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ISIS Remnants Assassinate Syrian Army Officer on Israel’s Orders

US-sponsored ISIS assassinate Syrian Arab Army Hon Colonel Ramadan Dhawa for Israel

Remnants of the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists assassinated a Syrian Army colonel in the southern region, the slain officer’s name was among those mentioned in Israeli leaflets dropped earlier near the occupied Golan.

Local sources in the southern region reported the assassination of Syrian Arab Army Colonel Ramadan Dhawa, Commander of the 271st Battalion, 112th Brigade, 5th Armored Division by a bomb planted in his vehicle at the provincial borders between Quneitra and Daraa.

The sources said that an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) was detonated in the officer’s vehicle near the village of Al Nassyriah and he succumbed to his wounds immediately.

US-sponsored ISIS assassinate Syrian Arab Army Officers for Israel

Syrian security and military analysts attributed the assassination to the US-sponsored ISIS remnants operating out of the so-called 55-kilometer zone the US Army imposed around its illegal base in the Al Tanf area in the furthest Syrian desert at the borders connecting Syria with Iraq and Jordan.

Colonel Dhawa is the third Syrian Arab Army officer assassinated in the southern region since the beginning of the Israeli genocide of Gaza on the 8th of October last year, ISIS remnants assassinated Lieutenant Colonel Qais Hassan Ismail and Major Imad Hassan Salman in similar methods.

ISIS terrorists who managed to escape the liberation of Daraa Balad in September 2021 were received by the illegal US Army base in Al Tanf where they were rehabilitated, trained, armed, and rebranded a couple of times, at one point they were called ‘Maghawir Thawra’ and of recently they operate under the name of Syrian Free Army.

Colonel Ramadan Dhawa hails from the village of Al Assiba in the countryside of Baniyas in the Syrian coastal province of Tartous.

The US Army illegally deploys a couple of thousands of its cannon fodder personnel and mercenaries in the northern, northeastern, and southeastern regions of Syria, their main task is to support Al Qaeda, ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), the Kurdish SDF separatists, and other terrorist groups terrorizing the Syrian people, while battalions of the US Army are engaged in the stealing of Syrian oil, wheat, and barley and occupy the country’s main oil and gas fields.

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