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Congress Warmongers Hold anti-Syria Hate Fête

US Congress Warmongers Hold anti-Syria Hate Fête

Congress warmongers of the House Foreign Affairs Committee brought in another goblin to Capitol Hill on 18 April, to promote a new wave of war propaganda against the Syrian Arab Republic.

The new critter’s name is more likely derived from an ’80’s German metal band, a group of monster-sized truck racers, or even a short poem by Gibran Khalil Gibran, than of actually being a grave digger.

Most likely is that the rabid dogs of war of the group got the idea from the countless mass graves discovered by Syrian authorities: Mass graves and a slaughterhouse found in Aleppo; the bodies of fifty-seven soldiers found in Ltamenah; thousands more, throughout the country, reported in an extended report, The War of Terror on Syria through Forensic Medicine.

Mass grave of 57 SAA soldiers killed by ISIS in 2014 in Raqqa

An attempt to discover the mission statement of the Foreign Affairs Committee proved useless; though the snippet to the website showed some words of the principled statement, two tries led me to anti-China propaganda post (alas, principles cannot be found if they do not exist).

Congressional Chair Michael McCaul (R-TX 10th District) led the way of the white man’s burden, opening with a generic saber-rattling attack on Syria, Iran, and China (shamelessly referring to China as the “CCP”). He wailed invisible crocodile tears over “humanitarian atrocities,” and “narco-trafficking” (no, Mr. Congressman, that was Ollie North who trafficked cocaine, crack cocaine, and weapons into US cities during Iran/Contra).

McCaul unsurprisingly referred to al Qaeda terrorists in their largest al Qaeda haven since 9/11, as “opposition.” Without mentioning the facts that the Iraq parliament voted for the US to leave, more than three years ago, and that the US military in Syria is an illegal invader and occupier of parts of the Levantine republic (to loot oil and grain), he condemned the recent actions of the resistance movement in both countries, in attacking American war criminals illegally in these countries.

US Army occupying Syrian Conoco Gas Field in Deir Ezzor

We also bring to the attention of these warmongers a photo of US General Kenneth McKenzie, criminally in Syria, and with the US armed insurrectionist terrorists of the SDF and we wonder how many of said congress members would give legitimacy to terrorists in the US, armed and trained by a foreign power.

Congress warmongers are arrogant colonialists.

Possibly McCaul’s farthest lob of a variation on monkey dung-flinging was his outrageous, defamatory remark that the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) – founded in 1942 and “recognized by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva (ICRC) in 1946” – is an arm of some nefarious government secret police. The reality is that all factions of terrorists, from FSA to Nusra to ISIS – which the congressman calls “opposition,” have attacked and looted the SARC since 2012.

The author also takes a moment away from describing the very, very, important work of the Committee to show McCaul a photo of Alvin‘s foot and ask if he knows how it was possible for the US-owned, armed insurrectionist SDF to prolong the repatriation of this child to his father, keeping him hostage in al Hol concentration camp for three years, while ‘negotiations’ dragged on among the armed insurrectionist SDF, the SARC, the IFRC, and the Syrian government, for three years (doubtful McCaul would consider such atrocities legitimate in his congressional district).

The following key points were shared by all who spoke; there was no dissent:

  • Enforcement and expansion of the criminal Caesar Act (draft legislation was pulled upon the 2016 election as it sounded too much like Trump on immigration. After being rewritten, it was going nowhere until tacked on to the renewal of the fascist NDAA). For those who still may not know, Caesar was and remains a hoax perpetrated for the purpose of emotional war pornography. Qatar fake vetted the photos through a London law firm.
  • Russia must be restrained. How dare Syria give its ally a military air base in Hmeimim! How dare Syria give Russia’s navy its only repair and replenishment point in the Mediterranean!
  • Iran and Hezb Allah must be ejected from Syria
  • The additional, temporary border crossings agreed to for the purpose of facilitating post earthquake aid deliveries must be made permanent – how dare Syria be allowed to control its internationally recognized borders!
  • Syria must be blamed for Captagon in the region, and somehow more Syrian blood must be extracted after the blame
  • Without the US imposing itself as owner of Syria, Israel will be at risk
  • Rapprochement will let the SAR “Syrianize” the region (the author of goblin Gravedigger’s statement has been regularly reading Syria News; its author Arabi Souri, coined, and frequently uses, the term, Israelize)
  • A massive propaganda campaign defaming Syria as narco-trafficker (à la Manuel Noriega, who might still be ruling Panama had he not decided to stop the US from using his country for laundering and trafficking, who too late decided he wanted to be another Omar Torrijos). The timing of this fraudulent outcry is so extremely impressive, given the current, and massive, narcotics problem in the United States, which is not Syria.

