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NATO Owned Terrorists Bombing Neighborhoods in Mhardeh & Salah


NATO-owned and armed terrorists are again bombing Syrian civilians and infrastructure. Specifically targeted have been Mhardeh and Salah cities. Three civilians have been injured in al Sqaiblbieh, and homes destroyed. Two mortar bombs hit the power plant in Mhardeh.

These heinous attacks are the most recent breaches in the unilateral “Idlib de-escalation zone agreement. This agreement was brokered by Syria’s Russian ally, in a futile attempt to get Turkish, German, and French terrorist leaders on board with ending the heinous bloodshed forced into the Syrian Arab Republic.

Back in October 2018, Putin wasted his time bringing together Merkel, who supports “ISIS” over President al Assad; MB rabid dog Erdogan, without whose efforts most of the 350k chunks of human garbage could not have entered Syria; and Marcon, la petite grenouille currently hard at work deploying his Vichy militarized police in maiming unarmed members of the Gilets Jaunes/Yellow Vests (despite assisting ‘frenemy’ Trump in ongoing massacres of Syrian civilians).

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NATO media — aka “Mockingbird,” “Deep State,” “Military Industrial Complex — have been mute over this recent round of attacks against civilian neighborhoods as they have over their reporting on the atrocities being committed by Macron against French civilians.

The Syrian Arab Army responded to these NATO – funded attacks by permanently putting out the lights of unreported numbers of the criminally insane, and by blowing up several of their launching pads.

Attacks on Mhardeh always come from Ltamenah, still occupied by Saudi-affiliated takfiri, “Jaish al Ezza.”

Baboons — er, ‘medics’? — keep busy when not building unhospitals in Ltamenah.

One year ago, UC Berkeley “Human Rights Investigations Lab” proudly supported the lies of these armed lunatics, in issuing a sewage-filled anti-Syria opus. Not even the utterly corrupt OPCW was willing to go that far to engage in criminal propaganda.

The diatribe propaganda was funded in part by private donations and US taxes.

NATO media will continue to not report on the ongoing war crimes of both savages in Syria, who should be locked up in facilities for the criminally insane, and the war criminal massacres by the Trump-led fascist international coalition.

Miri Wood

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