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Authorities Unearth Bodies Buried by NATO Terrorists in Liberated Ltamenah

Mass graveyard discovered in Llatamneh Hama countryside

A Syrian Arab Army unit has unearthed a mass grave in the newly liberated village of Ltamenah, Hama governate. The bodies of both civilians and soldiers were found to have been murdered. The remains of ten martyrs were sent to a hospital for identification. Mass graves, landmines, and other IEDs have been left behind by foreign-owned terrorists on a frequent basis.

Ltamenah had been occupied by the Saudi-aligned faction of al Qaeda, Jaish al Ezza. This gang of armed savages was responsible for the ongoing mass slaughter of civilians in Mhardeh, Saleh, and Sqaiblbieh, in addition to having bombed the Mhardeh power plant.

Ten coffins carrying the remains of civilians are draped in the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic for their mass funeral.

Though this armed and Captagon-fueled gang of terrorists who occupied Ltamenah was rarely mentioned by name, it was the source of the chemical weapons hoax of March 2017.

It is unlikely that NATO military-industrial-complex media will report on the unearthed martyred, murdered and dumped into mass graves in Ltamenah, Syria.

To do so would require an admission that these media have consistently supported the criminally insane against the Syrian people.

Miri Wood

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