As is the wont of every meeting that attacks the Syrian Arab Republic, the war dogs brayed over chemical weapons never used by the Levantine Republic, and maintained their prurient amnesia over the US bombing Vietnam with napalm and Agent Orange, bombing Iraq with white phosphorus and depleted uranium, and that the US has been the only country in the world to have dropped its lone two nuclear warheads on two civilian cities. Still, they demanded that President Assad and allies be ‘held accountable’ for crimes not committed, though NATO politicians have never been ‘held accountable’ to crimes they did commit.

Additionally, this klan spoke with one voice in the barbaric claim that Syria has somehow taken advantage of the devastating earthquake in order to steal humanitarian aid. As no politicians can be as ignorant as these scoundrels feign, this scurrilous claim must be considered projection.

It is public knowledge that the factions of al Qaeda in the al Qaeda haven of Idlib control the humanitarian aid to those living under terrorist occupation. The savages decide when to bomb lorries filled with aid; NATO diplomats in the UN acknowledge the ‘complexity’ in convoys not getting bombed by the savages; the ICRC issued a letter of condemnation when terrorists raided and looted offices of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, stealing whatever they wanted, beating up volunteers, and trashing everything that was not nailed down.

That Idlib terrorists have also blocked humanitarian aid and distribution has actually been quasi admitted by Martin Griffiths, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, who cheered the “breakthrough cross-line delivery of food rations to the north-western city of Idlib by the World Food Programme (WFP)” without noting the terrorists had prevented “delivery of food rations to the north-western city of Idlib” for four years.

War whores of Congress accuse Syria of stealing humanitarian goods. Here 31 lorries brought by SARC were blown up.
Warehouse run by terrorists was bombed to oblivion after the SARC helped deliver food & other humanitarian goods in 31 lorries, 19 September 2016.

That these congressional members on the rotting Committee dare to lie that the Syrian government somehow has been stealing earthquake relief goods while it is, in fact, the terrorist warlords who further enrich themselves, is abominable, though not surprising.

No one can be as stupid and ignorant and self righteous as they claim to be.

The warlords have built themselves the Sarmada Palaces in Idlib, while Syrian children sleep on the streets.

For our readers – not the war dogs of Congress – we re-publish two Syrian children made to dance for a ‘couple of pieces of medicine,’ as the older boy complains on his ‘hot mic,’ before returning it to the propagandist:

HFAC brought in two warmonger expert™ speakers to address the meeting and answer questions of the confounded congress members on how best to impose a new Sykes-Picot on Syria: Joel Rayburn and Jonathan Lord.

Rayburn – who described himself as an “out of government expert” – is a Fellow at the New America think tank which doubles as a charity for 501(c)(3) tax exemption status. He functioned as Special Envoy for Syria – despite the US not having an embassy in Damascus – from 2018 through 2021. US taxpayers will be thrilled to know that they paid for two un-diplomats for Syria, as James Jeffrey held the same position from 2018 – 2020. What, exactly, Rayburn did as ‘envoy’ is unknown, as this author only mentioned him one time in reports over that period, as a parenthetical within a report on Britain’s Met Police opening an ‘investigation’ into Syria’s First Lady, Asmaa Assad. It was also Jeffrey who joined Lowcock, Craft, Raab and the stethoscope-less, organ-stealing, child-kidnapping, fetus-carving from wombs White Helmets in Turkey, March 2020, to offer support for Erdogan dumping 10,000 terrorists at Greece’s border.

