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Syria Ignored as CovCath, & CIA Mockingbird Go Pandemic


Syria fought off more war criminal attacks from the sky and from the ground on Sunday, 20 January. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, four Israeli F16s were fired from the Mediterranean, attempting to bomb Damascus International Airport. Using the Pantsir and PUK, the Syrian air defense system intercepted all 7 missiles. The F16 “Fighting Falcons” were developed for the US by General Dynamics/Lockheed, suggesting more American tax dollars continue to be busy in the west’s “final solution” against the Syrian Arabic Republic.

Hours later, explosions were heard on the ground, as three takfiri with suicide vests attempted mass casualties near Darayya. Intercepted by the Syrian Arab Army, two savages were killed and one arrested. Numbers of injuries among those nearby, have not yet been reported.

Again, consider that US taxpayer monies continue to arm the criminally insane against the SAR. It has been suggested that the air and ground attacks may have been coordinated. There have also been recent increases in terrorist ground attacks in Lattakia countryside. Lattakia is noted for mass slaughter and kidnapping of Syrian women and their children in the summer of 2013, some of whom were murdered as photo-ops for the Saudi-backed killers in al Ghouta.

takfiri bombing in lattakia 22 jan

There have been multiple war criminal attacks on Syria by Israel, many of which involve protecting the al Qaeda mass murderers, no matter which ‘name of the day’ they may be using. In May 2013, FSA “scum” had their expensive cameras ready to capture the “Kodak moment” when the Israeli airforce bombed Damascus. In May 2015, Debka published a report suggesting it was aware of the plot to bomb the center of Damascus with 150 kg of the C4 explosive.

map showing where explosions happened

The fourth Arab Economic Summit is underway in Lebanon; the recent criminal attacks are part of the colonialist threat, “surrender and we’ll let you live. Disobey and you’ll face bombings and terror.”

Sunday’s attacks follow closely on the heels of the Trump-led fascist coalition massacre and destruction of essential infrastructure on 18 January.

Israel again bombed Syria on Monday, 21 January. In the combined war criminal bombings 4 Syrian Arab Army soldiers were murdered, 6 were wounded, and though the air defense system destroyed 90% of the Israeli missiles, part of Damascus International Airport was destroyed.

Can anyone imagine the retaliation if Israel had bombed Heathrow, DeGaulle, or JFK airports?

NATO media have been mute on these atrocities and war crimes in Syria. When they cannot act as press liaisons for al Qaeda terrorists (without whom there could be no bipartisan war profiteers on Capitol Hill), they are silent.

NATO and allied media have multiple names: Deep state, military-industrial-complex, Vichy journalism, malignant conspirators. They are readily recognized by their emission of the same script, no matter what their geography. Most fascinating is viewing the success of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird through their criminal lies, particularly when the “conservative,” “neutral,” “independent,” and “liberal” are all on the same page, as was the case when Trump bombed Syria based on fake news CNN!’s interview with the terrorist Brit, illegally in the SAR…and nobody noticed what should have been the blinding hypocrisy of the united cheers.

Similarly, these various media gave much coverage when two Muslim women became the first Muslim women elected to US Congress. They gave more coverage when one was rather strident in her public antipathy toward Trump.

These media have all gone silent instead of noticing that these “first two women Muslim Congress members” have issued no public statement condemning the Trump administration kidnapping of US journalist Marzieh Hashemi, on 13 January.


Similarly, last September, when Trump spoke before the UNGA, there was simultaneous snickering over his faux pas in mentioning domestic employment stats, and unified silence over his beating the drums of perpetual war.

Soon after came the war pimps of transatlantic media, to snicker over Macron’s bit of rudeness to Trump, and the latter’s childish tweet-back. Criminal MSM again were quiet when, despite this little hissy-fit bit of insults, Macron stood firmly with the US-led Coalition, in it ongoing war crimes against Syria. Worse still, was the herding of the western colonialist sheep in support of la petite grenouille‘s statement that he would continue to bomb Syria, even if Trump eventually stopped.

It is a hideous accolade to the success of the CIA’s insidious mass brainwash Mockingbird, that the same Vichy MSM have been ever so silent on Macron’s sociopathic, marksmen gestapo roaming the streets of France, intentionally maiming members of the Gilets Jaunes (“Yellow Vests”).

