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Israel Media Hype against Trump: Dangerous?


by Miri Wood

Sane folk around the world got a chuckle on 11  January, when President-Elect Donald J. Trump admonished CNN reporter Jim Acosta, “Don’t be rude!” and noted that “your organization is terrible…you are fake news.”  Though calling out CNN for supporting al-Qaeda terrorists – specifically in Syria – would have been more accurate, the polemic would have been lost, as would have the follow-up enjoyment of seeing Wolf Blitzer and colleagues near tears, on live television.

Since the presidential election, NATO MSM in both US and EU have been increasingly inciting anti-Trump mass hysteria, and pointedly degrading the American populace to proudly regress into infantile status of the terrible twos. NATO MSM legitimizing childishness also includes magical thinking amnesia.

There is no serious person out there who would suggest that you could even rig America’s elections…So I’d advise Mr. Trump to stop whining.  — President Barack Obama 18 October 2016

image-Organic brain syndrome or temper tantrums?
Organic brain syndrome or temper tantrums?

Israeli MSM has somewhat surprisingly upped the attacks on Trump, despite his reaction to President Obama’s UN abstention scam* being to re-affirm his illicit call to illegally move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv, into Jerusalem,** something the Israeli government has consistently wanted.  Despite its age, Israel still has no constitution, and this is because Israel refuses to accept the pre-67 borders that it was given by the British Empire, and authorized by the UN.

As the “greatest dream” of map-less former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, that “Israel [is to be] among the European Union countries,” and though the also map-less NATO countries are aligned with Israel, the  fact remains that Israel is not part of the EU, and so its IDF-censored msm attacks must be viewed separately from those of the US/EU (a Part II will deal with the deadly hypocrisy of war criminals such as Secretary of State John Kerry undiplomatically telling President-Elect Trump to mind his business regarding the EU, the EU whose countries have all bragged about funding and arming terrorists against Syria).

image-Cretino disgraziato Berlusconi had bisogna della carta geografica
Cretino disgraziato Berlusconi had bisogna della carta geografica

All of Israeli media is vetted by military censors. On the rare occasion the censors screw up, it is the journalists who go to jail, such as Ha’aretz’s Uri Blau, forced to accept a plea bargain for reporting on deliberate targeted assassinations of Palestinian figures.  This knowledge should take on a sense of urgency.

It is interesting to note how Israeli MSM has joined the western neo-McCarthy witch-hunt movement, considering how pleased it was in November 2015, when P.M. Netanyahu and President Putin met to “enhance military coordination” regarding the Syrian Arab Republic.  On 15 January 2016, the Jerusalem Posts ran the headline, “Analysis:  Putin Closest Thing to a Friend Israel Has Ever Had in Moscow.”

image-israel and Russia partners
israel and Russia partners
image-israel previously pleased with bibi-vlad relationship
israel previously pleased with bibi-vlad relationship
image-In 2015, Israel was pleased with Russia-Israel friendship
In 2015, Israel was pleased with Russia-Israel friendship

Around US presidential election time, Vladimir Putin somehow began growing horns and a tail. On 8 November 2016 Ha’aretz was accusing him of “tainting the electoral process,” and on 17 December it bragged that “Israel experts sensed Putin’s rule in US election…”.

image-Israeli media joining the neo-McCarthy witch hunts
Israeli media joining the neo-McCarthy witch hunts

Before examining Israel’s flood of anti-Trump attacks – from “satire” to an actor’s imitation on US tv, to headlines much more chilling, let us take a moment to consider its partial history of flouting international law.

In 1960, Israel breached Argentina’s national sovereignty, by entering the country and kidnapping the infamous Nazi, Adolf Eichmann.

In 1967, the Israeli Air Force and Navy bombed the USS Liberty, a United States Navy technical research ship, in international waters, killing 34 and injuring 171 Americans.