UN's Lowcock joined US' Kelley Craft and James Jeffrey to meet with terrorist White Helmets
Lowcock, Kelly Craft, and James Jeffrey happened to be in Turkey at the same time as Raab.

Jonathan Lord is a Senior Fellow at the think tank / charity 501(c)(3) Center for A New American Security (we have previously explained the incestuous relationships of think tank charities making warmongering statements then reported by the media which politicians report as gospel, here. Let us taxpayers also be mindful that professional liar, Elizabeth O’Bagy – who was employed by think tank / 501(c) charity Institute for the Study of War and who spoke before think tank / 501(c) charity Atlantic Council – had her anti-Syria criminal war propaganda cited by Senator John McCain and Secretary of State John Kerry, and that their warprop was massively cited by NATO-affiliated media.).

Hired expert lied to Congress HFAC members.
During Q&A, Lord feeds the Congress HFAC members huge lies. By the way, Captagon is a stimulant, not a narcotic.

Like everything else the rabid dogs of war on the Hill do, such remarks sound like the projection of US crimes, such as massive cocaine dealing and dumping during the lethal Iran/Contra nightmare, which was normalized by politicians and media, alike. Here, we take a moment to note that Oliver North – net worth $5-10 million – was convicted of obstructing Congress, altering and destroying government documents, and taking an illegal gratuity avoided incarceration, while Gary Webb, who did groundbreaking investigative work for the San Jose Mercury News ended up committing suicide, with two bullets to his head.

Congress accuses Syria of crimes of the US.
Congress members now accuse Syria of crimes of the US.

Though the Committee on House Administration Handbook does not specify how much consultants™ are paid to address them, these two were so synchronized that the HFAC could have saved the US taxpayer fifty percent by simply inviting just one of them.

Both were concerned over the encroaching rapprochement among Syria and the NATO Arab countries/monarchies (/tyrannies), concerned that a possible entente would diminish US quasi-hegemony in the region, and concerned for Israel’s security. Lord appeared pleased that Israel need not restrain itself in its bombing campaign against Syria (flouting International Law, and the UN’s noble Charter). Israel made itself al Qaeda’s first air force in May 2013, and bombs Syria, including its international airports, at least twice a month.

Rayburn wants to impose a new constitution on Syria (though he apparently did not remember colonialist UNSCR 2254). He does not want Russia’s “manipulation” in the UNSC (it appears that, to warmongers, a P5 founding member of the United Nations that votes against NATO dictates, actually engages in narcissistic behaviors). Rayburn boasted/complained that for “two years” he and other ‘diplomats’ “went round and round” trying to dissuade the Emirates from rapprochement, noting that other Gulfies recognized US “leadership” when it came to any potential thought of rapprochement with the Syrian Arab Republic.

Rayburn wants the US to give alleged Syrians “valid travel documents.”

Counterfeiting Syrian passports started years ago, Mr Rayburn:


During the Q&A, Rayburn’s arrogance and impunity were boundless; he actually stated that Syria was the warm-up for Ukraine.

Various members of Congress parroted the same American exceptional supremacy: Arab monarchies have no right to rapprochement; Syria has no right to sovereignty; only the US knows the needs of the Syrian citizenry; Israel must be protected by the US; etc., etc., ad nauseam ad infinitum.

Congress member Brad Sherman (D-CA 32nd District) whined that the HFAC meeting was foul with unnecessary partisanship (after all, he also supports the final solution against Syria) before stomping out in hissy-fit fashion. Sherman, however, did note that “[President] Assad isn’t a major player” in the US’s major drug problems (despite calling Dr. Assad a “merchant of death”).

Criminals in Congress continue to lie that their own crimes are the Syrian government's.
Reminder to the real ”merchants of death.”