Macron’s gestapo is now confiscating protective eye-wear from the French protesters, to blind more of them.

During 10 weeks of French protesters in the streets, thousands have been arrested, hundreds have been injured, and thirteen have been murdered. No MSM reporting, though.

The Geneva Convention AP 1 Article 35 states “It is prohibited to employ weapons, projectiles and material and methods of warfare of a nature to cause superfluous injury of necessary suffering.”

Though these treaties apply to actual war, any person of reason would imagine they would be applied domestically.

Were we not privy to the existence of Mockingbird, we might be morbidly curious over the mass stupidity and naivety of the MSM: How fantastic is it that these same folk ignore the massive evidence of disfigurement of unarmed French citizens, while believing every criminal liar who has claimed months of physical torture in “regime jails” of Syria…despite the liars having full range of motion of all extremities, and adroitly maneuvering through holes blown through walls of Syrian homes as seen being done by the misogynist male ‘star’ of American illegal VanDyke’s award-winning anti-Syria fraudumentary.

Manipulative geopolitical reporting — like nature — abhors a vacuum. As the criminal, war pimping media refused to report on the new atrocities committed against Syria, it needed to create a huge maelstrom, a savage ‘gang vs. countergang’ operation that would tweak the western colonialist mind into cyberspace action and bring us the borderline psychotic story of “The Native Elder & the MAGA Boys.”

In the US, little brings out colonialist pathology as does anything related to Native Americans. It is of little consequence that they were not actually “native,” but rather descendants of Asiatic ship-builders, who are likely to have gotten stranded by a catastrophic natural disaster (when genocidalist Custer wrote to his wife, he not infrequently complained about being flummoxed over the cave art of ships and sea that were found in the Black Hills of the Dakotas). “Indigenous” is also a word to put the closeted, perfidious colonialists into a collective swoon, except when it comes to Syria, in which case the indigenous are demonized while the foreign invaders are deified. The hypocrisy of western supremacists is most horribly seen in their support for the kidnappers and killers of Syrian women and their children.

On Friday 18 January, while the Obama-created and Trump-accelerated criminal bombing league was engaged in the massacre of another 20 Syrian civilians, and destruction of large amounts of infrastructure, including homes, something so very much more important was happening in Washington, DC: The paths of a Tribal Elder and Catholic school boys waiting for a bus passed. A new Mockingbird psyop was launched.

Nathan Phillips was in town to pay homage to Natives who were part of the US invasion of Vietnam. The boys were there as part of the “March for Life,” commemorating the Supreme Court’s “Roe v Wade” ruling which legalized abortion. The faux fracas began when a small group of Black men — originally described by MSM as “religious,” “reading passages from the Old Testament” — began to verbally accost the Black student, and the Natives, in language that would be considered abusive by most decent persons: “…before you started worshiping totem poles,” “you’re not supposed to worship eagles and buffaloes,” and screaming “ni**er!” and “fa**ot!” several times.

Do you recognize this kid? Vicious racist language was dumped on him & his classmates embraced him, saying “We love you?” and asking “Why are you being so mean to him?!” MSM did not notice.

Earliest rumors circulating in cyberspace lied that the Nation of Islam was involved. This should have sent off warning sirens as NOI members look nothing like the sect of the “First Hebrews” who also consider themselves the “Lost Tribes” (the former are always meticulously dressed, while the latter look slovenly and sport either tzitzit or aprons to represent them. NOI members focus on education, while the leaflets handed out by the “First Hebrews” suggest a bare minimum of literacy.).

Tribal Elder Phillips was immediately interviewed, immediately made cause célèbre as the most insidious of racists, those suffering the eternal “white man’s burden” jumped into cyberaction (US American members of the White Man’s Burden Club are among the staunchest supporters of illegals in Syria, fully supporting the NATO plot to carve up the country.)

Despite available video evidence showing that the “First Hebrews” attempted to create a problem, video showing that he walked to the Coventry Catholic school boys, Elder Phillips claimed that the situation was “really dangerous,” “scary,” he maintained a straight face while announcing that the students wanted “to have the freedom to rip me apart.”