In 1986, Israeli Mordechai Vanunu, a technician in the Dimona nuclear facility in the Negev, took some photos, concerned about his country’s development of nuclear bombs.  He brought the photos to the UK, with the expectation of them being published.  Instead, the Israeli government was informed, and, beholden to the Empire for its existence, kept a gentleman’s agreement, and sent a Mata Hari to seduce Vanunu to join her in Rome for romance and love – where he was drugged and kidnapped by the Mossad, given a secret, Kafkaesque trial, and incarcerated for 18 years, 11-1/2 of which was spent in solitary confinement.  Vanunu was finally released in 2004 but has been forbidden from emigrating from Israel.  Part of his release agreement was that he is not permitted to speak to any media.  On occasions he does, it is to ask for help in leaving the country, upon which he is re-arrested.  He continues to live in the St. George Cathedral.

image-Mordechai Vanunu
Mordechai Vanunu

In 2010, a team of Israeli assassins entered a hotel in Dubai and murdered Mahmoud al Mabhoub.

As head of the Likud Party, Netanyahu helped lead the incitement campaign against Yitzhak Rabin (who foolishly ignored the pleading of settler rabbi, Bin Nun, to shut down the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva, warning ‘there is murder within’), first by helping to reopen the offshore pirate radio gang of Arutz Sheva, which had called for Rabin’s assassination, and then by leading anti-Rabin, anti-Oslo demonstrations (Arutz has since become ‘mainstream’).  After Rabin’s murder, he pretended he did not know he stood in front of a coffin with Rabin’s name on it.  Netanyahu, on the verge of indictment for incitement, groveled before Shimon Peres, so susceptible to flattery that he waved Netanyahu along, telling him to tone it down a bit.  Peres, always the president, never the prime minister did not notice that Bibi had stolen Rabin’s bloody shirt from Peres’ frail hands, and used it to become the next PM.

image-Israeli investigative journalists expose Netanyahu's incitement campaign against Rabin
Israeli investigative journalists expose Netanyahu’s incitement campaign against Rabin

Israel has an extensive history of fatal human rights violations.

This is Rani Bornat.  On 30 September 2000, the IDF shot him in the neck while he attended a demonstration near Ramallah, against then PM Sharon storming through the al Aqsa mosque, with hundreds of armed soldiers.  After his paralysis from the live bullet, Israel revoked his father’s work permit.

Rani Bornat, in Bil’in. June 2006

This is Baseem Abu Rahme, murdered by the IDF with a high-velocity tear gas canister (“the rocket”), 17 April 2009.

Baseem Abu Rahme, wearing the Gush Shalom tee-shirt of two states

Israel also harms “its own,” blinding, crippling, breaking legs, and shooting in the head Israeli Jews who join Palestinians in their demonstrations against the illegal wall, against closure.  Gil Na’amati, Matan Cohen, and Lymor Goldstein are among them.


All of the following headlines are from Ha’aretz, Israel’s leading daily unless otherwise noted.

The Anti-Defamation League condemned PEOTUS Trump’s tweet, “are we living in Nazi Germany?” as an “inappropriate comparison” that “diminishes the horror of the Holocaust.”  The ADL CEO did not explain how it diminishes the shoa, nor did he mention that Zionism hijacked all of the fascism of WWII Europe, making the atrocities of the shoa the only horrors, excluding the fascism of Italy (only slightly acknowledged since the partisans literally strung up Mussolini) and Spain (so unmolested that fascist Franco enjoyed life till he died of natural causes, in 1973).

image-ADL dictates to President-elect
ADL dictates to President-elect
image-This armed Israeli soldier storming through Bil'in does look rather 'fascistic.'
This armed Israeli soldier storming through Bil’in does look rather ‘fascistic.’
image-This boulder protected the author when the IDF indiscriminately fired shock grenades into the crowd of civilians.
This boulder protected the author when the IDF indiscriminately fired shock grenades into the crowd of civilians.
image-Armed Israeli military occupying civilian land.
Armed Israeli military occupying civilian land.
image-Obama lofty
Obama lofty
image-Not quite. Still another day to go.
Not quite. Still another day to go.