Dean Phillips (D-MN 3rd District), flexing that white man’s burden claimed the US has made the “largest” contributions to Syria (this is accurate in the US’s ongoing financial support to terrorists still occupying regions of the country). He voiced outrage that the SAR dared to give Russia a base in Tartous (its only replenishment base in the Mediterranean). Phillips flaunted his ignorance in his condemnation of Hezb Allah, apparently unaware that it is a political party with members holding Parliamentary seats in Lebanon.

Rich McCormick (R-GA 6th District) attacked Iran and Kathy Manning (D-NC 6th District) seemed to function as the token woman who voiced concern about refugees.

Michael Lawler (R-NY 17th District) lamented that tentative rapprochement might open the door to Syria returning to the Arab League.

Tim Burchett (R-TN 2nd District) gave a demonstration of his fine breeding and couth by calling President Assad “a dirt bag” before asking Rayburn “What effects that gonna [sic] have on folks like our friends in Israel…and some of the [nameless] others?” to which the ”expert” declared return to entente would make Syria “a launchpad for attacking Israel” (which is why he also wants the US to forbid any “Arab gas pipeline deals that would involve [President] Assad.”).

These war dogs of Congress, fretting over Israel’s “security” are shameless given not one has ever condemned Israel’s countless, ongoing war crimes against Syria since the onset of the NATO Spring. Israel became al Qaeda’s first air force in early May 2013.

Most recently, Israel bombed Aleppo International Airport, 1 May 2023, again taking it out of commission. On 18 April, Congressman McCaul attempted to legitimize this war crime by issuing a brazen statement claiming “Iran  is exploiting earthquake relief missions to fly weapons to Syria,” based on a breathless news short from NATO stenography wire service, Reuters, concerned that since the earthquake, “hundreds of flights from Iran began landing in Syria’s Aleppo…”.

One might wonder how these Congressional HFAC members would react to a foreign country bombing the Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C.

One called for the passage of a “No U.S. Aid for Assad Act,” whose draft the author has been unable to find.

The author would like to point out to these warmongering imperialists that neither Republican nor Democratic presidents can move through crowds as Syria’s president does:

Congress member French Hill (R-AR 2nd District) – featured ignobly in Syria News’s extensive report on the June 2021 HFAC supremacist meeting – may be the most opprobrious warmonger member of Congress, who, when he does his own version of monkey dung flinging, expects the audience to meekly ask, Please, Sir, may I have another, in unison. He seems to use his lies as cudgels, as professional journalists never question him, even when the lies are right before their eyes.

Congress member Hill told multiple lies at the HFAC meeting.

Before addressing some of Hill’s declared lies mistakes – of gargantuan ignorance – Syria News will take a moment to address the congress member’s character: When it comes to war propaganda against the Levantine Republic, he has been on the frontlines since taking office.

He has proudly received the State Department’s fake Caesar in his office. He has proudly received the US taxpayer-funded pretty boy fake torture victim, Omar Alshogre (massive evidence, here), and other taxpayer-funded SETF members, including Natalie Larrison and Mouaz Moustafa. We point out Hill’s American exceptionalism double standards: He is opposed to “illegal immigrants” crossing into the US, while he is de facto supportive of illegal immigrants crossing into the Syrian Arab Republic, as Larrison – ” SETF’s “Arkansas-based director of outreach” – criminally entered Syria in May 2018.

Please note that the first screengrab – 7 Dec 2019 – below, is a Hill tweet retweeted by the Arkansas charity without charitable status (funds went to the 501(c)(3) Syrian Emergency Task Force) Wisdom House (which was located somewhere in al Qaeda occupied Idlib).

On 22 October 2019, Hill tweeted prayers for this reputed charity in the al Qaeda haven. Exactly one month later, this author shared her report on what looked more like Epstein than Wisdom, asking him to look into the pornification of little Syrian girls, during an absurd “cosmetology” class (where men ”students” hiding under burkha and niqab, had their skills “tested” on little girls, rather than women) in a region where women are only allowed outside for public executions.