Elder Phillips appears to have fabricated the story of the boys yelling “build the wall” — no video includes this chant — in order to make the outrageous claim that during the course of one thousand years, Natives had no walls, no prisons, but apparently lived in the Garden of Eden (before the tree story).

This perfection existed, despite the estimated 112 million population of 1492, despite the existence of 562 Native American tribes? Is no one capable of taking umbrage to one man having the chutzpah to speak for more than 100 million?

Is it an accident, that MSM have used what is tantamount to “poor salesmanship” when reporting on Phillips’ biographical resume? Prominently mentioned are his directorship of the Native Youth Alliance and his status as a Vietnam veteran. The blog of the NYA (screenshot, above) appears to be dormant since 2013, when it noted some theft had been committed and suggested that donations be sent to the non-profit Washington Peace Center, to ensure delivery.

Given that 90% of Native Tribes who deployed to Vietnam were not drafted, but volunteered to invade, occupy, and help slaughter an indigenous population that had done them no harm, this is a particularly sour note.

Though it is absurd to expect the majority of any population to demonstrate the moral integrity of Mohammed Ali — who was sent to jail, whose championship title was revoked, who was massively harassed — for refusing induction. As part of the Mockingbird apparatus includes enforced amnesia, we share this short video clip:

Lest anyone think Mockingbird too excessive to describe the massive psyops, Juan Cole, “former” “consultant to the CIA” came out of his moth balls to write a scathing attack against the “young thugs,” the “mean crowd of white teens in Trump’s red ‘Make America Great Again’ caps.” Despite contrary video, Cole claimed the boys had been “harassing four African American young men,” and he also underlined Phillips’ status as a Vietnam veteran.

From 2011, pre-corruption days of this site.

What is the absolutely worst case scenario regarding “The Native Elder and the MAGA Boys”? Three or four men were rude to — especially — a Black student and the “Natives.” The man beating the drum, slowly was more perturbed by the caps that some of the boys wore, than of the rudeness of the men. One of the boys may have smirked, or perhaps the camera caught him trying to offer a smile. In no dictionary is “rude” a synonym of “hate.” Part of Mockingbird involves normalizing the Borderline Personality, and the Orwellian destruction of language.

Where was the rage when police were brutalizing DAPL activists?

Why was there so little reporting on rubber bullets, tear gas, and water cannons in freezing temperatures used against these activists — except for MSM giving the occasional ‘false equivalency’ fabrications of the armed and militarized police and the unarmed demonstrators?

The sleep of reason produces monsters — Francisco Jose’ de Goya y Lucientes, 1799

Thousands of words have been published, and there seems no end in sight to the ongoing hysteria over a petty incident, fueled by the Mockingbird apparatus. What will it take to put a halt to it, a “terrorist incident” in France under monster Macron, blinding as many people as his gestapo can? Will it require yet another chemical hoax against Syria, perpetrated courtesy of US tax dollars, and using kidnapped Syrian children murdered to create emotional war pornography?

Marzieh Hashemi has finally broken into deep state MSM, with the psyop of Mockingbird at its most insidious: The same Vichy-ite media sources that ignored her kidnapping and using her release — after 13 days — as cover to engage in criminal propaganda against Iran, extending into putting ‘related news’ hyperlinks involving 9/11 into their reports.

Macron’s militarized police continue to attempt to blind French protesters, while media remain silent.

All NATO media are currently ignoring the ongoing terrorist attacks in Syria, including yesterday’s remote car bombing in the al Adawi neighborhood of Damascus.

How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in’t.

Miri Wood

The author received the following information and thanks the sender for it:

“You might want to update something about Muhammad Ali. He was sentenced to 5 years in jail but he didn’t actually go to jail. He was out on bond while he appealed. The Supreme Court overturned his conviction in 1971.”

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  1. Miri Wood

    Trump is getting his first round of MSM support since he bombed Syria for alQaeda’s massacre in Khan Sheikhoun. Now he’s being lauded for his colonialist ignoring of the Venezuela presidential vote, & demand to impose the guy who studied in DC as president. This comes after US attempted a military coup last week.

  2. Isa Mateen

    Muhammad Ali was convicted and sentenced to a 5 year term but he did not go to jail. He remained free on bond while he appealed. The Supreme Court overturned his conviction in 1971.


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