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UK, US Holding Tabqa Dam Hostage in Syrian Negotiations?

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Meira al Assad

On 24 January, UK’s Independent Propaganda Outlet ran a seemingly bizarre slice of life fluff bio about an 18 year old who decided to convert to Wahhabism, and become a fighter* in the Syrian Arab Republic.  He married an Iraqi woman, soon after “arriving.”  The short article is filled with quotes from his high-school friends about smoking weed, and how surprised his charming parents were, when he told them he was “with ISIS,” in September 2015.  He, his wife, and their young son now reside in Fallujah, Iraq, where he is again gainfully employed as a “fighter.”

I was about to call my physician, to beg for a script for thorazine, when I noticed what was in the background of the headline photo of the sweet young and industrious young man — wasn’t that the dam in Syria, that the FSA had seized, a few years ago?

UK, US Holding Tabqa Dam Hostage in Syrian Negotiations?

A quick YouTube search yielded multiple uploaded videos, cheering the freedom-fighting rebels dealing a blow to the Assad regime by capturing Syria’s largest dam, the Tabqa, in February 2013, when all the terrorists were “FSA,” sporting only the flag of French Mandate occupation.

By the time I returned to my facebook friend’s wall, screaming expletives as though I were being paid by the kilo, he had provided a link to a report from an obscure Brit digital medium, dated 23 January, which reported  that “ISIS chiefs” had made the dam their very own Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris, their sanctuary to protect them from being bombed by the fascist coalition of war criminal states.

With them, were reputed to be “high-level prisoners.”

UK, US Holding Tabqa Dam Hostage in Syrian Negotiations?

The construction of the Tabqa Dam — off the Euphrates River — began in 1968, opening in 1973.  It is 60m/200ft tall, and 4.5km/2.8mi long.

It was built for hydroelectric power, and land irrigation, and gave birth to the largest reservoir in the SAR, Lake Assad.  Its creation was a science-driver for the young republic, its construction requiring the work of 12,000 Syrians, and 900 technicians from the USSR.

At this time, approximately 12 hours after my first wtf?!, there are several articles to be found online, telling the same story of unnamed ISIS takfiri and unnamed prisoners, and repeating how they are now “safe,” because the US won’t bomb them while they’re in their safe place.

Missing from what is basically the same story — only the media’s and authors’ names have changed — are what should be thought of as “simple questions” that nobody asked (so I will):

  1. How did chiefs get into the dam?
  2. When did terrorist chiefs become bff’s with moderate FSA rebels?
  3. Why did chiefs run to seek sanctuary in the dam, when they could have hidden out in other places (or pretended to be refugees and moved to be near Trudeau, or Merkel)?
  4. Does the SAR know it’s missing some “high level” people?
  5. Are chiefs really so stupid as to believe the fascist coalition wouldn’t bomb the dam?
  6. If the chiefs really are hiding, why did they tell the coalition where they are?
  7. How did the chiefs know the coalition was looking for them?
  8. Wow, how awesome a coincidence is the timing!  Right when the Geneva meetings have been postponed!

Who has been in the Tabqa for almost three years, keeping the FSA under control?

Lets’s face it, these savages are impatient savages.  When they are not baking Syrians in bread ovens, or bombing architectural students, or remotely detonating university professors’ cars, or blowing up school buses, or eating the organs of murdered soldiers, they are destroying things.   Look at that video of those “rebels,” shooting and torching the statue.  They cannot hold still.

Anyone really gullible enough to believe these inbred freaks of nature have just been meandering about the dam, for almost three years, just relaxing and enjoying the ambiance?

UK Foreign Secretary Friends
UK Foreign Secretary Friends in Syria
Cannibal Wahhabi Sex Jihadist Will Mix Chemical Agents
Cannibal Wahhabi Sex Jihadist Will Mix Chemical Agents

Do these “ISIS chiefs” really believe the fascist coalition wouldn’t bomb the dam?  Did they miss the story about Iraq?  Didn’t they notice that the first thing Obama blew up when he started turning Libya into a landmass was the plumbing infrastructure to the Great Man-Made River, what the late Gaddafi called “The Eighth Wonder of the World”?

Is there really, truly no one who can imagine that this idiotic story is UK*US’ way of threatening to blow up the Tabqa Dam?

That would certainly accelerate the “strategic depopulation” process.

*”terrorists” are only terrorists when in western countries.  In countries of SE Asia or Northern Africa, they are “fighters,” “militants,” or “rebels.”  Also, they are never “foreign invaders.”

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