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SAA Repels Largest ISIS Offensive in Deir Ezzor

image-SAA Repels Largest ISIS Offensive in Der Ezzor

Syrian Arab Army repels an ISIS attack on the eastern side of Der Ezzor City, the southern and northwest axes of the airport and the surrounding of Thardeh Mountains.

Syrian Air Force targets ISIS in Thardeh Mountains south of Der Ezzor city and vicinity of the Panorama southwest of the city. Thardeh mountains were under the control of the SAA until the US Air Force acted as ISIS Air Forces and attacked the SAA post on Thardeh mountains killing 82 Syrian Arab Army soldiers and allowing ISIS to overrun and control the mountains overlooking the airport.

ISIS in their biggest offensive against the city of Der Ezzor and the whole Eastern part of Syria since over a year, try to compensate their losses in Mosul in Iraq against the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Armed Forces, with a breakthrough in Syria, thinking this would be easier since the SAA troops in and around Der Ezzor are practically surrounded by thousands of the terrorist organization members from all sides, and no thanks to the US Air Forces attacking SAA post claiming to be targeting ISIS.

Syrian Arab Army has also repelled an attack by ISIS terrorists at SAA posts in the Industrial, Rasafa and Labor’s districts in the city of Der Ezzor, and destroyed an ISIS vehicle killing all its passengers near the Butchery in Industrial District in the city.

Over 120,000 civilians live in the besieged city receiving food, aid and supplies by the Syrian Arab Army and its air forces, something for sure not reported in the Western fake news media and propagandists.

The battles are ongoing and the terrorist organization is as desperate as a cornered wounded beast trying to penetrate the Syrian Arab Army positions at any cost.

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