. He is a very powerful official and he is playing a major role in negotiations of Wadi Barada, pushing for a less vindictive approach by the army.”

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