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NATO Terrorists New Low: Polluting Damascus Drinking Water

NATO Terrorists contaminate Damascus Drinking Water

US/EU/NATO-backed terrorists occupying the mountain region of Souq Wada Barada village, northwest of Damascus, polluted the al Fijah water supply on 23 December, dumping diesel fuel into it.  This natural spring provides water to most of the neighborhoods of the capital, now forced to use reserves.

Destruction of essential water supplies is considered a war crime, but unfake msm has avoided mentioning this fact, by barely mentioning this news (Reuters noted that “the rebels polluted the water with diesel,” in a report so short as to have been a 140 character tweet).

al Fijah Water Spring is the world’s oldest spring, providing drinking water for human communities for thousands of years.

Nonetheless, we cannot blame the unfake msm for this oversight, as they have been busy, diligently demonstrating their collective journalistic integrity via continuing mourning of the liberation of Aleppo, ignoring the weapons depot discovered by the Syrian Arab Army, ignoring the Aleppo school turned into the site of a massacre, and pimping out the pervy photo of little “Bana” sitting on the lap of terrorist Erdogan (not-so-subtle emotional war porn, to force viewers to think of benevolent Santa Claus).  “Bana” is the 7 year old mad tweet-er who appeared out of nowhere, begging NATO to obliterate Syria, in perfect English, and in a city with massive electrical outages and little, sporadic, internet access.

Western funded terrorists had been holding these natural waters hostage, for more than 3 years, since the early days of the crisis when all of the cannibals, beheaders, bombers of schools and mosques, were under the “FSA” gang, before branching off.  These demons also continue to occupy — and hold hostage — the al Tabqa Dam, Syria’s largest reservoir, since February 2013.

UK, US Holding Tabqa Dam Hostage in Syrian Negotiations?
al Tabqa Dam opened in 1973

We have to confess that we fail each time and over the past 6 years, yes, with all our imaginations we can never see how low terrorists and their sponsors can go, their latest:  Polluting the Fijah fresh water spring that provides drinking water for the 5 million residents of the Syrian capital Damascus, the world’s oldest city that never before witnessed such shameful acts.

UPDATE 2 October 2023: As the video of the NATO-backed terrorists dumping oil and using explosives on the infrastructure of al Fijah was censored, the writer adds a photograph from the video. Syria News reminds our readers that the video was taken by other terrorists, and that the White Helmets signed a letter of approval for the water war crimes employed.

Water war crimes terrorists in al Fijah
Expert in bombing Wadi Barada infrastructure after poisoning al Fijah water spring.

NATO White Helmets terrorists involved in water war crimes against al Fijah spring.
NATO White Helmets involved in water war crimes against al Fijah Spring.

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