Tweet to Congress member French Hill ignored.
Congress member Hill ignored the request to investigate Arkansas ‘charity’ involving little girls in Idlib.

Though the November 2019 report, Why Is Arkansas Charity Painting Little Syrian Girls in Garish Make-up? seemed to gain no traction (Hill ignored the author’s tweet, as did Senator Tom Cotton and The Arkansas Democrat Gazette), someone was not only paying attention but decided to double-down, with a Christmas Day tweet about the fraudulent “cosmetology” class learning to cut the hair of “these pretty girls,” and a rage-inciting one that arrogantly lied about an absurd nursing course meant to insult the intelligence of all taxpayers funding what appears to be child trafficking, on 6 January 2020.

Our second report of 17 January 2020, on Epstein House Wisdom House, surely struck some significant chord, as not only did the uncharity subsequently disappear, but on 13 February 2020, Congressman Hill pasted to his official government website, a report from The National Trapped in Idlib, US-funded school for orphans appeals to Trump for help – filled with much overlapping misinformation, including from whoever was in charge of the uncharity’s Twitter account: The orphanage, fake cosmetology school, and ludicrously fraudulent nursing school were forced to flee in December 2019, or sometime after 16 January 2020 (after which they got bombed in every place the flee-ers attempted to settle).

Congress member Hill's favored fake charity disappeared.

The National original report includes the letter calling for Trump’s intervention, but is missing the signatories – “all leaders of various faith-based organisations across Arkansas” – and with a quote from one of the likely signatories: “’What we were doing was asking the president to address this injustice,’ said Father Tony Robbins of St. Joseph Catholic Church.”

Retired businessman Jerry Adams – who illegally entered Syria some time in 2022 – was quoted as stating $150,000 had been raised for Wisdom (raising the question as for what, given there was no cosmetology nor nursing school, nor Women’s Center to be seen) and, like the mostly anonymous signatories, claiming personnel ‘fled’ Maarat al Numan in December (and contrary to the tweets on women’s haircutting classes on 25 December and a full class of fictitious nursing students on 6 January), despite the fact that the Syrian Arab Army did not cleanse al Numan of al Qaeda terrorists (and affiliated child kidnappers and likely traffickers. See NB for documentation) until late January.

The possible lofty intention of Mr. Adams’ philanthropic work is no excuse to criminally enter someone else’s country – would he or any other US American ever consider visiting Rome, or Paris, without going through Italian or French customs? – he should remain responsible for a meticulous vetting of this organization, which has turned out to have the stench of Epstein permeating throughout. By affixing his name to any charity, he owes it to those who would make contributions to ensure that everything about the charity is clean.

Arkansas retired businessman Jerry Adams, illegally in Syrian in 2022, with Congress member Hill's blessiong
In this, & in videos on the now defunct charity account, these Syrian orphans look traumatized.

Returning to Hill’s statement to the HFAC warmongers meeting, the congress member was pleased to remind all that he had worked very very hard for “two years” to get his CAPTAGON Act passed. So pleased was he, that he did not mention it was signed into law by being attached to the annual renewal of the fascist FY23 NDAA, just as the nasty Caesar Act languished for years, before being affixed to the almost four thousand pages in December 2019 (the author directs the lying member of Congress to the nine-minute video of tranq’ed out drug addicts in the Kensington neighborhood of Philly, and suggests he go for a visit, as xylazine is spreading throughout cities across the US, found in Addenda).

Congress member Hill doubled the length of time to get his CAPTAGON Act passed.
Congressman Hill doubled the time it took to get his Act passed, & did not mention it never got to the Senate.

Captagon is amphetamine potentiated by the bronchodilator medication, theophylline (a descriptive understanding might be grasped by imagining speed on steroids). It was first manufactured by Degussa AG of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1961 and was not removed from the market until the mid-80’s. Though not FDA approved, like thalidomide, it was used for several years in the US, until officially banned.