Obama is “lofty,” and Trump, “sordid.”  Here, no explanation is given on how a president that bombed more countries than Bush/Cheneyac can be considered stately, while a non-war criminal, nasty.  Perhaps it is because Obama dropped thousands of bombs on Muslim-majority countries?

image-Cohen called this author a 'hater' for quoting Clinton on her war crimes
Cohen called this author a ‘hater’ for quoting Clinton on her war crimes

This 03 January *Opinion* piece was written by the man who called this writer a “hater,” and Facebook blocked her because of the documented article on Hillary Clinton, citing her speeches, interviews, and website.  It is pathetically ironic that Mr. Cohen worries about Trump having nuclear codes when it was his candidate, Clinton, who threatened to obliterate Iran with nukes.

Ha’aretz is not mortified to cite the digital version of The National Enquirer, citing “Israeli intelligence sources.”

image-Ha'aretz not humiliated by use of this source.
Ha’aretz not humiliated by use of this source.

The astonishment in Europe over Trump’s “anti-NATO” remarks will be examined in detail in Part II.  In short, we remind the readers of SyriaNews that the NATO EU has funded and armed terrorists to attempt the final solution against Syria, that “Mutti” Merkel actually has terrible disdain for refugees, has colonialist perspectives on non-Europeans, pretty much hates Muslims, and is proud of being involved in the 40 years undeclared war in Afghanistan.

image-mutti merkel and nato astonishment
Mutti Merkel and nato astonishment

Ha’aretz unabashedly brings in the daughter of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, in an attempt to embarrass Trump for his remarks to Congressman John Lewis.  That Rabbi Heschel marched with Dr. King, that Lewis was beaten on the Edmund Pettus bridge, no one denies.  Those 52-year-old occurrences, though, have nothing to do with the fact that Representative Lewis was not merely rude to his soon-to-be Commander-in-Chief, did not only insult the electorate but much worse, betrayed his oath to the Constitution by saying “I don’t see this President-Elect as a legitimate president.”  He also whined that the Russians “helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton” (her being a war criminal, or sabotaging the Sanders’ candidacy, of course, had nothing to do with her losing the election).

In this combo world of Kafka and Orwell, humanity’s progressives now glorify the CIA.

image-neo-left supports CIA, MI6 destroyers of countries
Neo-left supports war crimes and terrorist intelligence organizations.

Smug and stupid equal what?  Whatever it is, claiming that “America’s Literati Prepare for Fascism,” while tossing Mao, Stalin, and Trump into the opening sentence does cover smug and stupid.  Stalin was called “Uncle Joe” in the US, during WWII, by the population and the media.  The USSR lost more than 20 million in its heroic fight against fascism in Europe, and it was the USSR that liberated Auschwitz. Also, yet again, it must be asked:  How did we reach the point where the destruction of entire countries is deemed legitimate, while a non-war criminal is called a fascist – especially after being condemned for using the word “Nazi.”

Ha’aretz also called the President-Elect the “destroyer” (a word never used against Clinton, who bragged that she convinced Nobel Peace Laureate Obama to obliterate Libya), and was unashamed to ‘report’ on Alec Baldwin’s SNL imitation of Trump. Though the accusation of Baldwin having been a wife-beater remains only accusation, this actor once left a screaming, emotionally abusive voicemail for his 11 (or 12; he did not seem to know his child’s age) year old daughter:  “You are a rude, thoughtless little pig.  You don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being.”

image-Accused wife beater and known child abuser is lauded
Accused wife beater and known child abuser is lauded

Ha’aretz complains of Trump’s possible removal of Obama’s malicious sanctions against Russia – for ‘cyber attacks’ of which there is no proof.  During the final presidential debate, Clinton acknowledged the veracity of WikiLeak’s, but immediately lied that ‘’17” US intelligence branches had stated Russia did them.  The reality was that on 7 October, ODNI/DHS issued a joint statement saying the “alleged” leaks were “consistent with” something Russia *might* have done.  Ha’aretz also calls him a ‘profound threat to human rights’ and a possible ‘tyrant.’  Even if it were not for Israel ignoring the NDAA and the orwellian Patriot Act – neither of which Trump had any part in making into law – it is beyond chutzpah for Israel to use either of these words, under any circumstance, let alone to attack the chosen leader of another country.

