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Israel Bombs Damascus Murdering IRGC anti-Terrorism Advisors

Israel bombs Syrian capital Damascus killing Iranian IRGC advisors

Israel bombed the Syrian Capital Damascus flattening a building in the Mazzeh area and assassinating four Iranian IRGC occupants in the building, nearby buildings and vehicles sustained damage in the bombing that came four days after Iran destroyed an Israeli spy base in the Iraqi Kurdistan province eliminating top Israeli spies and related financiers, the Iranian bombing of the Israeli spy base in northern Iraq was a retaliation to the previous Israeli bombing of Damascus that assassinated the Iranian embassy’s military attache in Damascus on 25th of December last year.

Iranian IRGC force said that four of its advisers were murdered in the Israeli bombing including Brigadier Sadegh Omidzadeh, head of the IRGC intelligence, and his deputy Ghulam Haj Muharam. Unconfirmed reports have the death toll at 10, this is a developing story.

The target was a 3-storey building in the Mazzeh West Villas, an upscale district in the Syrian capital Damascus.

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

A Syrian military spokesperson said in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At approximately 10:20 this morning, the Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting a residential building in the Mazzeh neighborhood in the city of Damascus. Our air defense forces intercepted the aggression’s missiles and shot down some of them. The aggression “resulted in the martyrdom and injury of a number of civilians, the complete destruction of the building, and damage to neighboring buildings.”

After its humiliating defeat in the 6 hours war on the 7th of October of last year at the hands of the Palestinian factions in besieged Gaza, the failure of its Holocausting of Gaza, and the imminent collapse of its once hyped-up army, Israel with the help of its Western sponsors expanded the war across the region in what they called the 3rd phase of the war.

The so-called 3rd phase, as if the first two phases were of any success, comprises bombing Gaza but with less number of missiles, targeted assassinations across the region, and continuous attempts to ignite a regional war by bombing Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran to shift the narrative from the Holocausting of Gaza into an existential war with the ‘Axis of the Resistance’.

Assassinating Hamas’s top politburo leader Saleh Al-Arouri in the southern suburb of the Lebanese capital Beirut was the deadliest mistake Israel committed and which was partly retaliated to by the Lebanese Hezb Allah and the Palestinian factions in Gaza, the retaliation is not over yet. Assassinating more officials only to claim it’s achieving some sort of victory is only costing the anti-Jewish Zionist entity more of its assets abroad with strong retaliations by all the members of the Axis of Resistance. Israel will not have the last say in the assassination war.

Each of the previous Israeli bombings of Syria was responded to with a series of bombings targeting the illegal US Army bases in Syria by the Syrian Resistance and the increase in the number of similar bombings by the Iraqi Resistance factions in support of Gaza and in retaliation to these Israeli bombings.

US Army personnel are sacrificed like expendable sheep by the Biden junta and their anti-Jewish Zionist donors and whoever funds their election campaigns in the USA, the Pentagon should prepare more body bags for the upcoming retaliation to the latest Israeli bombing.

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