Syrian Drug Enforcement Seize Captagon pills in Damascus Countryside heading to Saudi
Syrian Drug Enforcement Seized Captagon pills in Damascus Countryside heading to Saudi

Captagon was never legal in, nor manufactured in, nor imported by the Syrian government, yet these congressional dogs of war outrageously lie – while the US is reportedly drowning in fatal fentanyl overdoses – that the Syrian government is making tens of billions from this illicit drug created and used by NATO countries sixty years ago. It is the same NATO (and underling) countries that have armed the world’s human garbage and dumped said garbage into Syria, by the hundreds of thousands, that have been manufacturing this drug which causes the criminally insane to reach new depths of depravity in heinous atrocities.

Syrian authorities seize truck stuffed with captagon pills in Homs countryside
Syrian law enforcement seized a truck stuffed with Captagon pills in Homs countryside

While the criminal liars of the HFAC engage in their circle jerk eureka! moment, we remind them that Syria News began reporting on this western drug 28 April 2013, and that we have reported on Syrian law enforcement confiscations of this western drug countless times, so many times that we should have created a template news about its confiscation by Syrian law enforcement, and then just plugged in updated dates, places, and miscellaneous details.

Again, Syria never manufactured Captagon. The use of it by the criminally insane human detritus dumped into Syria, has heinously expanded the atrocities of these savages. The only people who have benefitted from these horrors are the politicians of NATO countries out to create a new Sykes-Picot, including the rabid hyenas attending this anti-Syria HFAC meeting.

Congress liars need look into the mirror and see their inner hyena.
Description of UN hyenas applicable to criminal liars of Congress.

We point out to Hill who brags about his humanitarian concern for the illicit drug brought in to Syria, and to the other congress members in this committee, that the following video is from December 2013. A group of assorted al Qaeda gangs – who admit in the video to the massacre of the soldiers guarding the Al Kindi Cancer Hospital before turning it to rubble – have cut off the head of an SAA soldier and spent time gleefully trying to feed the soldier’s severed head, while lecturing the martyr on the punishment for refusing to defect, refusing to betray his country to the malignant psychotics armed and funded by the malignant psychotics on Capitol Hill.

These are the monsters that the savages of the HFAC have consistently called opposition. These are the monsters ingesting meth on steroids.

These are the monsters that the rabid dogs of war on the Congressional HFAC support.

Perhaps the most significant of Hill’s remarks (in support of the Military Industrial Complex and its perverse ideal of perpetual war, propagandized by projecting the US crimes onto one country after another) came at the very beginning, singing the praises of untranslator Moustafa (“untranslator” because Moustafa does not simultaneously translate during these events, but reads English from a written script), and opening the door for us to explore more lies and contrivances from Congress’ Foreign Affairs Subcommittee meeting (to be clear, he did translate for John McCain, who criminally entered Syria to meet with kidnappers and other terrorists in May 2013, and he did translate for Congressman Kinzinger when he met with terrorists in Turkey, in September 2014).

Congressman Hill's testimony was filled with lies, but he did manage to out a contrivance.

Though Hill’s tweet is one of the standard imperialist demand that all countries of the world must capitulate to US demands, always, his opening words are noteworthy in blabbing the ongoing con game:

To my friend Mouaz Mustaph [sic] it’s always great to see you. I was the first member of Congress to meet with the gravedigger when Mouaz brought him to the Capitol for the first time and hear his uh sad and grave no pun intended testimony first hand…[which] exceed the significance of the Caesar photos

Syria News adds the friend’s bio:

Mouaz Moustafa, 29.  A Palestinian born in Damascus, who came to the U.S. at 12, has a fascinating bio. McQaeda McCain (who spends more time illegally entering other countries to foment coups, than he does in Arizona, the state he is supposed to be representing in the Senate) has called him a “patriot,” though of what country, is not known, and “tireless champion for the cause of freedom for Syria.”