No “17” intel services; just one joint statement of ODNI and DHS using words “consistent with”.
image-Newspeak: War is peace, and non-war criminals are tyrants
Newspeak: War is peace, and non-war criminals are tyrants.

Where to begin with the gross headline, “How will women fare under a pussy-grabbing president,” followed by the chatter of a ‘leading light in Israel’s feminist struggle’? Aside from the always omitted word, “let,” as in “…and when you’re a star, they let you do it…”.  In this 11 year old, very crud, ‘hot mic’ report that had so many sensibilities decimated, the star also lamented that he could not get to first base with a married woman he wanted to bed.

image-pussy-grabbing and feminism in israel
pussy-grabbing and feminism in israel

As for feminism in Israel, Jewish women are required by secular law, to get a religious divorce, a get, from their husbands, in order to be legally divorced.  The “get” must go through the Rabbinic Court.  Without male permission, a Jewish woman becomes agunot, “chained,” and she cannot remarry, she cannot receive child support, and she cannot receive welfare payments (some men use the get to avoid child support).

The most ominous of the Ha’aretz reports come from a Larry Derfner, nee New York, 1951, who immigrated to Israel in 1985.  Respected as a  “liberal journalist,” he is Zio-lite — a bonafide settler living in Modi’in.  Whether Modi’in Ilit, the relatively new settlement encroaching on Bil’in, or the older, Modi’in Maccabim-Re’ut, both are in the Palestinian West Bank, on the wrong side of the pre-67 border (of note, the only thing that Israeli media has not attacked Trump on is his call for a wall.  Not even the Zionist state can have that much audacity, as its massive *Warsaw Ghetto Memorial Wall* is built to steal the most fertile of Palestinian land, and Palestinian water sheds).

If Netanyahu was as unpopular here as Trump already is in America, both the allies and enemies of Israel’s PM would see him as vulnerable and dispensable.

image-Israeli military vetted these words, which sound threatening
Israeli military vetted these words, which sound threatening.
image-Modi'in from Bil'in
Ilegal settlement Modi’in Ilit, encroaching on Bil’in.
image-Illegal settlement Modi'in, from Bil'in.
Modi’in Ilit

Ignoring the presumptive accuracy of the ‘polls’ reported by the same NATO news that have brought us support for genocide in Iraq, Libya, and Syria, and given the IDF control of Israeli media, the suggestion that the President-elect should be seen as “vulnerable and dispensable” should be viewed as a very real threat.

On the lighter side of deadly fake news, Israel and the US had doppelganger type speaking engagements, within days of each other.

On 17 January, IDF media reported on reputed “Syrian opposition” spokesmen at the Hebrew University’s Truman Institute for Peace [sic].  Speaker Issam Zeitoun was flown in from Germany – a country which is not Syria – and someone sent a pre-recorded message from Paris, France — which is also not Syria. Both Germany and France have sent massive arms to terrorists in Syria, and have also contributed actual terrorists to invade the SAR.  The German requested that Israel do more to help the terrorists slaughtering Syrians (more than bombing them on a somewhat regular basis) and also requested a “safe zone” in the Golan.  No explanation was given as to the meaning of “safe zone,” though it sounds like a variation of the deadly “no-fly zone” which is the first colonialist step in obliterating a country:  Prohibit it from flying within its legal airspace, and shoot down any planes or jets audacious enough to do so.  Why a “safe zone” would be needed on the Golan also remains a mystery, as the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan is already a safe haven for terrorists, and also the place where US tax dollars help defray the medical costs of Israel giving free medical care to wounded or sick terrorists (the more serious terrorist-patients are transported to Israeli hospitals, such as Rambam in Haifa).

