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NATO Ally Jordan New War Crime against Syria: Ten Murdered

Jordan King Abdullah visits NATO meets Stoltenberg

NATO ally Jordan has engaged in a new round of war crimes against the Syrian Arab Republic. At dawn on 18 January, Jordanian jets dropped bombs on several homes in the villages of Orman and Malah, in the southeastern countryside of al Suwayda, which is in Syria.

Jordan turned Syrian homes into rubble, murdered ten people, and sent three others to the nearby hospital. Among the casualties of this war crime were women and children, some under the age of five.

The al Suweida Fire Brigade and first responders spent hours engaged in rescue and recovery, digging Syrians out from what was once their homes, turned to rubble by the Casino King of Jordan.

Media sources claimed that the bombing targeted drug traffickers operating across the borders between the two countries.

Taking into consideration the fact that Jordan is not a destination country for drugs, the Gulfies and mainly Saudi Arabia is, and the timing of suspicious repeated Jordanian heavy military operations against ‘drug traffickers’ including aerial bombing, tanks, and infantry clashes lasting for hours in each time, and the proximity to the Israeli borders, military and political analysts are more convinced that these Jordanian military operations are meant to intercept weapons smuggling by Palestinian factions into occupied Palestine thus Jordan is helping secure Israel from escalations, mainly in the West Bank, something the Jordanian incumbent king continues his father’s legacy in doing, his father King Hussein was CIA handle was ‘Mr. No Beef’ and was paid handsomely in return for his ‘valuable services’ for the USA.

Ever heard of an army of a country heavily engaging drug traffickers across the borders of another country to stop the flow of those drugs through its territories to other countries?

The Jordanian authorities could have simply shared their ‘intel’ on drug traffickers with the Syrian authorities who would be more than happy to act upon such information and take out the criminals with more success avoiding any casualties among civilians. Syrian law enforcement has a very impressive track record of combating drug trafficking sponsored by NATO through Syria since the beginning of the US-led war of terror against Syria.

A bit of history is required to explain how Western supremacists have come to consider Jordan a “good Arab” country: On 15 May 1923, British occupation forces hacked off a chunk of Palestine and named it The Emirate of Transjordan, its protectorate. In 1946, the UK gave the region the status of Hashemite Kingdom, a protectorate. How the region was made to be ruled by royal blood is beyond the scope of this report – beyond minimally noting that such royal creation involved the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and pre- al Saud Arabia (the aforementioned empires and Egypt all had their drippings in the establishment of this kingdom, also).

Jordan joined NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue partnership forum in 1995 and is one of NATO’s closest partners in the region,” and has most blatantly functioned as its tap-dancing House Servant throughout the foreign war of terror against Syria, launched in March 2011. Though Abdullah II joined President Barack Obama’s war criminal coalition against Syria only in September 2014, he allowed the US to use Jordan as a training ground for ISIS terrorists, led by terrorist al Baghdadi, who was released from an Iraqi jail by American invaders and given twenty million dollars to teach new terrorists, under the supervision of the US Marine Corps.

As the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird remains a stunning success in the United States, we remind, especially, our American readers that in early 2015, war criminal Jordanian pilot Muath al Kasesbeh was shot down by the friendly fire of Major Mariam “Boobs on the Ground” al Mansouri, the first female bomber pilot of that hodge-podge of a seven-state federation of absolute monarchies known as the UAE, after which Abdullah II stuffed himself into military garb in order to further threaten Syria with a blood-thirsty line from a Clint Eastwood movie. Two months later, Jordan launched a blitzkrieg massacre of two hundred thirty Syrian Arab Army soldiers in the UNESCO Heritage Site of Bosra al-Sham – greatly helping ISIS.

NATO-affiliated Scum Media have normalized Jordan’s war criminal bombings in their uni-voice claim that ”drug dealers” were targeted, and that Iran and Hezb Allah are behind the illicit drug traffic.

The following photos are taken from the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Courtesy of a scum mayor and a scum prosecutor, this working-class neighborhood has been turned into a dumping ground for homeless addicts, has been made into the tranq capitol of the world, a place where illicit drug dealing is permitted to be done in the open, as long as dealers and junkies do not kill each other.

This neighborhood has become known for tranq tourism as xylazine spreads throughout the country.

Western Syria News readers might consider whether NATO-affiliated media would legitimize Canada bombing this US neighborhood under cover of magically fighting drug dealing, and might consider the normalization of a foreign country meting out the death penalty to suspected drug dealers and innocent people in the surrounding.

Why is Jordan allowed to get away with murder, get away with war crimes, when the same would never be tolerated among NATO countries?

The answer is obvious: Jordan functions as a NATO – especially US NATO – house servant, and NATO continues to want to impose a new Sykes-Picot on Syria. Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman al Safadi balked at Syria returning to the Arab League and he lied about Captagon as his cover story (Syrians, by the way, were not thrilled by the return to a league of Syria-hating NATO operatives).

Syria News first reported on the western drug Captagon on 28 April 2013. During these ten years, we have published countless reports on Syrian law enforcement confiscation of Western Germany created methamphetamine potentiated by bronchodilator, theophylline, yet Scum Media persist in lying this drug that turns ordinary terrorists into cannibals and other psycho- and sociopaths is the fault of Syria, and are upping the ante by the addition of the war propaganda that Iran and Hezb Allah are involved.

Likely Captagon fueled takfiri in Idlib 'feed' head of murdered Syrian soldier.
al-Qaeda necrophiliacs in Idlib, fueled by the West’s Captagon

Yesterday morning, at dawn, Jordan bombed Syria for NATO, under the auspice of being entitled to commit war crimes to fake halt drug dealing.

Jordan turned homes into rubble and murdered ten Syrians.

Jordan did so with impunity, and with the approval of NATO-affiliated stenographers.

Miri Wood

This report exposes the true history of Captagon:

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Like father like son, the father was a traitor working as agent for the CIA and the son is working for the UK, they always manage to find cheap people to make them work for them.

    By the way, how come we didn’t see this reported properly in Syrian official news?


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