Prior to becoming Executive Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, Moustafa, not Libyan, was the Executive Director of Libyan Council of North America. Though not Libyan, in this position, he reportedly met with White House NSC staff, advised the Libyan ambassador to the U.S., after his defection, and ran a staff of 8. Previously, he worked as an intern to Democratic Representative, Vic Snyder and was a staffer to former Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln (who was hired by Monsanto, upon her retirement from Capitol Hill).

Hill claimed to still think about the meeting in December 2021 on a “weekly basis,” despite the fact that his website makes no mention of this emotionally devastating meeting – whether gravedigger is searched as a compound word, or separate words.

We provide the Jurisdiction of Congress’s HFAC, here. Please note that in the list of responsibilities for “oversight and legislation,” there is no provision for bringing in buffoonish characters to engage in war propaganda lies, and to insult the intelligence of the US taxpayer.

As absurd as the fraud Caesar ‘guest’ and the ‘torture victim’ pretty boy with no signs of torture, nor of chronic tuberculosis, have been, this preposterous Gravedigger runs farcical rings around them.

The above tweet from the US Department of Defense is taken from a 2018 DoD employment advertisement, How & Why the DOD Works With Hollywood feigning pure innocence over its outright propaganda that spews from our 5th Column, Hollywood, into the subconscious of the viewing audience. The hyperlinked ad brags that it has been manipulating entertainment since a 1927 silent movie. However, the US War Department (founded 7 August 1789, generic precursor to the Office of Strategic Services which was the precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency) was pivotal in getting the 1915 Birth of a Nation the first movie shown in the White House, as part of an ugly effort to resurrect the dying Klan.

In 1991, Not Without My Daughter was released in the US. Though never a commercial success, its anti-Iran propaganda has never been forgotten – not by those who ate it as legitimate, nor for those who damned it.

Reportedly by all, it was based on a true story…yet quite astonishingly, it seems to be a rewrite of the 1940 The Man I Married, a warm up to get the US population ready to enter WWII .

In 1954, in an official, secret document released in 2003, an arm of the State Department blabbed that the CIA was working in tandem with the Defense Department in Special Operations – though the letter was couched to seem like neither branch should be responsible for the operations of the other – in short, plausible deniability.

In the last almost seven decades the overlapping ‘work’ of the Pentagon/DoD and Military Intelligence have expanded like fast growing pathogens, as have their budgets. With them have grown the various, incestuous non-profits that function as mouthpieces for the rabid dogs of war, disseminated via media stenographers. Together, all become exceptionally efficient in the ongoing Mockingbird capture of US audiences. Adding to the success of war criminal liars – in this case, the above-named liars of Congress – is the destruction of literacy, and related deficits in attention spans.

In 1950, only 3.2% of the US American population was illiterate. Twenty-one percent (21%) of today’s adult population is illiterate, with a scandalous 54% reading at, or below, the 6th grade level.

The lack of intellectual skills of our people becomes quite convenient for our lying politicians and their unabashed deceit.

How many normal Americans know that in 1980, Congress gave 1.9 acres of federal land to be used for the building of the Holocaust Museum, a “non-profit [one of 130,000 non-profits, hundreds of which pimp for the US war machine], federally funded institution,” which has shown the fraudulent Caesar exhibit, twice, and has published a fabricated letter from the ridiculous Gravedigger.

Can the average Joe or Josephine on the street be expected to watch the criminal propaganda of the HFAC members of Congress? Can he or she be expected to recognize the slimy snake oil salesman con game for war crimes?

The average, decent human being gets the sound bytes from the war criminal stenographers. They hear chemical weapons and feel empathy toward the victims, without being allowed to know who the actual perpetrators are. They hear narcotics and they feel grief, not knowing they have been lied to by those whose salaries they pay, with their taxes.

Last year, the scurrilous con, Gravedigger, sat at a dais before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to ”testify” (“lie”), except he did not speak. Instead, he nonsensically fumbled with papers, idiotically leaned toward Moustafa – practically laying head on shoulder in some maniacal attempt at bathos – while the State Department’s translator read from a prepared script (thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak – except he says nothing; he does not utter a single word).