Netanyahu visiting terrorists given free medical care in the Syrian Golan, occupied by Israel

On 13 January, the Clinton School in Little Rock Arkansas did a showing of the Qatari funded “Caesar” photos (back in 2013, Qatar bragged about having spent 3 billion USD as its contribution toward the final solution against Syria.  What portion of these monies was spent in paying the terrorist al-Qaeda FSA to dismantle 1,000 Aleppo factories, and transport them to Erdoganstan – ‘’formerly ‘Turkey’” – is unknown).  The Qatari exhibit was twice shown at the Holocaust Museum in DC.  During the final debate, Hillary Clinton’s main focus was on destroying the Syrian Arab Republic, so it should come as no surprise that these propaganda pictures would re-round at this establishment.

The presenter of the Qatari anti-Syria propaganda photos was Mouaz Moustafa, who acted as McQaeda McCain’s translator, when the US senator illegally slithered into Syria in 2013, with the full support of President Obama, during which time he met with kidnapper-terrorists.

US loose senator John McCain in a memorial picture with the kidnappers of Lebanese men
US loose senator John McCain in a memorial picture with the kidnappers of Lebanese men
Questions remain, if one of the terrorists was al Baghdadi. McCain illegally entered the SAR through the Turkish border.

Moustafa calls himself a “Palestinian refugee,” despite being born in Damascus, and living there till his family emigrated when he was 12.  It is likely that the Palestinian part of his family fled the Naqba, and was among the 100,000 Palestinians forced to flee their country, and received like brothers, in Syria.

Like Chalabi, he is a magical expert on the SAR, after spending time working on Capitol Hill, for a congress member, and for a senator.  He is a ‘leader’ of the State Department funded “Coalition for Demoncratic Syria,” an umbrella for various anti-Syria propaganda gangs, many of whose members are not Syria.  In early September 2013, this syndicate of humanitarians called upon Congress to take advantage of the rare opportunity [of the alQaeda-FSA terrorists using Saudi acquired chemical weapons to kill Syrians] to bomb the SAR.  Many of the bodies used for heinous war propaganda after the Saudi-supplied chemical weapons al Ghouta attack, were identified as women and children kidnapped by alQaeda-FSA terrorists, from Lattakia countryside.

In March 2015, the US State Department threw a gala party for these monsters.

image-State Dept. party for terrorists
US tax dollars at work.


Immediately after the 33 year old State Department owned expert finished sharing his expertise against Syria, he flew to Belize, enjoying spear-fishing.

For a serious understanding of the word, “tyranny,” see The US Tyranny  against its Own People, here.

Tomorrow, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America.

SyriaNews hopes that he will keep his promises of entente, of a good neighbor to the world, that he made in his unprecedented acceptance speech, 9 November 2016.


*Obama had 8 years to condemn the illegal settlements, which are a breach of international law, and a breach of the Oslo Treaty, for which Israelis Rabin and Peres, and Palestinian Arafat won a Nobel for ‘Peace.’  That he suddenly decided to abstain from a vote was a hoax to give NATO msm the opportunity to not report on the massive weapons depots and human slaughterhouses found in newly liberated Aleppo, and to ignore the horrors reported by a Syrian woman of atrocities under Obama’s moderate terrorists, and the almost 1k hectares of explosive devices cleared by Russian sappers.

**A move to Jerusalem would also pose a not insignificant hazard to any American women working at an embassy there, as the inbred among the hyperreligious theocratic males sporadically engage in violence against women, including throwing bleach on Haredi women for their elbows showing, and firebombing Haredi women’s clothing stores, dragging secularly dressed women into alleys to choke them and call them “whores,” and ripping wigs from the heads of Haredi women for refusing to give their seats to men on buses.

There are few things as emotionally revolting as being in a glatt kosher hotel in Jerusalem, and finding the tour magazine filled with ads on renting sex slaves, including children.

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