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IRGC Bombs Israel’s Spy Base in Kurdistan Iraq, ISIS Dens in Idlib

Iranian IRGC bombs Israel Mossad Spy Centers in Kurdistan Iraq

Iran bombed a Mossad spy station in Erbil, Northern Iraq, and ISIS and Al Qaeda dens in northwestern Syria in the early hours of dawn in retaliation to the heinous terrorist attacks that shook the Islamic nation earlier this month and in December of 2023 in Kerman and Rask which led to the killing and wounding of dozens of innocent people, statements by the IRGC said.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) issued statements conveyed by the Iranian news agency IRNA detailing their operations.

The statement about the bombing of the Israeli Mossad spying center in Kurdistan province said:

“In response to the recent evil actions of the Zionist entity, which led to the martyrdom of leaders from the Revolutionary Guard and the Axis of Resistance, one of the main headquarters of the Zionist Mossad in the Kurdistan region of Iraq was targeted and destroyed after careful intelligence surveillance and control over the headquarters and movements of the Zionist entity in the region.”

Subsequent reports from the Kurdistan province of Iraq claimed that at least 4 people were killed in the bombing including an Israeli millionaire.

“Israeli multimillionaire businessman Peshraw Dizayee and his family members were killed in the bombing,” sources from the area reported in the aftermath of the bombing, the sources described Dizayee as ‘the owner of big construction projects in Kurdistan and other places in Iraq and a trade partner for the Zionist regime of Israel.’

The other statement regarding the bombing of ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorist groups in northwestern Syria said:

“In response to the Kerman and Rask crimes that targeted the Iranian people, the Revolutionary Guard identified the gathering places of the leaders and main elements of the terrorists involved in the two recent terrorist operations, especially ISIS, in the occupied territories in Syria and then destroyed them by launching several ballistic missiles.”

Iranian officials vowed to retaliate against the perpetrators of the internationally widely condemned terrorist attack that killed at least 90 and wounded 200 innocent civilians in a vigil gathering at the grave of General Qasim Soleimani on the 4th anniversary of his murder by US President Trump based on information provided by his friend the Israeli war criminal Netanyahu.

In December 2023, a terrorist attack was carried out against the Iranian police headquarters in the city of Rask of the southeastern Sistan and Baluchistan province of Iran, 11 personnel were murdered and several others were injured in the attack.

NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) social media propagandists in Idlib, northwestern Syria rejoiced at first when hearing the large sounds of explosions near them thinking it was another Israeli bombing of Aleppo International Airport before they realized it was their quarters that were bombed and stopped celebrating and started weeping and whining.

‘An eye for an eye’ is a Jewish commandment in the Book of Exodus (21:23–27), the Bible Israeli leaders cherry-pick stories from to justify their atrocities in the region while claiming their anti-Jewish so-called ‘state of Israel’ is the land of their biblical kingdom they want to build after wiping out the Semitic people of the region. Coincidentally, the same commandment is widely used by the foreign terrorists of Al Qaeda and ISIS to justify their murdering of the same Semitic people in the region based on the mention of the same verse in the Holy Quran as they claim is their retaliation for not accepting the US-promoted liberal woke freedoms in Syria and Iraq.

an eye for an eye in the quran

The Axis of Resistance is paying back in kind, although none of the countries of the Axis of Resistance has invaded or harmed the USA, Europe, or any other sponsor of Israel.

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