Congress and State Department fake translator
US tax dollars at work: Moustafa spear fishing in Belize

In his return performance – or perhaps lack thereof – before the HFAC, bizarre actor funded with US tax dollars was somehow at a more ridiculously claimed security risk, and was only seen remotely, for fake protection. Again, he did not speak. Again, Moustafa read from his prepared script – last year’s script, recycled.

The Congress HFAC first made a big deal that the voice-less thespian could not safely be in the same room with its members, but then had him do a round of photo shoots.

These unindicted war criminals have a disdain for US taxpayers almost on par with their demonic hatred of Syria, and its citizenry; they allowed for a hot mic joke at our expense, and at the expense of the Syrian people against whom they perpetrate a slow genocide.

On 18 April, the war criminal smegma of Congress held another Syria hating fête.

Miri Wood

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NB: All politicians, NGOs, journalists, self-proclaimed philanthropists and other humanitarians have the responsibility to vett, vett, and vett again, all other groups of politicians, NGOs, and philanthropists, to ensure they are not accidentally assisting in the kidnapping and marketing of children, including Syrian children.

The moral among our readers should vomit at the two video clips, below, provided by the White Helmets who actually show themselves kidnapping little girls, painting them and also demonically painting red around their private parts, to incite the degenerates on the dark web in further inflammation of their sadoerotic pedophilia.

For the perverts sniffing around, and the scum engaged in complicity, may there be a hell, and may you burn in it for a very long century.

White Helmets kidnapping children and members of Congress avert their gaze.

The White Helmets own video shows that they have kidnapped two little girls. One need not speak Arabic to hear one of the terrified children screaming for Mommy:

In this video, the White Helmets have kidnapped several children. For whom have these inhuman savages painted red around the private parts of the little girl, forced to lie on the ground, dark red to mimic violent rape? In the Helmets’ unloaded ambulance is a terrified girl, painted in heinous moulage trauma. She is terrified, and yet she is trying to comfort the younger abductees. This is what the scum Congress members of the HFAC support: Kidnap, torment, rape of Syrian children.

These US leaders are more degenerate than the demonic Helmets, to whom the US and UK taxpayers have given tens of millions.

These are lawmakers who have the duty to know, or have reason to know that the stethoscope-less White Helmets have engaged in kidnapping (& likely child trafficking; what is the reason to ever kidnap a child?).

Instead, they have cheered these tormentors of children as “heroic,” in order to continue working for the Military Industrial Complex, in its perpetual war status, instead of working for the people who pay them.

Recommended background reading:

In May 2013, Moustafa helped Senator John McCain to criminally enter Syria, in order to meet with kidnappers, armed insurrectionists and other terrorists –


For the Congress HFAC hypocritical faux self-righteous members who plotting to further loot the Syrian Arab Republic under the malicious guise of protecting humanity from NATO Captagon brought into Syria, the adage, Physician, heal thyself comes to mind. They should take a look at the former working class neighborhood of Kensington, in Philly, which has been turned into an open air drug den, filled with homeless junkies in the hell of fentanyl (“fetty”) and xylazine (“tranq”).

Congress Gentlemen & Lady: Clean your own home, instead.

The mix of drugs, weapons contractors, and terrorism is not new to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. In November 2015, convicted felon and junkie (real estate fraud, Valium, and IV heroin, all of which he blamed on “the regime”) Raed Fares was graciously received by Congress member Ed Royce, before he gave a speech to the 501(c) charity/NATO think tank, the Atlantic Council. Prior to his arrival in DC, the convicted felon, drug addict, and supporter of armed terrorists in Syria, enjoyed a day driving around Turkey with the Jim Hake, CEO of Spirit of America, yet another 501(c) charity/NGO which is affixed to the US military and engages in humanitarian acts such as getting blankets to armed insurrectionists in Syria, when the temperatures drop, despite having no visas with which to lawfully enter the country.

Additional documentation on Fares’ relationship with terrorists can be found on the HFAC Twitter thread from 3 November 2015:

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