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Eastern Ghouta Given the Final Ultimatum

image-Eastern Ghouta Reconciliation Starts

Eastern Ghouta, the last strongholds for terrorists around the Syrian capital Damascus not yet restored under the state’s control was given the final ultimatum: 27 January the final date.

Governor of Damascus Countryside along with the head of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Hmeimim Airbase met notables, elders, clergy and representatives of social and local communities from Eastern Ghouta and reconciliation and status regularizing for thousands of armed men were discussed.

Mr. Ala’a Munir Ibrahim, Damascus Countryside Governor reminded the attendees that Dr. Bashar al-Assad’s Presidential Amnesty Decree has an expiration date and that is coming very soon on 27 January 2017, and the attendees will deliver the clear message to the armed men in their towns: Dropdown their insurrection or face the might of the Syrian Arab Army.

The main points ‘agreed-upon’ and will be conveyed to the terrorists in the region surrounding Damascus from the northeast and from the east were not much different from the other reconciliations carried out in similar regions, our sources told us it consists of the following:

  • Immediate cessation of hostilities all over Eastern Ghouta.
  • Status regularizing of all the Syrian misled and armed men and they will be able to remain on their land.
  • Those who reject the reconciliation and reject to regularize their statuses will be allowed to exit Eastern Ghouta to a destination of their choice inside Syria (Idlib) or outside Syria to their mother Erdoganstan (formerly known as Turkey).
  • Representatives from the Russian Reconciliation Center in Hmeimim are available for further meetings with commanders of terrorist groups on neutral ground.
  • Peaceful resolutions to all pending issues are preferable.
  • Otherwise, if the reconciliation fails, regrettably, all armed groups and their fortifications and facilities will be destroyed anywhere found in Eastern Ghouta.

The towns of Duma where the main command base of the Saudi-sponsored the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadist Jaysh ul-Islam group, Harasta which used to serve as a hub for distributing vegetables from Ghouta towards the capital Damascus, Arbin, a poor town known for its dairies products, Jisrin, Kafr Batna and other small villages were represented in the meeting.

Eastern Ghouta is also infamous for the chemical attack carried out by the terrorists and served as the false-flag for the regime of Barak Hussein Obama to issue his dumb Red Line warning that later needed Russian Putin to interfere in person to bring Obama down the tree he climbed. The bananas offered then to Obama to climb down the tree was the Syrian Chemical Weapons program, the main detergent kept in case needed in any Samson option that might arise, especially keeping in mind that Israel maintains a nuclear arsenal not scrutinized by the International Atomic Energy watchdog agency (IAEA).

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  1. miri

    “Activists are relaying that a number of these children whom never returned to their families and reported killed appeared on another report but about 350 kilometers away in Damascus countryside ‘Ghouta’. Their family members identified the children appearing in the report of the victims of the alleged attacks as those kidnapped in Latakia countryside, killed and piled to be used to blame the Syrian state for a chemical attack.”


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