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Syria- SAA Kills 74 ISIS Terrorists in 3 Battles

Syrian Arab Army Vehicle

The Syrian Arab Army units stationed at the Aviation Academy in Aleppo’s east countryside have repelled an ISIS attack and killed scores of the terrorists attacking. The SAA engaged ISIS in Tadmor and Hama countryside as well in the past 24 hours.

The SAA unit managed to eliminate more than 50 terrorists from the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists group of ISIS, totally destroy a booby-trapped armored vehicle and 2 machine-guns mounted pick up trucks in Mushrefet Abu Jabbar and Bijan east of the Aviation Academy when the terrorist groups launched their attack yesterday (Saturday 24 December 2016) evening.

The ISIS terrorist organization and its Western backers are more than determined to achieve any victory after the liberation of Aleppo and their humiliating defeat in the city by the heroic Syrian Arab Army and their allies.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Armed Forces are continuing their advances towards Tadmor (Palmyra) towards the Teloul as-Soud and Shreifah village south east of the city.

The advancing forces killed 15 terrorists from ISIS and destroyed an armored vehicle used by them.

In Hama northwest countryside, an SAA unit engaged with a terrorist group and killed 9 of its members in Khirbat Naqous town. The terrorist group was working on building their re-enforcement in the town.

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